Meme Marketing Strategy Made Easy To Grow Your Brand

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Meme Marketing Strategy Made Easy To Grow Your Brand

Marketing is no more just saturated with creating ads, dedicated just to selling a product. Brands all over the world are putting in their efforts to build engagement. And over the years, their efforts have shifted toward a brand new marketing strategy – Meme Marketing Strategy.

Memes are no more just about a laugh. They have now become a medium to spread awareness most delightfully. Simply put, meme marketing is a clever combination of social media marketing and content marketing.

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And in the following article, we are going to reveal the Ultimate Meme Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Brand On Social Media.

What is a Meme Marketing Strategy?

A successful meme marketing strategy is one where you leverage entertaining, extremely funny, and shareable content to plug your brand or product to market it to the millennial audience particularly.

Meme Marketing Strategy

Over the years, it has been widely appreciated by marketers as well as audiences.

Moreover, here are a few reasons why you should use this new marketing strategy with your social media marketing and content marketing strategy.

Benefits of Meme Marketing Marketing Strategy

Broader Reach

Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

Most importantly, meme marketing helps you reach a mass audience. It is very understood that no one would share an ad, until and unless it is more than just selling a product.

Memes help you break the barrier of advertising and make your audience more likely to share your content. Hence helping reach a much-much wider audience.

Better Recall

We rarely remember what we saw on our phones unless it made us stop scrolling and caught our consciousness. We are more likely to remember the posts that we laughed at and the ones we shared with our friends.

In addition, if you did your meme marketing right, it will make your brand pop, when your product and service are required. This is crucial as not everyone will be looking to buy a product at the same time.

But if they can recall a brand, then they are more likely to make a purchase directly through them.

Higher Engagement

Real-time engagement

You get shares, you get likes, you get comments and you get a pretty strong recall. All this sums up to getting a boost of followers for your ultimate social media marketing.

Nonetheless, if your memes do make people laugh, they won’t even mind if you share a dedicated ad for your products.

The 80/20 rule might fit in very best, where 80% of your posts are subtly related to your product and 20% of posts showcase your content marketing. We will discuss more this further in the article.

It’s Free

work for landing page

There is no PPC attachment with the memes that makes you pay for likes and comments. It’s a part of organic social media marketing and content marketing strategy where the price you pay is nil

Surely, if you have to hire a designer or a content marketer, you’ll have to pay a price but meme marketing on its whole should cost you nothing more than time, effort, and creativity.

Easy to Create

Unlike other pieces of content marketing, the meme isn’t something that you would have to start from scratch.

If you actively keep an eye on the social media marketing of brands using meme marketing strategy, you would see they jump onto the already viral trends.

You would need to find a way to plug in your brand but over the time of a month or so, you would easily be able to do that with no effort or so.

5 Tips For Meme Marketing Strategy

Know Your Audiences

Best Meme Marketing Strategy

This might feel like a part of every old and new marketing strategy out there but it is very important here. Memes are all about building a connection between Brand – Situation – Audience.

Here, if you mess up the following triangle, your audience would just scroll away from your efforts. You need to ensure that your meme is highly relevant to the majority of your audience.

If you are targeting a general audience and push in an industrial-based meme, it won’t be appreciated at all. Rather you can use the same meme in an industrial-based content marketing strategy you will get applause like never before.

Understanding the audience, and knowing what the majority of them can relate to can give you much more interaction and engagement with your social media marketing efforts.

Keep It Simple

content marketing strategy

You are not writing a sales letter to a high-budget client.

Rather you are targeting people who like your brand/product and are somewhat aware of your content. Do not complicate it at all as you need every last person to understand it.

No need to be Christoper Nolen of the meme. Be simple, direct, and for the audience.

Add in your Originality

Meme Marketing Strategy

With time we are sure you would develop a sense of “member” (who create memes) within you. And then, you shall also experiment with creating your original content for your social media marketing.

You might not hit the score in the first game, but if you practice it out, you could build a loyal audience, waiting to share your piece of original content.

Moreover, even if you are starting, look out for the opportunity to twist the trend in your favor. Rather than adding an image and a logo, lookout for something that can represent your audience and your brand.

Use Viral Trends

meme marketing

One fine benefit of meme marketing is that you are always flooded with viral trends. There is always something that is going viral, that is funny and there is something that you can use too.

Moreover, with the time that we are in, we highly motivate you to use the viral trend and then use it in your social media marketing and content marketing strategy.

Have backup library

Memes Marketing Strategy

Just like any artist, the creative blockage is very common in meme marketing. We run out of ideas and could think of anything that can be relatable to the audience. At this point having a backup library of memes would help you get through the tough phase.

You can use some of the popular meme formats that stay timeless to keep your audience engaged without much of your effort.

Look Out for Potholes

Memes are among the most engaging social media marketing and content marketing strategies. Agreed.

But at the same time, you may remember that all the content that you will be sharing would represent your brand.

Do not use memes that may offend a part of society. Your meme should not suppress any section or person in general.

Best Meme Marketing Examples By Popular Brand

Memes might be a new marketing strategy, but it has made a name for itself within the brands. Within the last few years, many popular brands have made an effort to try this new marketing strategy, and here are some of our all-time favorite ones.


Gucci is and has always been a luxury brand with the product and marketing tactics. But when they showcased the new marketing strategy with memes, they turned to become a trending topic of discussion.

Memes Marketing Strategy


We hardly pass a week without a Netflix meme. They may have adopted the new marketing strategy before and have mastered it to a place where they even interact with the audience in the most hilarious way.

Memes Marketing Strategy


Denny’s well-known brand has always managed to bring a smile with its hilarious content on the internet. Creating content related to their brand is somewhat they have mastered and no one can deny it.

Memes Marketing Strategy

Key Takeaway

As we are aware that meme marketing strategy is among the c which is here to stay. Hence, indulging it in your social media marketing and content marketing strategy would be one of the finest steps toward growing your brand on social media.

Above we have broken down some of the finest ways that you can use to grow your business on social media using meme marketing.

To get started, here are some popular platforms to create memes quickly and easily.

  • Meme Generator
  • Make A Meme
  • Quick Meme
  • IMGFlip

What is Meme Strategy?

Meme Strategy is a part of interactive viral marketing and social media marketing strategy where memes (humorous content) are used to engage with the target audience while still promoting the brand message. Due to its nature, the content spreads through social networks and word of mouth directly to the targeted customer.

Is Meme Marketing effective?

Meme Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies, helping brands with 10 times the reach with 60% organic engagement. Due to the same reason, more and more brands are leaning towards the use of Meme Marketing Strategy and getting results using the right memes.

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