7 Ways to Enhance the Order Tracking Experience of your Store

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7 Ways to Enhance the Order Tracking Experience of your Store

We both agree that customer experience plays a crucial role in growing your eCommerce. But is it just limited to the time a customer makes a purchase?

The shipping and order tracking experience is as important as the journey of a customer from product page to checkout. More specifically, we are talking about the order tracking experience of your store, and how it is affecting your returning customer.

Moreover, we will be discussing the 7 ways to enhance the order tracking experience that you can use to increase the number of returning customers on your eCommerce site.

But before that let us clear a small doubt.

Why is the Order Tracking Experience Important for eCommerce to grow?

Order Tracking Experience

Let’s assume that your customer just placed an order on your site and has filled in all the required shipping details the way you asked. On your side, you have received the order, packed it, and handed it over to the shipment service.

Here, how are you planning to let your customer know about where your order is right now, and when can they expect the delivery to be? Moreover, how will the customer be able to track the order, for a delay or early delivery?

This anxiousness about being uninformed about the purchase leads a customer toward bad reviews, faulty customer experience, and well negative word of mouth to all the friends and family.

Order tracking experience is especially very important for eCommerce that is looking for returning customers. In order to do so, you need to build long-lasting trust and provide an unmatched experience, including the post-purchase, i.e. the order tracking experience.

Here are a few more reasons why order tracking experience is important for an eCommerce to grow.

Increases Engagement

Order Tracking Experience

This is a common practice to check the progress of the order placed. While this might be a usual task for the customer, it is a great time to cross-sell the products for an eCommerce, hence increasing the engagement of your recent customer.

Reduces Customer Anxiety

Keeping the customer updated with the delivery reduces the anxiety level for the customer drastically. Being in the dark and uninformed about the purchased product drops the order tracking experience hence resulting in bad customer reviews at the end.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Order Tracking Experience

Increases engagement and reduces anxiety, along with building trust. Hence resulting in improved customer satisfaction. When your customer knows that you are making sure that your customer knows about the delivery, they stay satisfied with your service.

Reduces Customer Service Inquiry

Order Tracking Experience

Having excess customer service calls or requests means your customer is anxious and is having a bad experience with your service. On the other hand, if you are providing an enhanced order tracking experience, the calls will drop and give better customer satisfaction.

7 Ways to Enhance the Order Tracking experience of your store

Order Tracking Experience of your Store

Enable Tracking on your Site

Don’t let your valuable customer go to another tracking site in order to keep themselves informed. Rather add a tracking right within your site to get the best order tracki9ng experience.

Custom Tracking Page

The first suggestion from us would be to have your own custom tracking page. This would allow you to recall your customer and allow your own order tracking experience.

Probably it would be the last time when the customer would be interacting with your site before the next purchase.

Hence, if you wish to make it memorable you would need to put in some extra effort. 

Use Cross-Selling

Order Tracking Experience

On average a customer tracks the package at least 6 to 8 times post-purchase. It is probably the most effective time for you to cross-sell the products that you the customer might be interested in.

Moreover, as the customer has shown trust by purchasing once, they are more likely to buy again from you, if not at that exact moment then maybe later. But showcasing the product would help them be aware of your product range.

Include Feedback Section

Order Tracking Experience

While you are editing and adding the cross-selling to your tracking page, you might also add in the Customer feedback section. Not only would it allow your customer to interact with you at any point in time, but would also allow you to know about the point of shipping where improvement is needed.

You can even consider linking the tracking page to your Google Analytics account and get a better idea about how the customer is interacting with it.

Use Confirmation Email

Order Tracking Experience of your Store

The most vulnerable time to step back from the purchase or the time when the customer is most anxious is right after placing the order. Here, you can ensure them about the delivery and order confirmation through a confirmation email.

It increases engagement and builds trust. In addition, adding the tracking button in the mail itself gives your customer a seamless experience and keeps them excited about the product.

Ensure that real-time tracking

tracking the communication

While we have discussed the core elements of the tracking page, it’s time for the most crucial point. The main purpose of the tracking page is to stay updated with the progress of the shipment. This can be roughly translated into, knowing where the product is in that real-time.

Hence integrate a system to ensure that you and your customer are aware of the product and are informed about any delay or early delivery of the product from time to time.

Update with notification

Order Tracking Experience

While now that we know that the order tracking experience is about keeping the customer informed, we also recommend you use notification and SMS to keep them in the loop. Push notifications are a great way to bring your customer back to your site and engage with them. Moreover, it also lets the customer keep up with the delivery, which builds trust and helps you build a long-term relationship with your brand.

Final Thoughts

With the above article, it is very clear that in order to run a successful eCommerce brand order tracking experience plays a very important role. While there might be multiple ways you are improving the customer experience, the order tracking experience would leave a memorable impact. Hence make sure you are putting some serious efforts into the post-purchase and ensure better customer relationships till the end.

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