Quora Marketing Strategy & Tips To Grow eCommerce Traffic

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Quora Marketing Strategy & Tips To Grow eCommerce Traffic

Quora has been on the internet for a decade now. Over the years the importance of Quora Marketing Strategy for eCommerce has accelerated to the ultimate level.

It is no more just a question and answer site, but an important aspect of any marketing strategy. It is the place where people are actively interacting, and engaging on the internet. One can ask possibly anything and will surely receive a response to help them out. That’s the power of the Quora community that is growing day by day.

Today in the following article you will be learning about the tips and the Quora Marketing Strategy for your eCommerce.

But before we get started, answer this. Why are you looking to invest your time in Quora Marketing Strategy for eCommerce? Let us start this article by figuring out that. Here are a few Benefits of the Quora Marketing Strategy For eCommerce.

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Benefits of Quora Marketing Strategy

Helps You Generate Traffic

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Daily Quora traffic is 2.1 million+ plus, it is the second-best referral site after Facebook. But do you know what makes Quora traffic more important than Facebook? People coming through Quora have a much lower bounce rate and high conversion rate.

A Quora marketing strategy would help you not just to generate traffic but would help you bring traffic that converts and help you grow your eCommerce.

Give Your Brand New and Targeted Exposure

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The main purpose of any eCommerce marketing strategy is and should be to generate specifically targeted audiences. These are the people who are highly interested in the product/topic and are looking forward to getting an answer about it.

At Quora, you get to answer people directly and interact with them on a topic that is related to your niche. With the use of with right Quora marketing tips, you can have a much better chance of not just interacting, but convincing them to visit your store and make a purchase.

Allows You To Have Better Customer Insight

What are your customers interested in nowadays? What interests them the most? How can your products be helpful to them?

Well, you need to have the answers to these questions in the first place and they would surely help you to answer your audience on Quora. Using Quora helps you know about the questions your audience has, what solution are they looking forward to and how can your product be helpful to them.

You can use the following data to develop a much better eCommerce marketing strategy and use it in content marketing, social media marketing, and eCommerce SEO.

Makes Content Sharing Easy

Quora Marketing Strategy For eCommerce

As we were saying, Quora is a place where people are looking forward to getting answered. They aren’t looking forward to simple “yes or no”, rather they wish to get a detailed answer. 

Here, if you have a pre-written article on your site, you can share a link along with some informative context to help people know what the overall blog is all about.

Presents you as a Leader

Answering your audience places you as an authoritative and well-read person on the internet. Moreover, Quora has made it even easier for you to reach out to your audience to know and solve their issues.

Hence, when you use Quora Marketing Strategy for eCommerce you can easily connect with your audience, show them how you and your products are the answer to their queries.

Best Quora Marketing Strategy & Tips

Quora Marketing Strategy

While we are now aware of the importance and benefits of Quora Marketing, let us begin with how to use a Quora for your eCommerce.

Be a Person and Not a Brand

The first among the many Quora marketing tips would be as simple as being you. Quora is a community where people are interested in knowing and learning more instead of interacting with a brand. Hence, make sure you are using your personal ID to answer the questions.

Here are a few steps to optimize your Quora profile to maximize your growth.

Use Your Headshot

Quora Marketing Strategy

Trusting a face is much more reliable than a logo. Make sure that you have a very clear headshot of yours on your Quora profile.

Use Your Name Instead of Brand

Quora Marketing Strategy

As said before, people on Quora are looking forward to the answers, and not interacting with them. Hence, instead of representing yourself as a brand, use your name to build trust.

Use Right Credentials

Quora Marketing Strategy

Credentials are your personal information regarding your job title, your location, your graduation, and so on.

Have Descriptive Bio

Quora Marketing Strategy

People willing to know you on Quora will be reading about you in your bio section. Make sure they get what they want to know, hence take advantage of your bio section and tell who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

This must be your first step in the Quora marketing strategy as it will help you to build trust as well authority when you answer the questions.

Know About Section

Quora Marketing Strategy

The following section is a place where you tell your audience about what topics you know. If you are aware of eCommerce marketing, social media marketing, etc then you can add the same.

Now if you have learned about a topic, that is not on Quora, choose the closest one and create your own topic. But adding the topics in the following section would give your customer a much better reach and credibility.

Provide Highly Relevant Answers

Relevance is the key to eCommerce marketing and is not just restricted to a Quora marketing strategy. So when answering a question, DO NOT try linking every answer to your eCommerce. Rather stick to what is asked and answer it in the best possible way.

Enhance your Answers

In order to get the most out of your Quora Marketing strategy, you need to ensure that your answers are well organized and appealing to read. Here are a few Quora Marketing tips that you can use while writing an answer.

Use Images

Quora marketing Strategy for eCommerce

Images are a simple yet interactive form of communication. Hence using them in your answers give a better engagement to you and a better understanding to the reader.

Use Bullets

Quora marketing Strategy for eCommerce

Bullets help the reader to have a quick look at what you are trying to say. So if you have few points to share, or if you are writing down some steps, you shall use bullets for much better readability.

Use Bold and Italic Fonts 

Quora marketing Strategy for eCommerce

In addition to the bullets, you shall also make use of Bold and Italic fonts. This would help the reader to break down the entirety of the audience and read specific points he is interested in. This also gives your answer credibility of importance, rather than just putting in a long text.

Do Not Spam Link

While as an eCommerce, you may tend to answer the only question where you can add a link, but doing this will just block your account. You need to understand that the Quora marketing strategy works for eCommerce works best when it is about eCommerce branding and reach. That is, if you get overly promotional and start adding links to most of your answers, Quora may block your account.

Ask for Upvote

Just like any other eCommerce marketing where you add a CTA(Call to Action), you shall ask the readers to Upvote your answer. Often while looking for an answer, people tend to overlook the importance of an Upvote. Adding a simple line, to upvote your answer can increase your chances of getting an upvote hence getting more impressive.


Above we have surely broken down the ultimate Quora Marketing strategy that will help your eCommerce marketing efforts to get enhanced and grow your eCommerce. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about eCommerce marketing, or marketing in general, bookmark PixelPhant blogs now. We publish articles weekly and update our blogs daily, which means you always have something to learn.

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