8 Best Ways Increase Your Returning Customers

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8 Best Ways Increase Your Returning Customers

This is no more a secret that eCommerce is sustainable only if it has a good percentage of returning customers. And this is applicable for almost every eCommerce out there.

A returning customer of an eCommerce is easy to convert, as well as normally has comparatively a higher cart value than a new customer. Moreover, if you are able to ensure a good customer experience, returning customers is also a source of your word-of-mouth marketing.

Overall saying, the goal is not just to ensure a flow of new customers but is to experience the flood of returning customers. In addition, did you know for an eCommerce 80% of your future profit will come from existing customers only?

It is because the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent. On the other hand, the percentage of you able to sell to a new customer is just 20 to 30 percent.

And now with these stats in our mind, let us discuss the 8 Best Ways To Increase your Returning Customers.

Make sure you go through each point very thoroughly and bookmark this article for future references.

8 Best Ways To Increase your Returning Customers

1. Enhance Your Customer Experience

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The best way to increase your returning customers on your site is through actually improving their experience in the first place. No offer or no incentive would be good enough if your site is slow, or if you are using low-quality product images or have an unstructured eCommerce to navigate.

So make sure you checkmark your site to provide the best customer experience ever. Use a good hosting platform, categorize all your products wisely, and use high-quality product images.

You can even outsource your product images to the best product image editing service, to get the most out of your post-production at the best price possible. Starting from just $0.80 per image.

2. Introduce Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs are the way you reward your loyal customers by giving them exclusive discounts. You can start a loyal program either for the people who have crossed a certain threshold of their lifetime value, or you can introduce loyalty programs like Amazon Prime.

In this scenario, you can ask your customer for a little fee to access premium features from your eCommerce. This could be a year of free shipping, a loyalty discount on every product for a year, early access to sales, or anything that fits your eCommerce experience perfectly.

Loyalty customers often tend to make much more purchases and choose your eCommerce over your competitors every single time. Hence being dedicated to returning customers, which every eCommerce owner wishes for.

3. Reach Out Through Email Marketing

Powerful Email Marketing Tools

Email still is among the most powerful tools that are being used across the industry to increase sales. But the importance of email really shines out when an eCommerce uses to it increase the retention rate.

It is because of the ability to personalize every email for every single customer. In our previous blogs, we have shared some great ways to use email to upsell your products and improve your sales.

4. Offer Subscription Model

eCommerce Subscription Business Model

The next best way to increase your returning customers is through offering subscriptions. The subscription model is among the most powerful model of business that allows your customer to make a purchase from you after a set interval.

The best thing about these eCommerce models is their ability to stay in touch with your customer and improve their customer experience over the time period of subscription. Moreover, as the subscription progresses, it becomes habitual hence increasing your returning customer exponentially.

5. Be Active With Social Media

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Social media has become a part of our daily life. And we, humans tend to trust brands who are always in touch with us. Be it either through the mail that we discussed before or through social media.

Being active, engaging with people, and sharing the news with your followers has often resulted in an increase in your returning customers. So, don’t hold back and start working on your social platforms.

Choose the one where your customer spends most of their time and prioritize your customer retention marketing likewise.

6. Be The Peoples Brand

Create a Brand Story

This is step 2 after you have become a familiar name among your customers on social media. But more than that, it is a step toward making your brand more approachable.

Here you make your brand stand out by sharing some portion of your sales to help communities, nature, or animals. This motivates your customer to make a purchase from you, as it creates a win-win situation for you, your customer, and the community that you are committed to helping.

In addition, sending a note to your customers that you have fulfilled your promise to give back to the community and sharing some images of the day would further be a great way to increase your returning customers.

7. Schedule Your launches

The whole world knows that, if you have to buy the latest iPhone, wait for September. Why? Because Apple has always launched their phones in September. This scheduled launch makes people look forward to the event.

Even if some is looking to buy a new phone, he or she will wait for a month or two as everyone is aware that Apple will be launching their new phone in September. Similarly, if you are in an industry where you launch a product after every interval, make sure you have scheduled it already.

Also aware people about when the next launch will happen. Scheduling a launch is not so outspoken but an effective way to increase your returning customer and build loyalty among your customers.

8. Engage With The Complains

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Last but not the least, engage with your customers even after the sales have happened. This can be through email as we have already discussed or through resolving any issue that they are facing.

Customers who are facing an issue are way more likely to choose your competitors next time. Hence it is very important that you engage with their complaints respectfully and resolve their problems as soon as possible. The better your after-sales service is the higher will it increase your returning customers

Wrapping Up

And with this, we conclude this amazing article to increase your returning customers in 8 easy ways. Share this article with your teammates and add it to your agenda of the week. Ensure that your eCommerce is working on your returning customer and it will be the best fit. Do check out our recent article about Common eCommerce Mistakes You Must Avoid.

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