Expert Guide to the online T-shirt business for you in 2023

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Expert Guide to the online T-shirt business for you in 2023

T-Shirts are considered an essential part of the wardrobe over the globe. Intelligent entrepreneurs have realized the importance of this product and started an online T-shirt business of their own. 

Thus we are here to help you to set up your online t-shirt business and grow your business online. Whether you sell a no brand, big brand, or custom brand, to set up an online T-shirt business you may need your very own eCommerce store.

An eCommerce store that is being accessed by all the customers in just a few minutes. But to grow your online business, this may not just stop here as an accomplishment. Online T-shirt business is a great choice for both beginners, as well as. for veteran eCommerce entrepreneurs to grow their business online.

T-shirts are usually a cheaper source to import or produce. But they also contain universal appeal with the easy steps to customize them. If you are in the mindset to start your online T-shirt business to grow your business online, then you should be aware of the competitiveness of this market. You should stand out from the crowd in order to make successful.

To carry out an online T-shirt business, you need to offer good quality products, should design your own t-shirts, and create a brand image to grow your business online. This surely sounds like a daunting process, especially in the beginning when you are about to online T-shirt business, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

Here is a detailed guide for you to start your online T-shirt business and also grow your business online successfully.

Steps to the Online T-shirt business

Outsetting your online T-shirt business 

If you want to start your eCommerce journey, and you have been planning to start your own online t-shirt business, you may or may not you have noticed that it is a relatively cheap process. Therefore, it is very simple to get your store up and running. It’s a simple process to start your online t-shirt business, from any website you are linked to. They will support you on your every move and help you grow your business online. 

Online T-shirt Selling

What do you actually need to get started with? 

Whenever starting something new, people get afraid and worried about it. It is a normal human reaction and that is the point when doubts take place.

The common question that arises in anyone’s mind is: “I don’t have an adequate amount of money, I don’t have time to run the online store, I don’t know how to run it, I could never build a successful online business” and the list goes on without any full stop. But mainly there are three things needed to start the online t-shirt business. 

A website/store 

Nowadays, if you want to grow your business online, it’s not necessary to be a programmer in order to generate a website. Every third person has a blog. 

There are many special websites, created to help out the regular non-technical persons having a mindset to start an online business. These are termed eCommerce platforms. These websites contain different tools that create ease of working and help you to grow your business online. Some of the top websites are, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc. You can read more about this on 7 Best eCommerce Website Builders for Your Online Store

A design to sell the t-shirts 

It is the main thing from which you can’t escape yourself. You will necessarily need a design to get printed on the t-shirt you are selling online. You don’t have to launch so many designs. The main motto is to think about quality instead of quantity. 

A payment mode 

The last major element you need to start your online business that is a payment method by which customers will be able to make the payment. It is not a difficult task, you have to make the decision based on the eCommerce platform, and in which country you are living in because all the options are not available everywhere. 

A Step-by-Step Process to start your online t-shirt business 

There are various key points to start with a successful online t-shirt business. Each of the factors should be closely studied and fulfilled in order to run a fully flourished online business. Now let’s take a rooted look at the key element to growing your business online. 

Select a niche

This term has almost been tossed everywhere, but it is very essential to choose a niche. It is considered a unique ability to stand out from the competitors and thus it is the best way to do this, that you choose and cater to a specific niche.

In general, varieties of t-shirts with funny slogans are considered to be too hard to make their place in the developed market. One of the most specific examples of niches that can attract customers is t-shirts with funny slogans that relate to doctors and nurses.  

Decide on a design 

It is the last thing that a customer wants to see in your catalog is a copy of the t-shirt design found elsewhere. The designs need not be complex and it is noticed that various best-selling graphics tees are in a simple form. The design should be in such a way that connects the audience to your product and you should stand out. 

Validate your designs 

Once the designs are assembled for your online store, you have to seek validation from others. You may think that the design you come up with is ready, but others can point out a few improvements which can help you to be in the long run.

There should be unbiasedness in the reviews which you receive. Online discussion platforms, such as Reddit can be a useful tool when you are gauging the success of your online t-shirt business. 

Source the products

After validating the designs, you need to take some time to think about where you will be going to source your t-shirts. In order to grow your business online, it’s important that you source your t-shirt to be of high quality.

Running the online store is a highly competitive task, so you must stand out in any of the ways in which you can. The best way to do this is to source your t-shirts to be of high quality, which your business also can afford. 

Print the designs  

For a successful online t-shirt business, it is important that you should have high-quality prints on your t-shirts. If your customers find that your prints on the t-shirts are cracking or fading after some of the washes, then they will leave them with a bad impression. There are many options from which you can take advantage of printing t-shirts. 

Choose the business model  

You can opt for the drop shipping if you find the printing on the t-shirts from a local business to be costly. You can get the benefit from the dropshipping t-shirt business model. It is simple, cheap and you can browse it from everywhere in order to grow your business online.

Designing needs some considerations 

There are a number of ways to print the design on your t-shirt and on other clothing to grow your business online. Thus before you start your online store, you have to understand it very well. Below there are three mentioned options for printing that you can consider for the quality and process: 

Screen printing 

It is a good option of printing darker designs having a high level of vibrancy. Due to its labor-intensive setup, it is an awesome option for printing in bulk with 5 or fewer colors. 

Heat transfer 

In this process, an image is placed under the heat, gets cut from the paper, and then placed it on the t-shirt. It can produce color images on the t-shirts in a relatively easy and quick manner. 

Direct to garment 

With the direct printing on the t-shirt, the ink gets applied to the t-shirt using an inkjet printer. It is a cheap printing option as there is no kind of set up but the demerit is that it takes some time to print each t-shirt, therefore it is an appropriate option for the small orders. 

How Dropshipping can help your online t-shirt selling? 

Dropshipping is a good business model option for an entrepreneur running an online business. You don’t have to carry the inventory with you when you are dropshipping your t-shirts. Forget about piling the hump of t-shirts at your house or wasting the money for renting a storage space. 

You can receive the orders from your potential customers and can directly ship them from your supplier’s warehouse to their doorstep. It is a kind of streamlined process which allows the flexibility to manage the online business from anywhere. 

You are able to take the advantage of the various eCommerce platforms such as Aliexpress when you choose the drop shipping for your online t-shirt business. We suggest you read How to Start a Drop Shipping Business? It will surely help you grow your business online and grow your sales


Now with this post, we hope you got the answers to how you can start your own online t-shirt business and be able to grow your business online successfully. Do note one thing, that designing and selling the t-shirts online is of competitive nature in this niche, therefore be cautious about using the tips we have mentioned in the above article. It is not an easy task to start the online business of t-shirts and converts it into a successful one. Thus you can’t take the excuse of time, maybe you are just a weekend away from getting started with your own online store.

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