7 Best Product Photography Studios & Photographers in France

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7 Best Product Photography Studios & Photographers in France

For eCommerce, product presentation is important for two main reasons. First, to build a distinct brand presence, and second, to curate a user-friendly buying experience.

In order to achieve both of these goals, product photography plays a crucial role.

France—being the fashion capital of the world—is a hotspot of creative product photography studios and photographers.

In this list, we have picked the best product photography studios & photographers in France for eCommerce brands.

The list explores a wide range of talent, so without taking any more time, let’s get started with the list of the best product photography studios and photographers in France.

7 Best Product Photography Studios & Photographers in France

1. Alejandra Loaiza

Alejandra Loaiza Model and Fashion Photographer
Credit: Alejandra Loaiza

Alejandra Loaiza is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris, France. From portraits to product photography, the portfolio speaks volumes about her niche expertise.

Alejandra has degrees in fashion design and communication, but more so the experience of working with leading brands establishes her as a product photographer in France.

Some of the brands she has worked with are Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior Couture, Salif, Fendi, and more.

2. Alexis Breugelmans

Alexis Breugelmans Ecommerce Fashion Photographer in France
Credit: Alexis Breugelmans

Alexis Breugelmans is a professional product photographer, working in the niche of fashion, beauty, jewelry, lifestyle, and luxury brands.

The team provides product and packshot photography services for eCommerce, fashion, beauty, & lifestyle photography.

Alexis provides his services across France, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Spain, & Italy. And if we talk about brands, Alexis has worked with Prada, Givenchy, Off-White, Knitwear, G-STAR RAW, Hugo Boss and more.

3. EMODE Studio

EMODE Fashion photography Studio in france
Credit: EMODE Studio

EMODE Studio is a fashion product photography studio with broad experience in working with eCommerce. The studio is located in Boulogne and Paris, EMODE’s team includes photographers and retouchers, working together.

The studio features exceptional work with fashion eCommerce, namely Maje, Roger Vivier, Holiday Boileau, Kidur, Pantos, Franck Namani, and more.

EMODE provides all kinds of photography services like product photography, model photography, 360 degree, and videography as well.

4. Studio Kujjuk

Kujjuk product photography studio France
Credit: Studio Kujjuk

Studio Kujjuk is a product and fashion photography studio, specializing in creating high-quality visuals for eCommerce businesses.

The photography studio team prioritizes on creating stunning visuals that capture the essence of your products.

Kujjuk emphasizes streamlined workflows and efficiency. This results in faster turnaround times and consistent quality, crucial for online businesses.

Some of the leading brands Studio Kujjuk works with are Dior, Maison Ullens, Sporty Henri, Christofle Paris, Agatha, and more.

5. Touche Pas à Ma Com

Touche Pas à Ma Com product Photography studio
Credit: Touche Pas à Ma Com

Touche Pas à Ma Com is a fashion photography studio in Paris France. The studio has expertise in creating high-quality product photography for fashion e-commerce.

Studio offers all kinds of eCommerce photography services including model photography, Ghost mannequin photography, flat lay as well as product packshots.

The team comprises skilled photographers with experience of working with brands like Tissot, Mont Blanc, Kookai, Sixth June, and more.

6. E-Shop Studio

e-shopstudio fashion eCommerce photography studio france
Credit: E-Shop Studio

E-Shop Studio in Paris is a well-established photography studio for fashion eCommerce product photography.

The studio has a proven track record of working with emerging brands. The team understands the nuances of capturing clothing and accessories in a way that’s both aesthetically pleasing and informative for online shoppers.

The studio employs high-end equipment and lighting setups to deliver professional results.

E-Shop Studio has worked with brands like Lacoste, Pablo, YUJ, Axara Paris, Kookai, and more.

7. Nil Hope

Nil Hope portraite and fashion photographer
Credit: Nil Hope

Nil Hope is a photographer based in Paris specializing in fashion and portraits.

He has extensive experience in working with brands and magazines as well as showcasing products for potential customers.

Nil has a distinct style that combines narrative fiction with simplicity. His work is featured in leading magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Models.com.

In ecommerce, the client list of Nil Hope includes Lee, Paul Smith, Sotheby’s, and more.


The list comprises the 7 best product photography studios and photographers in France. Each of them has extensive experience in a wide niche, particularly fashion photography.

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