Pixelphant Free lightroom presets batch 1

Oct 10, 2017 - Chetan Menaria

Pixelphant Free lightroom presets batch 1

What are Lightroom presets?

Adobe Lightroom is an essential tool for photographers and with this tool you can edit, manage and share your photographs very widely than you can imagine.
Thus, at the end of the day, every change or adjustment in the settings (Like color balance, contrast, exposure, brightness and many more) that you made can be saved as a preset file for future uses so you can use that same setting on any photo that you want and as well it can save a lot of time of yours.

How to use them?

  • 1st by downloading them you will receive an .lrtemplate file for each preset, that you can import it into your adobe lightroom software.
  • 2nd now you can sit comfortably and apply the presets on your desired photos.
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1. Vintage Clarity & High Contrast

Vintage lightroom presets before Vintage lightroom presets after

Taste Refined B&W colors with “High Contrast”

This lightroom preset is intended for all your photos that are beautiful but are lacking distinctness and contrast which makes them adequate for your production.
This preset will filter your photos into black & white color and will add high contrast which will make your photo look Vintage in real-time.


2. Colour Tone for HDR Clicks

Colour tone for hdr clicks free Colour tone for hdr clicks after free

Hdr Effect will no Longer feel the same

This Preset is very useful if you’re an hdr effect lover. Hdr effects are no doubt very cool but some color tone can add a bit more depth into them which can result in applauses.
This preset will expand the color tone and make your hdr photo feel lively.


3. High Contrast

High contrast LR Preset free High contrast LR Preset free

Isn’t contrast the most important ENTITY of every Photo?

Contrast is considered as the most important entity of every photo because this is what that decides to a photo to look attractive or distractive, alive or dead.
This lightroom preset will add effective contrast to your photos and will attract more eyes than you intended.


4. Clarity with Very High Details

High details LR Preset free High details LR Preset free

Let them adore every pixel of your photo

This preset is very hard to find kinda thing and is intended for every photo that need very high details and rich clarity that mostly appear in Hollywood movies or very expensive PRODUCT’s images.
This preset will add ultra-clarity to your Photos and make them look very, I mean very expensive.


5. Auto Color Correction

Auto color correction LR Preset free Auto color correction LR Preset free

Auto color correction within seconds

This lightroom preset is the most rare and most useful preset that you will ever find or meet in your life. It consists of some very excellent color correction settings that will make your photos perfect for your production use and will also save a lot of time of yours.
This preset is intended for wedding, fashion & product photography.
It will isolate darkness without realizing it and will add appropriate brightness.


6. Natural Portrait For Summer Clicks

Summer  LR Preset free Summer LR Preset free

Let your photos breath in the nature

This lightroom preset is intended for all photos that were captured in nature or in outdoor environments and the crucial feature of this preset is that you can make your photos look like captured in serene & fresh environment.
This preset will help you make high quality summer portrait in seconds of the time.


7. Green Portrait

Green portrait lightroom Preset free Green portrait lightroom Preset free

Give your photos some natural green portrait effect

As you can see in the before-after example that the “before” image is very beautiful but it’s expecting some magic to apply on it and so if we added some light green portraiture effect in it and as you can see the “after” image is very excellent than it was before.
This preset will add grass green color effect in your photos and will give them the virtues of a portrait.


8. Vintage Portrait

Vintage LR Preset free Vintage LR Preset free

Let your Photo look very expensive

This preset is intended for any kind of photo that is in need of vintage & expensive look. Just apply this on your photos you will perceive the quality of a vintage portrait.
It will add vintage portrait feel to your photos with reserving the essence of them.


9. Sketch Colour Effect

Sketch color lightroom Preset free Sketch color LR Preset free

Make your photos look like color sketched

This effect is very different from yet considered effects. It is useful to make your photos very much look like sketched with color pencils.
This is very creative and hard to find kinda thing so use this according to your insights and add it to your prime collection of rare and very useful lightroom presets.


10. Sky Popup

Sky popup lightroom Preset free High contrast LR Preset free

Let the sky to be visible to everyone

This preset is useful if you are intended to work on outdoor photos, as shown above. As you read above this preset will pop up the sky in seconds and make it visible to everyone.
 It will also add some brightness to the colors to look your work alive.



To get most out of these presets you should use them according to your needs like you can make changes in them if you want to because no one is stopping you to do it and also this is what creative peoples do to make things better.
(it’s like you’ve received a plate full of well-cooked noodles but it depends on your taste to add the sauces according to you). 

These presets are handpicked and are very useful for your production or photography and can be result in amazing productivity so be free to use them and share this article as much as you can so others can also approach these premium quality presets for free.

“This wasn’t it guys” we are intended to give you 5 very useful  & premium quality presets in every two weeks for FREE, So don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and don’t worry we won’t disturb you until its really worthy for you guys.

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