10 Photography SEO Tips For Better Ranking And Conversions

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10 Photography SEO Tips For Better Ranking And Conversions

SEO for photographers is just as important as it is for any other online business. There is so much competition online that it’s necessary for photography businesses to build a strong online presence and perform photography SEO.

Every business wants to rank at the top of Google search results, get better recognition, and beat its competitors. However, it isn’t possible unless you have some powerful SEO and marketing tactics OR a magic wand!

Well, I can’t provide you with any magic wand, but what I can do is help you with some easy and effective photography SEO techniques for your photography business. So first, let me explain a few basics about photography SEO.

What Is SEO?

Photography SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an organic (free) way to optimize your visual as well as textual based content.

With the help of photography SEO, you get better recognition from Google and your website is fetched at a better rank.

A study shows that more than 80% of searches are fulfilled by opening the results appearing on the first page of Google and the users never move to the second page.

Thus, photography SEO is crucial so that your business website at least ranks on the first page.

10 Photography SEO Tips

1. SEO is all about keywords

Photography SEO

Whatever you optimize online related to your photography business will have to be well-equipped with trending keywords.

You’ll want to use the most trending keywords that users are using online to fetch results relevant to your niche. This practice is photography SEO.

For example, if you’re a professional product photographer based in Georgia you may optimize your heading and blogs with ‘Best wedding photographer in Georgia’ or ‘Georgia wedding photographer’.

Such simple yet obvious keywords that your potential audience might use must be your keywords for photography SEO.

2. Use alt tags in your images

Photography SEO

The images that you see in Google images as well as in the search results are pulled up based on the alt tags used in them. this means that the people who have put up those images have performed the photography SEO and put up the keywords in Alt tag related to.

When you write chocolate cake in the Google search bar, all the images that have alt tags like ‘chocolate cake’ or ‘cake of chocolate’ or ‘best chocolate cake’, etc. are pulled up in Google images.

Hence, if you want your photos to be pulled on priority, perform photography SEO and optimize them with relevant alt tags having relevant keywords.

Performing photography SEO is easy since you only need to add an alt tag. If your site is built on platforms like WordPress, you can simply put the alt tag in the ‘alt tag’ box displayed at the right-hand side under the settings head.

3. Fix broken links

Photography SEO

Broken links can’t be controlled. Even if you fix them once, they might appear again, but hidden. Ignoring them is not an option as it degrades your site and site ranking.

Another aspect of keeping the photography SEO working healthy is to fixing broken links. Fixing broken links is a regular task that you’ll need to fix every few weeks. Though, it could be a time-consuming task to find them on each page.

What I do for my site is that I use some free tools like Broken Link Checker to find them quickly and easily.

4. Avoid plagiarism

Photography SEO

Plagiarism is a big mistake you can make on your site. Google is smart and it does not tolerate this over-smart work.

You may get captivated with a piece of content and want to put it on your site too, but copy-pasting is not a solution. Here, no matter how much photography SEO you perform, your duplicate content will never be able to make it.

Create your own rich content, well-optimized with keywords and engaging for your clients. However, if you still want to include some quotes, statistics, or a small topic from someplace else, then it’s necessary that you rewrite it in your own words to avoid duplicacy.

5. Build backlinks AMAP

Photography SEO

The updated metrics of Google don’t only rely on keywords to filter the contents but also give more weightage to the backlinks.

However, you need to make sure that you’re not building backlinks on spammy sites or sites with low DA – focus on quality vs quantity. You’re still doing the photography SEO, but now it’s off-page. Make sure that the sites you’re linking to are credible and authoritative.

Taking back the example of you being a wedding photographer, you can submit your work to some popular wedding and events magazines and online blogs for better recognition and enhanced photography SEO.

6. Protect your site with SSL certificate

Photography SEO

Another photography SEO metric includes having an SSL certificate. It’s necessary to have your site SSL certified as per the Google guidelines. But the common mistake that occurs is that many websites forget or even neglect to renew the certificate. Though here you put no ‘photography SEO’ kind of effort, it still helps you rank higher.

When fetching the results, Google makes sure that the sites with SSL certificates are pulled up on priority. Having the certificate also safeguards your site along with ensuring your customers ‘ safety too.

7. Write eye-catching titles and descriptions

Photography SEO

The probability of having the users clicking on your website link increases when you use captivating titles and descriptions for your content.

Follow this rule for this photography SEO tip – Keep it short, relevant, and enticing.

Your title and meta description must convey very precisely your message and work to the client.

You may write ‘Best product photographer in Virginia’, this way you are targeting your specific potential audience looking for a product photographer in Virginia.

If you’re running any offer, you may then specify it as ‘25% off on product photography, Virginia’. Your clients are now aware and more intrigued with your title.

Such targeting and engaging titles gain more engagement than long and unnecessary titles like ‘We are the top photographers for clicking product photos’.

8. Optimize your overall website experience

Photography SEO

Customer experience is the biggest factor in the success of any business. If you’re looking to last longer in the competition, make sure that the customers are satisfied with you.

And, the first step begins with your website experience. Your web pages are the all-time employees for you. They don’t get sick and they don’t need leave.

Thus, make sure that you keep them in good condition. How? Here are a few things you need to take care of:

  • Make sure that your site isn’t taking more than 3 seconds to load
  • The images on your website are of high quality and well-edited (You can hire a professional product photo editing service for this purpose).
  • The search bar is easy to locate
  • Your website appearance is pleasing and well-organized
  • Features like filters, pricing, contact info. Are all easily visible
  • Your site is user-friendly and not complicated
  • Your checkout page is fast
  • You offer multiple payment options
  • Your policies are easy to understand and are in clear language
  • Your website is mobile-friendly

With these features, you can ensure that you’re offering an excellent and seamless customer experience.

9. Engage over Social Media

Photography SEO

Social media is the king in today’s world. You can’t expect desired success, brand awareness, and higher conversions if you’re not engaging with your potential audience on social media.

For photography SEO, it’s also mandatory that you optimize your social media content with keywords as well. For platforms like Instagram and FB, make sure that you’re using hashtags.

The keywords and hashtags you use are used to find the audience that might be interested in what you have to offer.

For example, if you’re using #weddingevent #weddingimages #weddingphotography then these posts will be recommended to the people who have liked relevant pages or posts similar things or follows similar pages.

10. Use the power of Rich Snippets

Photography SEO

There are four major reasons why you should use Rich Snippets:

1. Helps SE to understand your website data better

2. Provides customers with more than just the product results

3. Structured data

4. Affects your SERP ranking and CTR

To understand Rich Snippets better and how to use them, I’d highly recommend you read Top 5 Rich Snippets To Help You Rank Higher

Wrapping up

SEO for photographers is highly recommended to beat the competition and improve conversions.

If you’re new to the photography business or a professional photographer trying to build his/her online presence, then I’d suggest you take care of these 10 photography SEO tips as you go online.

Apart from photography SEO, there are several other Photography Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Photography Business Growth that you must follow.

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