7 Signs it’s time to replatform your eCommerce sites

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7 Signs it’s time to replatform your eCommerce sites

What do you mean when you say Replatform your eCommerce site?

When you started your eCommerce, you paid your hosting service to lend you a space on the internet to run your business. But their work shouldn’t just end here. They should make sure that your site is its best and they are putting in their end of the effort to grow your business.

eCommerce Replatforming

If they aren’t, it is time to re-platform your eCommerce site, or you can say it’s time you change your hosting provider for good.

To see if you need to take this step, here are 7 signs that you can look for, which will tell you exactly how you can judge the platform you are at present running your site on.

7 Signs it’s time to replatform your eCommerce sites

Paying More to get less

paying more

The first place to start looking is to check your billable. If you are paying more in hopes of better performance and support, but if you are not getting it, it’s time you switch your platform.

The amount you are paying surely affects the decision whether you want to stick or change your platform. To compare, look at the other platform and the offerings they are presenting you.

Also, do not forget to check forums and community sites to find out if or not the platform is delivering what they say. If you are getting more it’s time to switch. If you are getting more by paying less, replatform your eCommerce site as soon as possible.

Slow site

slow eCommerce Website

Hosting service has a vital impact on the speed of your site. If the reactive time is slow, and if your site is taking too much time load, it can be a bad signal for your eCommerce.

Today customers have more options to choose from. He or she would not wait for your site to load and then shop. On average, 40% of the customers leave if the site doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Hence it is very important your site loads up very quickly. Even after taking all the measures to improve your site speed, you are not seeing results then it’s time to switch your hosting platform. you can learn more about Best ways to make you website load faster.

False customer experience

False customer experience

As we said, a customer experience is the top most important criteria that you shall fulfill to grow your business. Along with site speed it includes,

  • Image processing
  • Seamless page load
  • No downtime
  • Better reactive time

All your efforts to improve your site will be worthless if your customer can’t even see what you are offering so don’t hold back yourself. In case your hosting is missing out to stand on the following key points, it’s time to replatform your eCommerce site. You can alos read that Why Customer Intelligence is Important to grow your eCommerce.

Inefficient experience

Inefficient experience

The difference between running a regular site and an eCommerce is that you need to manage more than just a blog. With innovations, some hosting providers have managed to integrate really important interfaces to control all your belongings.

From choosing a merchant to managing the shipping, hostings are making an effort to bring a better experience not just to the customers, but also to the merchants. Hence if you’re missing out on all these features, you better platform your eCommerce site and ease your work.

No Scalability

No Scalability

If you have been seeing sustainable success on your hosting service, maybe you would not think of switching it. But now when you are looking to scale your business, you need to see whether or not the platform is offering you the option or not.

Maybe the provider was good enough for a small scale, but when scaling your business you shall always reconsider the hosting you are using. Will it be able to sustain the traffic you are expecting without letting you down the customer experience.

If you don’t see this as an option you shall replatform your eCommerce site for a better future of your business.

Missing out features

Missing out features

Other than the customer experience and your merchant experience see if or not, your platform is helping you out in your business or not. Check if the platform is introducing new reformers, apps, features, or plugins to help you attract more customers and grow your business.

It’s not a must that every platform shall be doing this, but it shows the platform cares about your business, hence if you don’t see an effort from their side, you shall replatform your eCommerce site.

Customer complaining

Customer complaining

Lastly, the best sign to see if you need to replatform your eCommerce site or not is the reaction of your customer. Not just through the comments and mail that people say directly to you but also your analytics.

If you see a higher spike of bounce rate, lesser people returning to your site every month than and lesser sessions, this could be a sign in itself. It’s best to listen to your customer and make reforms accordingly.


When you are keeping notes to replatform your eCommerce site, you shall also remember that isn’t the best way to. It’s an investment into your business on which your future depends. You shall find the common ground between your budget, performance, and the scale of your business.

Above mentioned are the best ways to determine whether you would have to switch your platform. If anything above is affecting your growth, you shall switch your hosting as soon as possible. We highly Recommended to read this article Start an Affiliate Program for your eCommerce Store.

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