How To Effectively Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

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How To Effectively Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

The platform of brands and controversies is here. As fashion is reaching different classes and sections of society, the brands all over the globe are on run to attract a customer from every phase of life.

Twitter is one of the mediums, has proven to be an impactful commitment in this social media journey. In this article, we are going to discuss How to Promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter?

Whether you are running an eCommerce related to fashion or are a fashion photographer who wishes to merit this amazing platform, this article is gold mine for you.

Promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter
Promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter

PixelPhant is a product image editing service helping eCommerce and photographers to boost their business. In this article, we are going to learn to Promote your fashion brand on Twitter. 

Here we are going to discuss

  • Brands that are Killing on Twitter
  • Benefits to Promote Your Fashion Brand on Twitter
  • Twitter marketing strategy for fashion Brands
  • Bonus tips

Top 5 Fashion Brands that are Killing On Twitter

The goal here is to make you aware of the Twitter marketing strategy that other popular brands are using. If you observe closely, then you will find that they are following a similar trait, despite their differences. See if you can figure it out, or by the end, we will break it down for you. 


If you may know, Chanel is the most followed fashion brand on Twitter. They have balanced out creative content, product promotion, and also celebrity endorsement.

But along with this, Channel manages to indulge the audience by making them a part of the process. How?

Behind the scenes, achievement and the news of their products appeared to be alongside an influencer.

Victoria’s Secret

Another place to learn how to promote your fashion brand on Twitter is Victoria’s Secret. The finest thing about this Twitter handle would be spreading a sense of approachability.

Most of the posts by Victoria’s Secret are related to their customer’s day-to-day life. Now if you switch to their “Tweets & Replies” you would know what exactly approachability is. 

Solving issues of customers from knowing the flaws in the service or even a delayed delivery, every tweet is addressed as soon as possible.


We might not get surprised if someone calls out H&M, an engagement hub. Be its high-quality images, videos, polls, replies, quotes, and updates, the marketing team of H&M can become a mentor to help you promote your fashion brand on Twitter.

Consistency, creativity, and a customer-centric approach make the H&M page a place to really look into.


Being distinctive is maybe what Dior wishes to endorse with its Twitter handle. But what still pushes it to be among the most followed fashion brands on Twitter? The hashtags.

If you wish to learn how to engage an audience with hashtags, then Dior is the right way to go. Product promotion, and celebrities endorsing those brands all over the globe, gives the brand a boost of engagement, which is worth learning from.

Louis Vuitton

If we would have to pinpoint the single most attractive thing about Twitter’s marketing strategy, then it would be the quality of the content that they post. High-quality, well-edited product images, matched with the write caption and hashtags.

Other than this Louis Vuitton has a separate and dedicated Twitter handle for customer support. This could be another highlight and even you can use it, if you have a pre-established brand, with daily export and customer interactions.

So did you find what they all have in common? If not, the answer is the customer’s engaging approach. As usual, as it may sound, but all these brands have forced the customer a part of their marketing.

If not more, these top fashion brands are using Twitter to actually engage with their customer rather than just promote their products. If you wish to learn why? Here are the benefits that you too can get like these brands to promote your fashion brand on Twitter.

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Benefits to Promote Your Fashion Brand on Twitter

Real-time Interaction

Promote Your Fashion Brand on Twitter
Promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter

There’s a reason why Twitter is so prone to controversy. Users often contact the brand in public regarding the issue. As fighting as it may sound, if you turn this into an opportunity to interact directly with them and resolve their issue, this could be your silver lining.

Even before you think to promote your fashion brand on Twitter, you may work the interaction as this can get you a much loyal customer, build brand trust, and reach more people through word of mouth.

Engaging User base

Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

Unlike other social platforms, users on Twitter have a higher engagement. Short forms of content, simple liking, and retweeting give every post a better opportunity to reach and engage the audience.

Moreover, if a hashtag turns out to become a trending topic, the global engagement can actually surpass your other promotional campaigns. If you are targeting a set of audiences you can promote your fashion brand on Twitter just by using popular hashtags that they may be interested in, and you might just see a spike of growth.

Higher Organic Reach

Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

Be it a country or a set of audience interested in a common topic, Twitter has an organic reach, like no other platform. We have already mentioned the use of hashtags but when a person likes a post, his or her followers also see that.

You can get a reach of a look-a-like audience without even spending a penny.

Active Influencing accounts

eCommerce Influencer Marketing

If you wish to reach out to influencers, be it from youtube, Instagram, or even Hollywood, Twitter is the place where you can find them scrolling. It is a no brainer today that influencers are more active on Twitter. Hence if you are looking to indulge influencers, maro or huge, then Twitter can be the best place to promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Strategy for Fashion Brands

Now that you are all convinced of the benefits, let’s spend no more time and learn to promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter.

Choose Distinct Display and Cover Picture

The display picture plays a vital role as it would be the most frequent image your followers will see. It shall be a clean logo of your brand, which is easily distinguished and a clear background according to your brand.

Regarding your cover image, this is the first thing that followers will see after landing on your profile. As a fashion brand, you shall put high-quality images for your range of products.

Keep your Bio Simple & Welcoming

Bio is a little introduction, hence just adding what you are and telling about the brand would be enough. Especially as you are here to promote your fashion brand on Twitter, make sure to add your website link in your bio.

Use High Quality Images and videos

eCommerce Product Videos Will Boost Sales

Even if you have observed in the top brands that we discussed, the quality of the images plays a very crucial role on Twitter. On other platforms, the quality is often reduced, but on Twitter compression works differently.

Not only will the high quality of images and videos bring more engagement, but would also present your brand as a highly professional and trustworthy site.

Leverage the Hashtags

Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

There is no denying that in order to promote your fashion brand on Twitter, you need to learn to use Hashtags. Firstly, use trending hashtags of your niche in your content. Moreover, also keep pushing towards the use of your own hashtag.

If possible use the hashtags within your content itself you minimize the required space. Remember that Twitter is a short content platform, where you need to deliver messages with a certain number of characters only.

Use Versatile Content

Advertising and Your content

In order to promote your fashion brand on Twitter, you need to keep your audience engaged. This would be hard if you are only using a single form of content. Hence involve multiple forms of content. Images and videos being the most common, you can use a poll, links, mentions, and now even the fleets.

Fleet is a new story mode of Twitter just like the stories in Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook where the post is up for just 24 hours.

Approach Influencer

influencer partnership

As we have already established before, Twitter is a platform that has a higher active influencer rate. This means addressing them and approaching them would be much easier.

If done right and in a respectable manner, they may even they will be interested in collaborating with you. We suggest you start with macro-influencers and go up the ladders gradually to market every section of your audience.

Bonus tips to Promote Your Fashion Brand on Twitter

With the above Twitter marketing strategy, you are all set to promote your fashion brand on Twitter, but before we see off you, here are the final tips that you can use as twitter marketing for fashion brands.

  • Interact with your audience by reply to their tweets. Mostly, these will be related to the issue they face, so ensure them that it will be resolved and also resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Be active and consistent with your Twitter account. The more number of times people see your posts, the more people will start interacting with your brand.
  • Keep your audience into the process by sharing behind the scenes or with the new updates within your product range
  • Ensure you use at least one hashtag of your brand in each tweet that you post to promote your fashion brand on twitter and awaring your audience of the brand.

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