12 Online Selling Sites For Retailers to Sell Products In 2023

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12 Online Selling Sites For Retailers to Sell Products In 2023

In 2022, Google released over 9 official updates and 5 unconfirmed updates to improve the search ranking. But because of such high volatile rankings, profits of many eCommerce were affected.

It was one of the most volatile years for online selling retailers due to many reasons—among which depending on one sales channel was the most crucial one.

Tell me something, wouldn’t it be great to learn about the top online selling sites in 2023 to sell your products?

You don’t have to depend only on SEO or social media marketing. You can use these new channels to cover a much bigger market and even reach new customers.

Starting with some quick notes on the best eCommerce platforms, we will learn about 12 Online Selling sites for retailers to sell products in 2023.

Best eCommerce Platform

It is important to learn that while expanding your sales channel, owning a piece of a brand in the form of domain and eCommerce is extremely important.

To assist you in creating your online store, here are the top 3 eCommerce platforms that you can pick as per your requirements.


Shopify eCommerce platform

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that has created an ecosystem where anyone starts an eCommerce and scales it with ease.

Due to a low barrier to entry—both in terms of pricing and technological expertise—Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms for retailers of any industry and size.

If you are looking to start a new eCommerce for the first time and have no prior experience, Shopify surely would be one of the best platforms to get started.


Woocommerce eCommerce platform

Woocommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin that you can use to turn your regular WordPress site into full-fledged eCommerce. It is one of the best eCommerce platforms, especially for users who are fond of WordPress.

With all the ease and flexibility that WordPress offers, Woocommerce allows you to sell your products online using the same dashboard (of WordPress) that you are already familiar with.

Additionally, you can use various themes and thousands of plugins that the platform offers.


BigCommerce eCommerce platform

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform, built for big enterprises and eCommerce with huge inventory.

The platform is designed to help businesses with a big inventory work with teams and run operations smoothly.

That is why, if you have various products, each with different variants and types—Bigcommerce would be an excellent pick for you.

12 Online Selling Sites For Retailers In 2023


Amazon eCommerce platform

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, allowing retailers to sell their products directly to consumers. If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to sign up for a seller account and list their products for sale.

To help you, Amazon provides a variety of tools and services that helps you manage sales, including tools for the fulfillment, advertising, and customer service.

As a retailer, you can choose between two main plans for selling on Amazon: the Individual plan and the Professional plan. 

The Individual plan is best for retailers who plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month, while the Professional plan is better for retailers who plan to sell more.

Both plans charge a monthly subscription fee, as well as per-item fees when products are sold.

Being one of the biggest marketplaces on the internet, Amazon is surely the top online selling site to be on.

It helps in increasing your visibility and reaching masses who already trust the platform.


Etsy online selling platform

Etsy is an online selling site that mainly focuses on creative, aesthetic, art, craft, and attractive product pieces that customers like to own.

If you are selling products like paint, clay models, stone, sculptures, decorative lighting, etc, you must try Etsy as your alternative online selling platform.

On Etsy, you can create your own online storefront and list your products for sale. You can even use Etsy’s advertising tools to promote products and reach a larger audience.

As a seller you are responsible for setting your own prices and handling your own shipping and returns.

Etsy charges a listing fee of $0.20 per item and a transaction fee of 5% of the sale price. There is also a payment processing fee for credit card transactions.

Overall, Etsy is a good platform for retailers who sell handmade, vintage, or unique items and are looking for a way to reach a global audience.


Aliexpress online selling platform

AliExpress is an online selling site for small and independent retailers who want to reach a worldwide audience.

The platform is owned by Alibaba, one of the well-known names in the b2b industry that helps businesses connect with retailers.

With AliExpress, retailers can now connect with consumers.

Products sold on this platform are cheaper than other regular sites. So if your USP is around the pricing of your product, AliExpress is the best platform for you.

One of the main advantages of using AliExpress is that it allows you to reach a global customer base without having to set up your own online store or website.

As per fees, the platform takes about 5% and 8% depending on the category of your product.

Google Shopping

Google shopping online selling site

Google Shopping is a platform that helps eCommerce list products with Google merchants and showcases them separately in the search engine.

Unlike most other platforms, Google Shopping is much simpler. When you list your products, you will have to add a link to your product page.

Based on your listing optimization and customer search, Google will showcase your listing and direct the shoppers on to your platform. Until and unless you wish to run Google shopping ads, the platform is completely free.

So, if you are looking to beat some of your competition and create a new sales channel, Google shopping would be a great pick.


Bonanza online selling site

Bonanza is an online selling site that is surely gaining fast growth and acceptance among a wide group of audience. It is a platform where you can sell almost anything that can succeed in the industry.

Where a marketplace like Amazon features brands and Etsy features creativity—Bonanza features a balance of both worlds.

Additionally, there are no listing fees, and you only pay commission fees when sales happen.

This is great for retailers who are relevantly small to compete with legacy brands and want to establish their own unique market.


Poshmark online selling site

Poshmark is a well-known fashion marketplace that promotes buying and selling of clothes, accessories, shoes and more.

Since the platform is built specifically for the fashion industry, you as a fashion retailer get the opportunity to reach your audience way more easily.

You can simply set up your store, add in your product images and start selling. To further help you grow your store, Poshmark provides various resources and tools to help you along the way.

For fashion retailers, Poshmark is surely one of the best online-selling sites to reach and engage your audience.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace online selling site

Facebook Marketplace is a great online selling platform, especially for local retailers looking to reach shoppers online.

The key benefit of using the Facebook marketplace is the ease of selling your product. All you need is your Facebook user account, and you can already start selling.

But to make your brand look more professional and trustworthy, use high-quality images and stay consistent with your brand messaging.

Facebook provides various tools and resources to further promote your product listings. You also get insights on how your products are performing and work on what is best for you.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping online selling site

Instagram is one of the most trending platforms of the decade and has been integrating new features from time to time. For retailers, you can now tag your product in your posts.

That means if you use Instagram to promote your products—which you should surely try—you can tag products. A shopper can then click on it and checkout directly through the app.

To use Instagram Shopping, retailers need to have a business account on Instagram and a Facebook catalog.

In the catalog, add information about the products that the retailer wants to sell on Instagram, including the product name, description, and price.

You will also need to link your Instagram business account with your website and have a shopping-enabled website to complete the setup process.


Handshake online selling site

Handshake is an online selling site, best fit for sellers who deal in bulk quantity. So if you are planning to extend your product reach to other retailers, Handshake is definitely for you.

You can sell products ranging from a variety of industries, including fashion, home decor, and office supplies.

Other retailers can easily look at your products, reach out to you and place their orders. The process is simple, and Handshake is among some of the most popular sites as well.

The platform allows your customer to negotiate, especially because of the wholesale purchase. This gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers and further build a long-term connection.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace selling site

ASOS Marketplace is an online selling site that allows independent retailers like you to sell products to a global audience.

Since ASOS already is among the top fashion sites, it helps you instantly gain the trust of the audience and sell your products with ease.

Additionally, ASOS provides you with various tools and resources to help retailers succeed, such as marketing and promotional support.

To sell on ASOS Marketplace, you will first need to apply to become a seller and meet certain requirements. These requirements include having a professional website and a certain level of sales history. 

Once your store has been accepted, you can create a shop on the platform and start listing its products.


Wayfair selling site

Wayfair is an online selling site for furnishings and home decor. It is an online marketplace that allows third-party retailers like yours to sell their products to global customers.

You can use Wayfair to sell a wide range of furniture products, including home decor and appliances as well.

Wayfair provides tools and resources to help retailers succeed, such as marketing and promotional support.

Retailers can also use Wayfair to connect with other brands and retailers to build relationships in the home furnishings industry.

To sell on Wayfair, you’ll first need to apply to become a seller and meet certain requirements.

These requirements include having a professional website and a certain level of sales history.

Wish Marketplace

Wish Online selling site

Wish is an online selling site similar to Amazon but with a different group of audience.

Wish is known for offering a wide range of products at low prices, and it operates a marketplace model where you can list your products for sale.

The platform includes a wide range of product categories, such as clothing, accessories, home goods, and electronics. You have access to tools and resources that can help you succeed with the help of marketing and promotional support.

To sell on Wish, you need to apply to become a seller and meet specific requirements. These requirements include having a professional website and a certain level of sales history.

Once accepted, you can create a shop on the platform and start listing their products.

Catch Marketplace

Sell on Catch Online selling site

Catch Marketplace is an Australian online selling site that you can use to sell your products to a wide range of audiences globally.

You can use Catch Marketplace to sell a variety of products like clothing, accessories, home goods, and electronics. And to assist you, Catch provides you with tools for marketing and promotional support.

Catch Marketplace also allows you to connect with other brands and retailers and build relationships in the e-commerce industry.

Overall, Catch Marketplace is a valuable platform for retailers who want to sell their products to a global audience and reach a large and engaged audience of consumers.

It is especially well-suited for retailers who are looking for an e-commerce platform with a focus on Australian consumers.

Bonus Read

When selling your products online, one of the best sales practices is to increase your sales channels. Above we have shared over 12 online selling sites and platforms—each with its own set of audiences to that you can connect and sell your products.

And once you have picked the best fit, all you need to do is learn about their terms for retailers and present your products according to their guidelines.

Remember. The way your products are presented plays a huge role. It builds a brand reputation and helps you easily stand out among others.

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