15 Best Photography Magazines You Must Read For Great Inspirations

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15 Best Photography Magazines You Must Read For Great Inspirations

Photographers need constant inspiration from different sources for fresh and unique ideas. It could be nature, Google, and commonly, photography magazines. To be a successful photographer, one must keep up with the trends. Doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or a beginner, there are 15 mind-blowing photography magazines that you must read for great inspiration and knowledge – no matter which genre you belong to.

15 MUST Read Photography Magazines

1. Outdoor Photography

Photography Magazines

Outdoor Photography magazine is an excellent guide to outdoors, nature, and landscape photography. This magazine talks about camera setup, your visualization, underwater photography techniques. 

It teaches you about very unique and interesting ideas to capture natural light and subjects when you’re outdoors. Outdoor Photography has remarkably inspiring photos of the outdoors, tons of location ideas, and a plethora of tips and techniques to perform outdoor photography like a pro. As soon as you open this magazine, you get awestruck by the breathtaking images that make you feel more alive.

2. Aperture

Photography Magazines

Aperture is an NYC-based magazine. This magazine gets published four times a year – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.  This magazine has everything you need to learn and understand about every important element in photography. Aperture is not just any publication that talks about basic how-tos. It is the real deal, it is a serious photography magazine. 

The Aperture magazine focuses on brilliant ideas and inspiring work of the photographers. Also, if you’re a professional photographer, this magazine challenges you to leave the strict rules and experiment. This magazine proves that when you experiment with new ideas, you get to see results that you’ve never seen before.

3. Black and White

Photography Magazine

Black and White Photography gets printed bi-weekly. It is a luxury for those who are lovers of fine black and white photography. In fact, the magazine is dear to the collectors of such high-end, sophisticated black and white photographs. As soon as you flip the cover, you see the art of perfection reflected through vivid shades of black, grey, and white.  A perfect balance of lighting and shadows is proof of professionalism, technique, and fine visualization of ideas.

Black and white is a trending photography theme that jas been adored for ages.  Photography magazines like Black and White are the corroboration that this photography trend is here to stay. In addition, it’s one of the photography techniques every professional should know and can learn from this magazine for photography. This doesn’t just require photography skills, but also the eye of art, uniqueness, and artistic vision.

4. Amateur Photographer

Photography Magazines

Amateur Photographer is an age-old magazine for photography. It is actually the world’s oldest consumer weekly photography magazine.  This magazine for photography dates back to 1884 when it was first issued. It’s the classic favorite to all levels of photographers.

Amateur Photographer is filled with newbie advice and a plethora of enticing images. However, it’s much more than photography tips for budding aspirants. Amateur Photographer is a perfect blend of topics consisting of gear reviews, camera settings and equipment, news, and how-tos.

5. Rotor Drone

Photography Magazines

Aerial photography is one of the fanciest and most popular photography trends, and Rotor Drone is a paradise for aerial photographers. This bi-monthly magazine explores drone technology, tips, and news. The magazine is filled with captivating and magical aerial views. Rotor Drone takes you through the basics as well as the pro tips to understand every aspect of aerial photography.

You can learn about drone techniques, which drones have been used in a few of the photos, and what are the tricks to control your photography even when your camera is flying far from you.

6. PhotoLife

Photography Magazines

PhotoLife is an amazing photography magazine that is perfect for those who want to explore the world with a camera in hand.  This magazine is a treasure full of inspiring content ranging from long thought-stimulating pieces, interviews with top photographers, articles on photo tools, fun stories, and ideas for storytelling approaches and photography techniques. The articles are inspiring and talk about street photography, lifestyle, nature, and worldly issues.

7. Shutter

Photography Magazines

The Shutter emphasizes the business side of the photography industry. This wonderful photography allows you to explore different excellent editions based on specific themes each time You can pretty closely learn how to start a photography business and be successful. You may find interesting articles and learn about effective photography techniques, vision, settings, and spotlight sections.

8. Digital Photographer

Photography Magazines

Doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, the Digital Photographer magazines are designed to captivate your attention and make you addicted to it. These photography magazines are filled with tips and in-depth guides covering great topics like black and white images, wildlife photography, landscapes, astrophotography, and more.

Written by the experts, Digital Photographer gives you a sneak peek into how professional photoshoots are done in its ‘Behind the Scenes section.  You get actionable tips and great advice from the experts of the industry.

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9. Nature Photographer

Photography Magazines

The Nature Photographer can be considered one of the best how-to photography magazines. It gets published thrice a year and both the professionals and newbies can learn everything they need to learn about beautiful nature photography.

It talks about everything from natural history information to gear reviews to techniques and to tips for choosing the best locations. Each edition of the Nature Photographer magazines shows off all 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, and Fall-Winter.

10. Australian Photography

Photography Magazines

Australian Photography is one of the most popular and adored photography magazines in Australia. It has been getting published for the past 60 years and is still the favorite to most. This magazine will give you very useful advice and will guide you through the correct approach to photography.

Australian Photography also organizes many competitions where new photographers can participate and get a good exposure.

11. Photography Week

Photography Magazines

Photography Week is an amazing magazine that teaches photographers to get the most out of their gear. You can watch the magazine’s tutorials online where they also include special features and industry insight. You can download the app for free but the subscription may cost you a few dollars.

12. PDN

Photography Magazines

The full form of PDN is Photo District News. This monthly photography trade journal includes product reviews, news, industry insights, and news.

PDN also talks about the recently released photography books.

13. Silvershotz

Photography Magazines

Silvershotz is another online photography magazine that is highly interactive and engaging.  Silvershotz’s publication began in 1998 but until 2004 it was a film photography journal known as Black and White enthusiast. It now features technical and themed articles, curated showcases, photography book reviews, and interviews.

14. Click

Photography Magazines

Click is very different and unique from any other magazine. This photography magazine inspires you to take photography as a lifestyle and not merely treat it as a hobby or profession. The overall theme of the Click takes a much more motivational and friendly approach that is different from any traditional magazine you see.

The images that you see in this magazine are of very high quality. It is brilliant at offering you tips on productivity and how to edit photos.

15. Photoshop Creative

Photography Magazines

There are a great number of photography magazines focused on taking photos. Photoshop Creative is among the few photography magazines that focus on what happens after you take that shot. This magazine for photographers talks about photo editing through Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It consists of easy and useful how-tos and ideas.


Photography magazines are pretty fascinating as they help you get inspiration from all over the world packed within a few pages. There are different photography magazines talking about different genres and I’ve tried to include almost all popular genres.

I hope this article helped you to get introduced to some of the best photography magazines that will help you shape your career more professionally. If you wish to learn more about photography, and photo editing, then subscribe to our newsletter below. Also, if you have any bulk product images that need to be edited, then take your free trial with PixelPhant now👇.

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