Starting Influencer Marketing For Fashion Ecommerce In 2023

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Starting Influencer Marketing For Fashion Ecommerce In 2023

Influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce is the new sales team. 

Breaking the 9-5 cycle, they dedicate a good part of their life, to growing their network, connecting with them, and working with brands to sell their products.

In this guide, I am sharing with you – How To Get Started With Influencer Marketing for Fashion Ecommerce and Nail it.

PixelPhant has already shared guides on the tools for influencer marketing and a guide on how influencer marketing improves eCommerce business.

The goal of this article is to give you a clear, step-by-step guide to starting and scaling influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce. With that in mind, let us get started.

Types of influencers and best fit for fashion eCommerce

Choosing the right influencers for marketing your fashion eCommerce is like choosing an advocate. To make your case and present your brand, you have to make sure they align with your brand image.

Broadly, there are five types of influencers based on the size of their audience. 

Mega Influencers

Types of influencers for fashion eCommerce - Mega Influencers

In-short celebrity standards. These are the influencers with over millions of followers who are already huge brands in themselves. The audience follows their content and spends a lot of time interacting with their profile.

Due to this, collaboration with them may not be affordable for brands with a lower eCommerce influencer marketing budget. 

For reference, the cost per post can vary anywhere between $10,000 – $25,000+ depending on the engagement, industry, influencer, and more.

Macro Influencers

Types of influencers and best fit for fashion eCommerce - Macro Influencers

These are the influencers with followers anywhere around 500K to 1M followers. They are very popular in their industry and may be leading the industry as well.

Again, if your focus is on enhancing the reach, more than brand engagement, they’ll be a great fit. They generally ensure high-quality content and generally have good experience in working with brands.

Compared to Mega influencer the cost per post is low (between $5,000 to $25,000) but still not affordable with a smaller eCommerce influencer marketing budget.

Mid-tier Influencers

Types of influencers and best fit for fashion eCommerce - Mid-tier Influencers

Mid-tier influencers offer a sweet spot between reach and engagement. They have a follower count of around 50K to 500K and are very active in keeping their audience engaged.

Their content quality is good, but not as polished as you might get from macro-influencers.

Usually, their cost per post is around $500 to $12,500, which compared to macro and mega influencers is really affordable.


Types of influencers and best fit for fashion eCommerce - Micro-Influencers

These are the brand’s favorite influencers. While they have a lower a follower count, they have a very high engagement. It is also seen that 82% of their followers are more likely to buy a product when recommended by a micro-influencer.

This trust and positive relation make micro-influencers good if your goals are sales, reach, and brand engagement. Making them one of the best fits for eCommerce influencer marketing for eCommerce.

Their follower count is anywhere between 10k to 50k followers, and the cost per post is around $100 to $1,250.

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers are the people that have the smallest group of followers, extending their friends and family. Working with this type of influencer can be easy for brands that are just getting started, but it will require intensive research.

Their reach is less, but it is often seen that their engagement rate is the highest.

Their follower count is anywhere between 1k to 10k followers, and the cost per post is really low ($5-$250) to non. They might not charge the brand to build a partnership with the brand.

How to choose influencers for your fashion eCommerce?

Influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce is more than just about looking at numbers and picking the influencer. It is also about finding the influencer that aligns with your brand.

Here are some tips on how to choose the influencer for your fashion eCommerce:

  • Pre-determine Influencers: Before getting started, pen down every detail about the influencer you are looking for. Once you start looking, you will find a lot of good accounts, but knowing what you are looking for will you help you find a good fit.
  • Set a budget & goal: In the types of influencers, we learned that reach, and engagement sales are determined by the number of followers and the content they put out.
  • Do thorough content research: Look at the kind of content that the influencer puts out and the reaction of the audience. Public image will also play a huge role here. So before contacting, it is essential you learn about the influencer first.
  • Aligns With Brand Message: The best influencers are the one that already aligns with what your brand is selling. For example, if you are a fashion brand selling yoga wear, Yoga influencers will definitely be the best fit.

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing for fashion eCommerce

Influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce is more than just finding influencers and asking them to post about your brand. A lot goes behind the scenes, and we will learn all that right here.

Understand your audience

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing for fashion eCommerce -  Understand your audience

Like every marketing strategy, eCommerce influencer marketing also starts with the audience. In eCommerce influencer marketing, you must 

  • What demographic of the audience are you exactly looking for?
    • Gender, Location, Age Group, etc.
  • What are their interests? (other than just your product’s niche?)
    • Fitness, tracking, cafes, traveling, etc.
  • What are the current trends they are involved in?
    • Marathon, Black Friday sales, short video, etc.
  • What are the social channels you are seeing the most result from?
    • Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc.
  • What kind of content aligns with your brand image?
    • Indoor activities, outdoor activities, fun-loving, fashion diva, etc.
  • What form of content will help you gain the most reach?
    • A short video, long video, article, images, stories, etc.

These are some of the many questions that you must know and pen down. It will help you know your audience better and who are they engaging with.

Set up budget & goal

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing for fashion eCommerce -  Set up budget & goal

Having a clear goal will help you choose your influencer better in the upcoming step. Whatever your goal is – reach, traffic, engagement, sales, etc – start with one goal at a time and work accordingly.

This will help you find an influencer with respective engagement and hence deliver better results out of the campaign.

Once the goal is set, it’ll be best to finalize the budget for the campaign.

Now that we have a clear goal and a budget, you would have a clear idea of what group of influencers are you targeting.

Setup Marketing Campaign

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing for fashion eCommerce -  Setup Marketing Campaign

The last step before finding an influencer would be to create a campaign for influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce.

At this stage, you’ll answer how the influencer will be promoting your products. The best way approach is to simply create an outline of what you are looking for and let the influencer fill in the details with creativity.

This will allow them to create a more natural and customer-friendly brand integration rather than following one set.

You can create a hashtag that they can promote, slogans, or even a jingle. For the rest, influencers prefer to come up with their own creative work. And that is also good for the brand so win-win.

Finding Influencers

Developing Strategy for Influencer Marketing for fashion eCommerce -  Finding Influencers

From the first step, we know who our target audience and from the second step, what type of influencers are we looking for. So, let’s start with this information.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media, and it’s likely that you will easily find most of your influencers active there.

Now, in order to find some of the top influencers for your eCommerce influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce, you can use the Instagram in following ways.

Search for your industry hashtag > Go to its top posts and you’ll find top posts in the industry right here.

It is one method.

Second, go to a popular account in your industry, open their profile and Instagram will show some suggestions. These are similar accounts that you can use to find more influencers.

Remember that this will show you influencers from across the globe.

If you are looking for a particular geography, search for that place instead of the hashtag. Go through the location and check for accounts that align with your marketing.

Create a sheet of influencers that you believe will be a good fit and contact them.

Bonus Read

The final step after influencer marketing for fashion eCommerce would be to track the results. One of the best ways to approach this is by creating a link. You can even create special offers for followers of influencers with coupon marketing.

Influencers can share this coupon with their followers, which they can use to buy from your eCommerce.

And with that, it is a wrap!

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