Mailchimp For Email Marketing: Beginners Guide to 10X Sales

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Mailchimp For Email Marketing: Beginners Guide to 10X Sales

Let’s make one thing clear. Email marketing is not dead and doesn’t seem to go anywhere any soon. Moreover, with the reports rolling in from DMA, it is clear that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return is about $42. Moreover, in our recent article, we have discovered top eCommerce email marketing best practices and how it has become a top sales channel.

When we are talking about growing an eCommerce business, we can’t overlook using Mailchimp for email marketing.

Mailchimp is among the best email marketing tools, and in this article, we are going to share how to use Mailchimp for email marketing to grow your eCommerce.

Moreover, in the end, we are also going to share another very important tool that can help you to get more sales on your eCommerce.

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing to Grow your eCommerce?

Using Mailchimp for email marketing is a commendable step, but it needed to be used very carefully. Spamming the customer inbox will take you nowhere other than the Spam Box. So to start your email marketing with Mailchimp, have some clear and defined campaigns.

These campaigns can be to:

  • Increase your traffic
  • Cart recovery
  • Promotion
  • Building brand value
  • Engaging your customer

Or any of your own goals that you would like to achieve. 

Now, instead of mixing all the goals up, create a distinguished campaign for each one of them. Have one singular goal from each mail that you send and let it stick through the overall mail including the subject, body, buttons, images, and everything that you add. With this very important point in mind, let us see how to use Mailchimp for Email Marketing.

Sign Up

mailchimp for Email Marketing

Go to “ ” and click on the Sign up for free. From here you will be asked to fill in the details and confirm your email. All this might take a few minutes, but all this is worth it.
From here, you will be taken to choose your plan. If you are just starting out you can start with a free plan, and if you are aware of that email marketing, choose the plan as per the size and requirement of your business.
After the sign-up and email verification, you will be taken to your own dashboard where all the magic will happen

Creating a Campaign in Mailchimp

Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Using Mailchimp for email marketing The first thing on your dashboard would be a button “Create A Campaign”. 
You can create multiple campaigns, sort audiences as per the campaign, and vary your email marketing as per each campaign that you are looking forward to.
Click on it > Name your Campaign > Create your Mail.

Creating email using Mailchimp

Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Creating the right email is surely one of the most tricky tasks here. It will be much easier only and only if you know what is the goal of your campaign.
If it’s about selling, sell it authentically. Now if it’s about just engaging, then cut down your selling to as low as possible. Focus on a singular goal in a mail and the returns will be higher as you expected.
Using Mailchimp for email marketing is super easy. Starting from the top


Using Mailchimp for email marketing

It is where you would add your customer list. Click on Add Recipient > Import Contacts. Here, you can either upload a .csv file directly or copy-paste the email list from your spreadsheet.


Mailchimp for Email Marketing

In the From section, you will have to enter your name or the name of your business through which your customer would easily be able to recognize you.


Finally, the Subject would be the line that will inform the reader about the mail-in short. Keep it interesting and clickable. Subject lines are the first impressions of your mail and they do matter in email marketing.


Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Finally, the Content will be the place where you will curtain your emails. This is a simple drag-drop interface, where you can kick off by choosing the email marketing templates on the left-sidebar.

Best Ways to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing to Promote your Brand

While we have broken down the How to use Mailchimp for Email Marketing, the advantages and use of this email marketing tool don’t end here. Here are some of the best ways to use Mailchimp to promote your brand, and grow your eCommerce.

Automate the recurring

The main purpose to invest or use any tool is to make the work easy and effortless.

With Mailchimp, you can automate some of the most recurring tasks on your email marketing task-list and turn your attention to a more important part of your eCommerce.

You may also note that automation doesn’t mean removing personalization.

You can set trigger action on your store, through which an email can be sent as per your scheduling.

This task or trigger could be used to grow customer retention by adding automated product follow-up emails, or cart abandoned emails with personalized suggestions.

Grow your Audience

Wider and Diverse Audience

Finding and growing your audience is one of the most stressing out tasks, which you can easily lend over to Mailchimp for email marketing Ads. The Lookalike Audience Finder and Ad Builder feature can help you run targeted people on Facebook and Instagram.

Moreover, the landing page builder and form pop-up are two other very innovative tools through which you can enhance the customer experience and collect the email respectively.

Understanding your Audience

eCommerce delivery strategy

While many email marketing tools are prone to provide you with an in-depth audience, no one matches the bar of Mailchimp. In the following tool, you can create lists and categorize them into different segments and groups.

With all the segmentation you can have a much deeper understanding of your audiences such as likes, dislikes, qualities, and characteristics of any segment of your audience.

A/B testing

Lastly, the Mailchimp email marketing tool allows you to run A/b before sending your emails to the masses.

The slightest of change can help you gain more and more sales. So testing out different subject lines, buttons and content can be really easy.

Find out which works best for you and carry forward your marketing efforts with it.

Bonus read

The above article has given you a complete guide to using Mailchimp for email marketing. But more one that, here are some of the few tips that you must remember while using Mailchimp for email marketing.

  • Do not send a common email to promote your brand, rather personalize it.
  • Keep your audience engaged with the mails
  • Do not send more than one mail-in 3-days. This would save you from being spammy.
  • Always run A/B tests before determining final mailing content.
  • Have automation for the welcome, product guide, and cart abandonment.
  • Use high-quality copy and product images.

If you have learned anything new about Mailchimp for email marketing, do share it in the comment. Moreover, as promised another great tool that you can use to grow your eCommerce is PixelPhant.

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