Mistakes that You Must Avoid in the Beginning of Your E-commerce SEO

Jun 27, 2019 - Chetan Menaria

Mistakes that You Must Avoid in the Beginning of Your E-commerce SEO

E-Commerce is on the pace to grow continuously around the world due to the ease and comfort it provides to the people on the usage of mobile applications. There is a total of 44% of online shoppers started their buying process with the search engine.

In an e-commerce business, SEO is the most effective digital marketing tool. It ranks 5th in digital marketing tools and e-commerce acquisition. For your website to adopt the ever-changing Google methods, evade the penalties of search engines and be the trustworthy quality source content saturated web.

Therefore the Following are the 10 Common E-commerce SEO Mistakes that Need to be Avoided:

1. Representing the low interlinking structure

Interlinking refers to the link of one page to the another in the same domain. It enhances the architecture of your site by creating a hierarchy of content. Linking of appropriate content not only enhances the working of SEO but also provides an ease to your visitors to find out the more related content with it.

Thus a seller can make sure that it should have a good structure with linking to various pages and products where it is essential on the online store.

2. Duplicacy of content

It is the priority of Google to present the content with different information and keywords. Any website should prevent the practice of creating repeated web pages and content.

In case if you end up with the duplicate or same content on your website then you can use 301 redirects for Googlebot to show them where to go. Customization of the product heading and description can be done in order to keep them relevant to the product.

3. Inadequacy of product reviews

On each click, you are required to convince your customers to buy. This can be done very easily with product reviews. Around 61% of the customer check the reviews before making any purchase.

Thus it is essential for you to have the reviews on your website as reviews change the mindset of consumers. Review pages can also be a kind of fresh content which Google likes. A product review can be set as an opportunity to enhance the rank in the new set of long tail keywords.

4. The slow speed of sites

Websites pointing their link on your domain can easily raise your search engine rankings. You should be very careful for who you link to and particularly to whom you pass your SEO credited links from your blogs and web domain.

There is a tool termed as Google Pagespeed Insights to check the speed of your site and it also advises the ways to improve it.

5. Obsession of over ranking

Your efforts will not pay you financially even if you have one of the best keyword focus. Sellers of e-commerce need to think about social media marketing and content marketing with that of SEO.

Having more focus on only one method than others can decrease the overall efficiency of all of them.

6. Lack of market research

Optimization doesn’t matter if you don’t sell what is popular in the market. The traffic will be less due to loss of market research. That's why it is essential to selling the product which is most in demand and it will only come with strong market research.

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7. Not using proper schema for web pages (XML)

Google reads only the HTML language when they go through your website. Even if your images on the website contains some part of HTML then Google detects what's it actually.

Lowering the use of features that can only make your website cool will help Google to better understand.

8. Lack of security encryption

Majority of the e-commerce sellers makes the mistake of security encryption, whereas only a few of them understands that it actually affects SEO. Security encryption provides protection to the information of customers while they make the transactions.

It enhances the customer experience and protects your site from the hackers. Staying updated with the changes Google make can easily improve your e-commerce website in terms of the SEO.

9. Lack of mobile-friendly responsive UI

If you are an e-commerce seller not having the mobile optimization, then you are sure to close to put off to the mobile customers. The responsiveness of site can be a kind of a nightmare for users.

It also disconnects Google for recommending the people about your page who are in search of that on their mobile devices. If there is someone who is handling your website in the technical terms then you should make a contact with them and ask for an effective response.

10. Spamming

No one really likes spammers. Google does things with a high level of skills, which are acquired from a very long career of it. So it's better not to spam rather you can search for the places where your link can very well help the people.


Avoiding these mentioned mistakes can make your way along one in increasing your efficiency of a website in terms of SEO. You can invest in high-quality content and should encourage customers to leave their reviews of products.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to avoid these mistakes in the future when you are sitting with your SEO  team. You can also hire the professional for your better e-commerce SEO activities to increase the returns of the whole process.

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