20 Photography Magazines To Subscribe in 2024

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20 Photography Magazines To Subscribe in 2024

Photography magazines are a collection of inspiration and guides. They offer curated content based on your different styles, niches, and industry preferences.

But since we are always bombarded with so many options, it can be overwhelming to find–which photography magazines to subscribe to.

Worry not. We have done research as part of the work for you. In this guide, we have categorized the top 20 Photography Magazines that you can subscribe to in 2024. We have categorized them in a diverse selection.

With any more ado, let’s get started with the list right away.

20 MUST Read Photography Magazines

1. Aperture

Tags: Photography, Art, & Society

Aperture Photography Magazines

Aperture has been a non-profit organization since 1952 and has worked towards giving a platform and educating beginners in the world of photography.

They are based in New York and have a global reach due to their work. Aperture publishes quarterly magazines along with various books, hosts exhibitions, public programs, and produces limited-edition prints.

For beginners, Aperture provides a platform to share their work and reach audiences across the globe.

This photography magazine talks about the role of photography and its role in art and society. 

Some of the specific photographers and topics covered in the magazine include Elliott Erwitt, Tyler Mitchell, and the Vietnam War.

2. Black+White Photography Magazine

Tags: Monochrome Photography, Expert Guides, Inspiration

Photography Magazine

Black+White Photography Magazine is a renowned photography magazine that explores the timeless beauty of monochrome photography.

The magazine shares expert insights from established photographers and industry professionals. Along with this, you’ll also find reviews and guides about the latest cameras, software, and accessories specifically designed for black-and-white photography.

Since the magazine focuses on Black+White, monochrome images—you’ll also find creative inspiration and photographer features in the magazine.

It highlights modern B&W photos, covering styles like documentaries, portraits, still life, landscapes, and street photography. 

They’ve featured leading figures like Nick Brandt, Michael Kenna, Vanessa Winship, David Bailey, Sarah Moon, Michael Ackerman, and many more.

3. Outdoor Photography

Tag: Nature Photography

Photography Magazines

The Outdoor Photography Magazine from the UK has a worldwide audience of nature enthusiasts. With its inspiring and educating content It caters to both beginners & seasoned pros.

Outdoor Photography is one of the best magazines and guides for outdoor sports, nature, and landscape photography. 

The magazine recently published its 300th edition and has been among the most popular photography magazines to refer to for inspiration and guidance in nature photography.

4. Professional Photographer Magazine

Tags: Photography Business and Techniques

Professional Photographer Magazine

Professional Photographer Magazine (PPMag) from Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is among the oldest-running non-profit organizations in photography.

They have over 150 years of history and are now reaching more than 50 countries with their work.

And while the magazine has been over a century old, the form of content produced has evolved with time. Along with Print Magazine, one can access their Digital edition.

PPMag is a bi-monthly photography magazine that talks about photography techniques, the photography business, inspiration, news, and updates.

5. Amateur Photographer Magazine

Tags: Equipment Reviews, Photographer Interviews

Photography Magazines

Amateur Photographer Magazine is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, publishing since 1884.

If you’re a budding photographer aiming to upscale your skills, this magazine is made just for you.

The magazine shares insights into detailed tests and investigations on the latest photographic equipment. Additionally, it shares Regular interviews with renowned photographers, offering unique insights into their creative process.

6. Nature Photographer Magazine

Tags: Nature & Landscape Photography

Nature Photographer Magazine

Nature Photographer Magazine is one of the finest photography magazines that publishes wonders of the natural world.

The magazine is published three times a year and caters to photographers of all skill levels, from passionate hobbyists to seasoned professionals.

The content shares practical guides, as well as offers insights into wildlife and landscape photography. It incorporates sections dedicated to natural history.

To ensure the reading experience is enhanced, the advertisement is kept limited.

7. Click Magazine

Tags: Photography Business, Community, Guides

Click Magazine

My Click Magazine was started in 2008 and has been consistently read by photographers. Click is both a subscription-based print magazine and an online resource helping photographers improve their skills.

This photography magazine covers a wide range of topics related to technical skills, creative inspirations and also, the business advice.

Click Magazine is published 6 times a year. They are focused on giving practical advice.; This is to cater to modern photographers often juggling work, family, and other commitments.

8. Shutter

Tag: Professional Photographers

Shutter Magazine

Shutter Magazine from Behind the Shutter is purely dedicated to delivering top-notch, not fluff photography content.

The magazine was started by Sal Cincotta after struggling to find actionable content for photographers.

One accesses a free digital photography magazine online, as well as purchasing past issues of the magazine from the site.

You’ll also find blogs and guides for photographers, making Shutter Magazine a resource curated for photographers who want to learn.

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9. Capture

Tags: Photography, Business, & Marketing

Capture magazine

Capture is a leading Australian photography magazine for both emerging and professional photographers.

It is among the best sellers and covers a wide range of topics from diverse talent and photographers in the region.

Capture magazine delves into the practical aspects of running a successful photography business. Moreover, they offer insights into topics like gear, techniques, marketing, staffing, and business issues.

The magazine is published four times a year and is available in print at newsagents throughout Australia and New Zealand.

10. Digital Photographer Magazine

Tag: Industry News & Inspiration

Digital Photographer Magazine from Digital Camera World

Digital Photographer Magazine publishes a comprehensive package of advice, inspiration, and resources for both amateur and professionals.

One will find tutorials, techniques, industry news, and a great length of inspiration along with the photographers.

Digital Photography magazine is published on a monthly basis and can be accessed via physical magazine or digital copy on your phone, tablet, or PC.

11. Digital Camera

Tags: Reviews & Accessory

Digital Camera Magazine from Digital Camera World

Digital Camera Magazine is a magazine that talks about cutting-edge techniques—and more importantly—in-depth camera, lens, and accessory reviews.

The magazine is published every month and is available in print and digital formats.

Digital Camera Magazine is curated by experts which helps photographers get valuable advice and insights directly from the experts.

12. Australian Photography

Tags: News, Update, and Reviews

Australian Photography Magazine

Australian Photography Magazine is the top-selling photography publication in Australia. It provides a comprehensive resource for photographers of all levels.

The magazine was founded in 1954 and has earned a reputation for its high-quality content.

The magazine includes tips, camera reviews, competitions, news, and updates regarding the industry.

It is published 12 times a year and can be accessed in print and digital formats throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Photography Magazine also shares stunning photography showcasing the diverse beauty of Australia and beyond.

13. Photoshop Creative

Tags: Photo Editing, Photoshop, Guides

Photoshop Creative Magazine

Photoshop Creative Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to photo editing, more specifically Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is the industry-leading photo editing and digital art software. It is a complex tool, but allows photographers to edit and manipulate their images in whatever manner they please.

Photoshop Creative Magazine is packed with expert tutorials, practical advice, and inspiring projects.

It also shares news about the latest updates, Photoshop Plugins, resources, and hardware dedicated to making post-production easy.

14. Photo Review

Tags: Interviews, Inspiration, Guide

Photo Review Magazine

Photo Review Magazine is an Australian Photography magazine. It is published in a quarterly magazine and is aimed at enthusiasts and professional photographers of all levels.

As a reader, you will find reviews of the latest camera gear, tutorials on photography topics, and image editing tips.

Additionally, Photo Review magazine also publishes inspiring interviews with leading photographers from around the world.

This magazine is known for its high production values and easy-to-follow advice. Making it a great resource for photographers who want to improve their skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

15. British Journal Of Photography

Tags: Documentary Photographers, Interviews, & Reviews

British Journal Of Photography Magazine

British Journal of Photography is a monthly published magazine. It is the world’s longest-running photography magazine, founded in 1854.

The British Journal of Photography covers all aspects of photography—from news and technical reviews to in-depth features and interviews with leading photographers.

The magazine also features interviews with renowned and emerging photographers. This provides fascinating insights into their creative processes, inspirations, and careers.

Some well-known interviews they have published are David Bailey, Cristina Mittermeier, and Elinor Carruthers. A few among many that you must check out.

16. PhotoED Magazine

Tags: Inspiration & Storytelling

PhotoED  Magazine | Canadas Photography Magazine

PhotoED Magazine is a Canadian photography magazine that features the work of both established as well as emerging photographers.

The magazine is known for its focus on storytelling and its commitment to showcasing diverse voices in photography.

One also has to appreciate the magazine’s editors have a keen eye for talent and a meticulous selection process.

PhotoED has provided a platform for emerging photographers to gain exposure and recognition. They invest in educating its readers and sharing something new each quarter.

17. Artdoc Photography Magazine

Tags: Fine Arts, Inspiration, & Storytelling

Artdoc Photography Magazine

Artdoc Photography Magazine is a digital magazine dedicated to the world of art and documentary photography.

The magazine showcases stunning visuals that capture the essence of the stories being told.

And while Artdoc appreciates all forms of art photography, it has a particular focus on documentary photography.

They use photography to tell real stories about the world around us, often focusing on social issues and human rights.

Artdoc Photography Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who appreciates the power of photography to tell stories. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who enjoys looking at beautiful pictures, Artdoc is definitely worth checking out.

18. Wildlife Photographic Magazine

Tag: Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife Photographic Memory

Wildlife Photographic Magazine is dedicated to the art and passion of wildlife photography.

It showcases stunning wildlife photography in each issue.

The magazine connects a community of like-minded individuals and fosters wildlife photography with insightful interviews and galleries.

Wildlife Photographic focuses on high-quality photography, emphasizes ethical practices, and has Global reach because of the Informative and engaging content they share.

19. PhotoPlus – The Canon Magazine

Tag: Canon User Photographers

PhotoPlus The Canon Magazine

PhotoPlus Magazine is a magazine specifically dedicated to Canon camera users. So much so, it is considered as the biggest and best Canon DSLR photography magazine.

The PhotoPlus Magazine focuses on advice related to Canon Cameras, & Photoshop Tutorials, tailored to specific Canon camera models.

Among all the guides and sections in the magazine, the one that is most popular is the Apprentice section. This features one lucky reader who gets to spend a day on a photoshoot with renowned Canon professional photographers.

20. Rotor Drone Pro Magazine

Tag: Aerial Photographers

Rotor Drone Pro Magazine

Rotor Drone Pro Magazine is specifically dedicated to drones. It caters to both hobbyists and professionals.

You will find a mix of news, technical tips, interviews, and stunning aerial photography and videography.

In addition to that, the magazine includes in-depth reviews of the latest drone models and equipment and interviews with industry leaders.

Rotor Drone Pro Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in drones.


Photography magazines are fascinating as they help you get inspiration from all over the world packed within a few pages. There are different photography magazines talking about different genres and I’ve tried to include almost all popular genres.

I hope this article helped you to get introduced to some of the best photography magazines that will help you shape your career more professionally. If you wish to learn more about photography, and photo editing, then subscribe to our newsletter below. Also, if you have any bulk product images that need to be edited, then take your free trial with PixelPhant now👇.

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