12 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips You Should Know

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12 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips You Should Know

Before 2010, no one would have thought of a place where people could get their search results in visual for better ideas, quick inspiration, smart hacks, and short answers. Thanks to Ben Silbermann, the founders of Pinterest to make it happen.

Pinterest is an astonishing visual search engine used by more than 322 million users worldwide making it one of the most popular and appreciated platforms used for promotion. This is the reason that eCommerce businesses should use Pinterest marketing to reach more people, generate more traffic, drive more leads to their websites, and consequently raise more sales.

Pinterest Marketing

As per Experian: Where Facebook drives 5.3% of the websites’ traffic, Pinterest stands out on creating 10.9% of the traffic.

If you own an eCommerce business, then we believe that this article about Pinterest Marketing Strategy would enable you to become more creative in marketing your brand and increase your conversion rate like never before through Pinterest marketing. So, let’s begin!

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business?

If you have reached this article about Pinterest marketing then we believe that you already have a Pinterest account. Now to begin with Pinterest for your business, you first will have to create a business account on it.

Creating your account

Pinterest for business

If you already have a Pinterest account then you can simply convert it into a business one. This way all your created boards and saved pins will remain intact. But if you are among those who want to keep their business emails and related workings separately then we suggest you create a separate business account to make it easy for you to share the information with your business partners securely.

Converting your account

Log in to your Pinterest account → Settings → Click on ‘Pinterest for business’ or you might have it as ‘Get a free Business account’ → Write your credentials → Click ‘Create business Account’.

Pinterest for business

Creating a new account

If you already have a Pinterest account → Log-in → Settings → Add account.

If you do not have a Pinterest account, then you may sign-up and create a business account as default.

Pinterest itself has realized how helpful it is for eCommerce business owners to gain more popularity through Pinterest marketing in terms of sharing their ideas and inspirations in form of promotion.

The process of creating an account is effortless. Pinterest business accounts also include additional exclusive features like advertising opportunities, Pinterest Analytics, different pinning options, and email updates.

Pinterest is very different from other social media platforms such as Facebook. Here, the posts can be easily explored and for a longer period of time. As the pins on Pinterest have a longer life to be visible on the platforms, which is approximately more than 3 months – Pinterest marketing becomes a considerably better potential strategy to reach more customers before their actual purchasing plans.

It is a future-oriented platform where the ideas are stumbled onto the users to choose from and make a better decision. Pinterest does not emphasize making the commitment in the present or keep the hold of what was to be decided in the past.

The pins are always explored and saved for future purchase planning which makes it useful for eCommerce business using Pinterest marketing.

Claiming your Business Website

claim website in Pinterest

Claiming your eCommerce website over Pinterest is the most important element of the whole process of Pinterest marketing.

The first step to claim your website is to have your website in an HTML file format, the rest is as follows:

Log-in to Pinterest → Profile → Settings → Click ‘Claim’ from the left-side navigation → Below ‘Claim Website’ enter your website URL → Click ‘Claim’ → Select ‘Upload HTML file’ → Attach file and upload.

Pinterest confirms that “If you use and have a confirmed account, your pins appear higher in search results,” which indicates your likeliness to be discovered by more Pinterest users ultimately fulfilling your goal of applying Pinterest marketing strategy.

12 Amazing Tips for Using Pinterest Marketing Effectively?

Now that you have your Pinterest business account up and running, you can finally lead your business towards Pinterest marketing. To implement the strategy effectively, there are a few tips and tricks that you can keep up your sleeves.

1. Pick the Right Keywords for your Boards

The most often used word that the users use to search for an item is the keyword. When thinking about Pinterest marketing, keywords define what your ideas and content are about. It is very important for you to insert the correct and frequently used keywords in your boards to increase your chances to appear in the search results when searched for the same category in which your eCommerce business or products fall.

2. Create Charming Pins

pinterest marketing

Pinterest is all about visuals, and visuals are all about attracting people. If your pins are not appealing, then you would fail in catching the eyes of the users and make them your customers. Creating enchanting pins is very important to attract traffic for your board and then to your website.

  • As per Meero: Photo quality to be the most important factor in an online sale is confirmed by 90% of online buyers.
  • 78% of people who shop online want photographs to bring products to life

The agenda of Pinterest is to inspire people by looking at the photos. make complete use of this major advantage in your Pinterest marketing strategy. If your photos aren’t attractive, the whole purpose of their search result will collapse.

We advise eCommerce businesses to hire Product Image Editing professionals to make their product images lively and compelling. The use of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop gives you advanced features on editing your product images and makes them suitable for posting online.

Canva is another application that helps you create several beautiful designs. Your images are required to be free from scratches, reflections, unwanted objects, and blurriness. The idea behind using such photo editing software for especially Pinterest marketing is that they make your photos to be post-ready for your social media accounts, website, and all the online and offline platforms where you wish them to be displayed.

3. Choose the Correct Board Type

Pinterest marketing ideas

There are mainly 8 different boards on Pinterest. Namely, Food and Drinks, Fashion, Photography, Art, Design, Home Decor, Health, and Travel.

It is mandatory to post your pins in the correct boards. You can create your own board too, but there might be a few instances where you will find no need to create a separate board for any occasional pin in your Pinterest marketing campaign and that can be included in already existing boards of Pinterest.

When the users search over Pinterest, they have suggested boards that can offer them relevant ideas. Make sure that if your pin is relevant to that search, then it appears in the default boards to reach more customers easily.

4. Choose the Correct pin Size

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest will immediately approve if your image size is of (WxH) 600pxX900px, 1000pxX1500px, 1200pxX1800px, and 2000pxX3000px.

We recommend choosing a vertical image option for your Pinterest marketing strategy that takes enough space of a screen to catch the most attention. Your too-small image size can easily be neglected and may not cover the complete area of your image to look more attractive. A too-big image may take years to load that can annoy the viewer. Your pin should be big yet well-optimized so that it can be presented well and quickly.

Make sure that your image file size is optimum enough to load easily. If you have created your pin image in Photoshop, you can create it as a smart object so it does not lose its quality digitally when resized or compressed.

5. Add relevant links of your website

When you add a pin, Pinterest allows you to add a link along with it in the ‘Source’ column by clicking on the pencil icon to access the editing feature. Another way of uploading a pin with its link is to directly upload your pin from the website.

Adding a link is a basic Pinterest marketing strategy that you can follow to drive the customers to your website easily. Be it for a product, blog, or the tips that you have provided on your site for people to reach. Pinterest can be very useful in getting more audience.

6. Utilize Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Once you have created a pin, it is very essential to find out how your pin is performing for your Pinterest marketing. This will only work if you have Pinterest Analytics set up. Pinterest shows you real-time statistics of your complete data performance for the first week, and later gets updated daily.

Finding out about the response is important so that you can figure out if your efforts are yielding any benefits. You can see how many people have visited and interacted with your pins. This helps in keeping up the encouragement for along with making necessary amendments to boost up the engagement through Pinterest marketing.

7. Make use of Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO

If you want to prevail any of your content at any of the platforms to more and more audiences, Search Engine Optimization is the key to it. The same applies to Pinterest marketing as well.

The most common element of Pinterest is its search box. People type thousands of searches and the Pinterest boards now have started to come up in Google search results as well.

To make sure that you appear at a better rank in the searches, then making sure that your keywords, hashtags, pin descriptions, and content are all well optimized for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest has a Pinterest SEO tool to get you a better idea of what keywords are most searched and how to utilize the strategy to shoot up your Pinterest marketing strategy.

8. Reap the Benefits of Rich Pins

Rich pins are exclusive for the Pinterest Business accounts and can be very helpful in your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. These pins relate to more factors of the pins depending upon what kind of search type they fit into. Rich Pins are well-optimized organic pins that offer a superior experience for the user. When linked to your website, then rich pins change whenever there are changes from the website.

The 4 major Rich pins are as follows:

App Rich Pins

Currently only compatible with iOS, App rich pins display an ‘Install’ tab offering the users to install your app for a refined experience without leaving the site. This is a major ‘call-for-action’ strategy that your eCommerce business needs to implement wherever possible.

Product Rich Pins

Product rich pins can provide your customers the information regarding the price, stock availability, and purchasing options for your products.

Article Rich Pins

The Article rich pins provide the information about the actual source of the article, author information, and what does it include by showing the headline and the description to the user.

Recipe Rich Pins

Recipe rich pins show the complete details related to a recipe pin such as the cooking time, no. of servings, ingredients required for the convenience of the user.

9. Promoted Pins

promote pins in Pinterest

Another major type of pin apart from rich pins are the promoted pins that offer equal or even better benefits. Use these pins for your Pinterest marketing strategy. These pins are a kind of paid advertisement that you can pay to promote the pins related to your eCommerce business to reach a special segment of the audience.

Not that the others won’t be able to see them, but you can consider them more like the PPC ads. Promoted pins, as the name suggests bring more traffic as compared to the standard pins. These are a very important part of Pinterest marketing and should not be underestimated. You can explore further information about the promoted pins here.

10. Add Widgets for Better Engagement and encouragement for users to buy

Add widget in Pinterest

You can add various interactive and useful widgets for your Pinterest marketing to be more effective apart from just the save button.

Your personal Profile Widget can help the users to see what kind of content you share and what board categories you use.

Adding a Follow Button is another important ‘call for action’ feature through which you can motivate your customers to follow you which can apparently increase your followers as well as prospective customers. Adding relevant CTAs is a must for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

The Pin Widget in Pinterest allows you to embed one of your pins on your website.

Pinterest has now added a ‘Shop’ tab for users to experience easy shopping that can catch direct customers. For your eCommerce business, this feature fulfills your ultimate aim of Pinterest marketing!

11. Connect your Instagram and YouTube channel

Connect your Instagram and YouTube channel in Pinterest

If you are here to know about Pinterest marketing, then there is a probability that you must be using Instagram for the same purpose. You might be having a YouTube channel too or maybe not.

Doesn’t matter if you have the accounts on both or just one, you can make the most out of them by connecting them with your Pinterest business account.

Though you can connect your YouTube and Etsy page (If you have one) through your computer, you can connect your Instagram account only through your mobile.

Pinterest and your other accounts that can be linked promote each other that apparently increases the viewers, followers, and customers. 

You can do so by simply logging in to your Pinterest account → Profile → Click the hexagon icon at the top right corner → Account settings → Claimed accounts → Select the respective account with which you wish to link your Pinterest account.

12. Be a consistent pinner

Consistency is the key to success and only one day of hard or smart work is not going to take you anywhere. Everything demands consistency, so does Pinterest marketing.

You can choose to pin your posts as feasible, be it alternate days, weekly a or every fortnight. Your consistency shows how professional and serious you are towards your work and it also helps in building the matter on your account.

Pinterest marketing does not only include just the pinning to be consistent but every aspect of the strategy that you plan requires the same attention.


Pinterest marketing is an excellent platform for your eCommerce business as it appeals to many people. It is said to be the one that drives more traffic to the businesses as compared to Facebook.

Pinterest allows business owners to promote their website and products easily and effectively. With many tools, techniques, and widgets available – if utilized effectively then Pinterest marketing can boost your website traffic and generate more traffic drastically. We highly recommended reading this article How To Use Google Shopping To Sell Products Online.

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