How to Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

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How to Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

Suppose you just received an email with a link. Surprisingly, you liked the way the email is presented to you. The text with link stats, “Check The Best Sneakers That Our Experts Choose For Your Style.” 

Now, that’s a tempting statement by the sender. Hence you open it and guess where you land. The Home page of a sneaker website.

But where are the Sneakers for “YOUR STYLE”. If you are generous, you would stay, but most people won’t.

This is why your eCommerce website needs a landing page. Not every page where your potential customers land gives you chances of conversion. And here we are to share how you should optimize the landing page to promote products online.

Why Landing Page Important?

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

A landing page is a designated page where a potential customer lands through ads, email, or any particular campaign. Rather than just explaining why to let us see interesting data related to the landing page vs homepage first.

Ad-specific loading pages outperformed generic pages by 115%.

When someone clicks on an ad or a link, he is triggered by some words or promises. As every campaign that you run is for different people and different needs, having a common landing page won’t bring the conversion that you expected.

But if you create a dedicated page for a particular set of audiences arriving from a particular link, the chances of conversion increase. Why? Because you know what made them click. 

From the previous example that we mentioned above, if the link took you to a dedicated sneakers page with a fresh new collection, you are more likely to buy rather than first searching for them and sorting them out.

But How many Landing pages do you need? How should you optimize the landing page to promote products online? What are some expert landing page tips that you can follow to have better conversion?

Here are the answers to all the questions that you are looking for.

How Should You Optimize the Landing Page?

Just like any other prospect of your business, you shall optimize the landing page according to the customer. Especially when you are attracting you need to make sure that you grab their attention at first.

Assuming you did the first step through your ads and the email. Now, where will you be redirecting them? At a dedicated landing page that will be fulfilling the need because of which they clicked on the link.

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online
Example of landing page

If you have a multi-product website, and someone clicked on the link for a particular kind of product, then you shall take that customer directly to the specific landing page with the products he or she is looking for.

Now regarding how many landing pages to promote products online, the answer is the more the better.

Having a dedicated page for every campaign is always the best idea as you would know what your potential customer wants. And this way you can use this customer information to up-sell the product or generate leads very easily.

Also to note that companies have seen a 55% increase in leads after 10-15 landing pages. Hence having about 1-5 won’t be enough. 

Landing Page Tips to Promote Product Online

Now that you are on the way to optimizing the landing page of your website, here are the 7 best landing page tips to promote products online.

Use similar trigger words

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

As we have discussed, your customer would have read the keyword that triggered that made them click the link or the ad. Now in order to make him assure that he landed on the right page, you shall use similar words in the introduction of your keyword.

Rather use the same as your focus keyword for your entire page to have a better SEO too. Seeing that you are delivering what he is looking for, he shall engage with other aspects of the page also. When this happens, your campaign to optimize the landing page to promote your products would be successful.

Know what attracted your customer

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

This will again vary from the source from which the customer is approaching. For eg., if your customer is coming from LinkedIn, you shall optimize the landing page more with the information they are looking for in text or video format. Now if a customer is approaching Instagram, you shall optimize the landing page with attractive images and graphics.

You get the point. Understand what will more likely attract the customer in the first place rather than having a common landing page for “social media”.

Have a clean navigation

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

The goal when you optimize the landing page is to make it easy for your customer to come to a decision. And this decision can only be in your favor when you help your customer to see what you want them to see.

Instead of having multiple products, create a unique page for each and every product. You don’t have to clutter a single page, especially when more than half of the audience is mobile users.

Give proper spacing, direction, and products. Use texts and graphics only where necessary. Keep the overall experience clean and easy to navigate for your customer.

Run your tests

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

While you optimize the landing page, answer this question first. Are you sure you would get the desired result in one go? What if the design that you choose isn’t the one your customer liked?

To eliminate these situations and to know which would work the best, you shall run an A/B test. It is a simple method where run attracts customers on 2 different pages and observes the result.

After comparing both the result finalize better performance and get the best result

Build trust first

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

What happens when someone lands on your landing page? They may be unfamiliar with you and are here to check what you can offer them. Hence the best thing you shall do is to gain their trust. If you start selling your products with no reference, you are another spammer in their eye.

As you know what they are looking for, provide them with something extra. You can optimize the landing page with the products with the best reviews. In addition to that, show off why the product is best for them.

Provide them with multiple and relevant options to make sure they buy from you only. In addition to that, give complete detail of the product to tell them everything they may need to know.

Lastly don’t forget to take the help of a product image editing service. This will help you get the best product image that is optimized for your site and of detailed quality that appeals to customers to buy the product.

Use AI Chatbot

Optimize the Landing Page to Promote Products Online

The time is delivering personalized service to each of your customers. While you optimize the landing page for getting the most conversions, don’t forget to use AI chatbots on the page also.

If you have already invested in these chatbots then you shall optimize them for each landing that you are working on. This way you would make it easier for your customer to trust you and buy products from you.

Where to Start From

Above you have how you can optimize the landing page to promote products online, but wait. Where should you start optimizing? Well, the smartest step would be to narrow down your audience. Choose your target audience and understand what they would like.

Also when you optimize the landing page, don’t forget to have a CTA, or call-to-action button. This way it would be easy for your customer to take action. Moreover, we highly recommend you to read Experts Guide to Reduce eCommerce Bounce Rates of your Store as it would tell what other things you can do to hold back your customer on your site after visiting the landing page.

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