10 Ways To Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

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10 Ways To Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

There is always a lot to learn. If you know how to optimize PPC ads for better click-through rates, it’s now time to optimize the PPC landing page for eCommerce.

If your customer clicks on your ads, how are you planning to engage them?

How will you direct them to make a purchase, hence getting a return on your ad investment?

In this guide, I am sharing with you 10 tips to do that. 10 ways to optimize PPC landing page for eCommerce.

If you are seeing higher CTR on your ads but are struggling to improve conversion, this article will help you break the threshold of returns.

Without taking any more of your time, let’s get started right away.

10 Ways To Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

Improve Speed

Improve Speed - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

A good and bad thing about eCommerce Ads is we know the customer is in hurry. Unlike other marketing funnels, we are not focusing on building awareness.

When a prospect clicks on your ad, engages with your product, likes it – they buy it.

But if they have to wait for every second interaction from clicking on your ad, the whole flow is disrupted.

They are no longer interested in the product, rather they just want to let the page load (if you are lucky).

If not they’ll just bounce off and move on to other eCommerce selling similar products.

As the first step to optimizing the PPC landing page for eCommerce, make sure your page is loading under 0 to 2 seconds.

Also, make sure the speed is optimized for mobile devices as well, as 68.1% of users access the internet through their mobiles.

Bridge Relevancy

Bridge Relevancy - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

In your customer journey, a customer reads your ad > clicks on it > and lands on your PPC landing page.

Now, the ad and the page must be highly relevant to each other.

You have to make sure that when you are creating an ad campaign, the landing page delivers exactly what your ad said.

For example, if you are selling Adidas socks at 30% off in the ad heading, your landing page must be selling the Adidas socks at 30% off.

Your ad quality score needs to rank higher (as per Google ads guidelines), and also for building brand trust among the customers.

Track Engagement

Track Engagement - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

Tacking is an essential part of optimizing the PPC landing page.

What are we tracking? Everything.

From what customer is looking at, to where are they clicking, scrolling, where they are going, and more.

Tracking will help you understand how people are engaging with the product page.

This way, you can optimize accordingly for better conversion.

Creating a Dedicated Landing Page

Creating a Dedicated Landing Page - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

As an eCommerce, you might run different campaigns, for different products, for different audiences.

With so many differences, having one landing page isn’t the best option.

Each customer is looking for something unique, something that caters to their need. Hence, creating a dedicated landing page is highly recommended.

For example, if you are selling towels, you can sell them to regular customers as well as travelers.

Here, one page might work. But do you what will be better? Creating a unique experience.

Like, if someone is looking for towels for traveling, a page that understands their requirement (like, takes less space, dries quickly, etc, is easy to clean) will surely have higher conversion than just selling it as a regular towel.

Improve Copy

Improve Copy - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

This point can’t be emphasized enough. Your landing page copy is essentially a conversation between you and your customer.

The better it goes, the higher your conversion is.

Most landing page “experts” focus on meta titles, meta descriptions, page headings, and product descriptions. It is pretty fair.

But what you want is a copy for your whole landing page. That means, even the copy of your CTA button should be optimized.

 The PPC landing page for eCommerce is a high-value copywriting gig. Ensure that the copywriter understands the customer and the industry thoroughly before crafting the page.

A pro tip would be to have multiple copies ready to test the best combination.

Improve Images

Improve Images - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

If the copy is about engagement, your product images are interactions. Probably one of the most important interactions between your customers and the products.

Even if you are doing everything right, but your product images lack professionalism, it will harshly affect your conversion rate.

That is why eCommerce needs to optimize its product images in the best way possible. What all should be optimized?

You must make sure that:

  • The background of your product images must be consistent and clean.
  • Images must be cropped in at the same ratio.
  • The percentage of margin within the image and the product must be consistent.
  • Ensure that the shadows of your product look natural.
  • Also, remove any dust particles, creases, glares, and reflections from your product images.

To get such professional results, you can outsource product photo editing to PixelPhant. PixelPhant is a leading professional product photo editing service for eCommerces, working with the fastest-growing brands across the globe.

Understand Intent

Understand Intent - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

When crafting your PPC landing page for eCommerce, you must understand the intent of your customers.

  • Are they looking for a one-time purchase or are they looking for a subscription?
  • Will 30 days trial period be valuable or will they need 90 days period?

A question like this is important from a customer’s point of view. As an eCommerce, these are some marketing tools that build confidence.

But to use them effectively, you must understand the intent of the customer well.

  • Are you selling something new, that your customer would like to test first?
  • Or is it something that customer knows all about and are just concerned with the pricing?

Focus on customers’ mindset, and their point of view towards the product and the brand. This will answer a lot about how to optimize the PPC landing page for eCommerce.

Remove Friction

Remove Friction - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

What is friction in the eCommerce PPC landing page? These are elements that are distracting the customer from their customer journey.

That means, that if a customer is on the product page, they are most probably at the bottom of the sales funnel. If you use elements to be aware or to engage them, it might act as friction.

Also, elements such as pop-ups, too many ads, unwanted content, irregular product images, spelling mistakes, etc are frictions.

Make sure the page is frictionless and customers can go through the whole journey, with all the information they need and make a purchase.

Test Everything

Test Everything - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

Emphasis on Everything. Above we have already shared how testing different combinations of your landing page can be effective.

Similarly, before you decide on what brings the highest conversion, you must test multiple sections of your PPC landing for eCommerce.

Be the size of the font, the color of your background, the CTA button you choose, and more.

The best way to increase your conversion is by understanding what your customer likes over others. This data is highly valuable.

As once you know what’s working, you can use it to optimize your product pages to drive high conversion organically.

Become Available

Become Available - Optimize PPC Landing Page For Ecommerce

At last, make sure your support team/tools are available for your customers. Often the reason why customers may bounce back is because of the query they had which was not resolved.

Having active customer support allows customers to ask that question and be confident about the purchase.

One of the best ways to create a customer support system is through the chatbot. Other options are email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

The goal is to be available, if and when the customer has a query that needs to be answered and to support them during the sales.

Bonus Read

Using the above tips to optimize the PPC landing page for eCommerce, I am sure you’ll see a positive impact on your conversion.

We discussed, how small areas of the PPC landing page play an important role. Also, how you can optimize them for high conversion.

Make sure you go through each area accordingly and optimize your product page to generate the highest ROI in your industry.

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