7 Best Marketing Apps for Small eCommerce Businesses

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7 Best Marketing Apps for Small eCommerce Businesses

With some compelling facilities such as at-home shopping, online payments, easy returns, doorstep delivery, and thousands of options to choose from – eCommerce has gained a massive share in the online marketplace.

Small businesses especially find the need to promote their brand and products the most. With the advancement in technology, marketing apps have become the supporting station of almost every business. Utilizing some useful marketing apps can help you strategize your marketing campaigns in a more fruitful way.

According to Nasdaq, It is presumed that 95% of all shopping will be done through eCommerce platforms by 2040.

There are numerous platforms and marketing apps available where businesses can catch more audiences and consequently sell better. From social media platforms to paid marketing campaigns, the methods are proven to be most effective in terms of generating more traffic. In this blog, we are discussing the best marketing apps for small eCommerce businesses.

How does Marketing affect eCommerce?

When a brand emerges online, it is oblivion to the people of its existence. The only way for the brand to let people know of its presence is through social media.

Your eCommerce business will not grow until and unless the people recognize it. It is required for your business that the people know of what you have to offer. People are more likely to visit a website when it is recommended to them online in the way of marketing.

While reading a blog, scrolling through social media, or simply watching a video, if you advertise your product, then people tend to remember and explore it more rather than searching the URL by themselves.

6 Marketing apps that can boost the growth of Small Businesses

Keeping up with fresh and the most unique strategies have become very important. Utilizing marketing apps is among such effective planning.

Below we have created a list of 6 useful marketing apps that can improve your small business marketing strategies.

1. Hootsuite


When the word ‘marketing’ pops into your head, you think about all the social media platforms where you can fill the feeds of the users with your small business promotion posts. But at the same time, you’ve got a whole business to handle, and it can become difficult to make time to manage to post on all such social media platforms.

Among all the marketing apps , Hootsuite is one amazing helping hand that eliminates you from putting your time into working on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms separately.

Its interface provides you with a dashboard to handle all your social accounts in one place. When you post your content, offers, or product promotions, they are all integrally posted to all of the platforms through Hootsuite. This marketing app saves you time and hassle into marketing at different platforms.

2. Scoop.it


If you have some great content in the form of blogs, or even in the form of YouTube videos, and if you are hustling to get more traffic onto it then Scoop.it can become your best companion in achieving this goal.

When you sign-up to Scoop., it allows your small business to promote and publicize your content in a better way so that it reaches a large audience. This marketing app is proven to be the best in promoting and curating your content as they have more than 2.5 million professional marketers that can help you improve your content with improved SEO and attractive editing skills.

Scoop.it helps you generate more and more traffic on your website apparently leading to more prospective customers. The marketing app claims its DA to be about 87% and PA to be 83%.

3. Omnisend

If you have an eCommerce store, then you’ll need a great email & SMS marketing solution. That’s where Omnisend comes in since it’s an email & SMS marketing automation platform made for online stores. It allows you to easily create popups so you can collect emails and phone numbers, a beautiful email builder so you can send on-brand emails quickly, powerful automation to earn while you sleep, and great segmentation so that you can target more customers, in a much better way.

The reporting provides deep insights into how your customers behave, and their award-winning 24/7 customer support is always available to answer your questions.

4. Canva


Canva is an amazing photo-editing and post-making application that allows your small business to refine your product images, promotion feed posters to make them look more professional and unique.

Your product images and visual designs are required to look professional and clean to catch the eyes of the customers.

  • As per Meero: 78% of people who purchase over eCommerce want photographs to bring products to life.
  • 90% of eCommerce customers confirmed that Photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.

With various filters, fonts, and backgrounds available in the Canva, you can create captivating designs to post on your website and on social media platforms.

5. Mention


Once you post your content over the social media platforms, have you ever stayed anxious about finding out how they perform? Knowing the response is more important than blindly posting promotions every day.

It is necessary to find out what people have said about your posts. Like posting, checking every social media platform for comments and likes could be tedious.

Mention is the social media and web monitoring tool that lets you see real-time alerts for your small business keyword. You can keep an eye on millions of sources in real-time in 42 different languages.

6. GetResponse


If you have email marketing in your small business plan, then definitely you will be willing to find out how your email promotions did too. The ‘autoresponder’ option allows you to automatically send your mails to the subscribers. You can create your mailing list and send the newsletter to those subscribers.

With working will all of it, GetRespoinse shows you the daily statistics on a dashboard to see how your listing has grown as it keeps the check on previous as well as the newest emails.

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7. Evernote


Evernote is another app that gives you an integrated solution to all the tracking. The app is like an excellent digital scrapbook keeping the track of your business research, important articles, and social media posts.

The dashboard shows the statistical data, giving you an idea of what to improve and how well you are working.

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Marketing is a non-negotiable part of every business. Small business struggles in growing due to less effective marketing strategies.

Where marketing can become a confusing and time-consuming task, using some great marketing apps can improve the marketing campaign of your small business in unimaginable ways.

The few marketing apps listed above can improvise your working methods and help you save a lot of time and effort.

Marketing apps make managing your marketing activities easier by integrating your tasks in one place with better working and improved results, ultimately strengthening your small business. We highly recommended reading this article How Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business. If you wish to learn more about eCommerce, product photography, photo editing, and how to grow online, subscribe to the PixelPhant email newsletter below.

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