How to Present Footwear on Your Online Fashion Store?

Sep 06, 2019 - Chetan Menaria

How to Present Footwear on Your Online Fashion Store?

The presentation is the key to sell anything whether it"s a local shopping store or an online fashion store. Presentation is the very first factor that makes up the mind of the customer about the product.

Now, the biggest advantage physical stores have over the e-commerce store is that they can present the product physically whereas online store can only present the images. Due to this, a lot of effort is needed to be applied to the images. Every online store, small or big spends too much time and effort for an enhanced output of their product images.

In E-commerce stores, the variety of product is increasing day by day. Clothing and Apparels are very old contenders in this game. And yes we are going to discuss how to present your footwear products online.

You must be thinking that what"s the big deal with footwear is? They are a small segment of the industry so why someone has put that much effort in just telling how to represent them online.

Well, unlike other products, footwear is generally a medium-range product which is still majorly brought through local stores. The main reason behind this is that unlike mobile or laptops about which a buyer thinks a lot before purchasing, footwear sales are dependent on fashion, trends and daily requirements of a person.

Giving users a better experience of shopping for footwear online, it is important to present them in an effective way. For the very beginning, get your data straight

Here are 7 ways you need to look at before uploading the footwear online.

1. Deciding a theme

Deciding a theme for footwear photography

Deciding a theme is one of the prerequisites of presenting any product online. The theme will play as a decisive factor for all the other elements. Depending on the type of footwear, the theme must be chosen.

For example, if you want to present solid footwear that is tough and durable enough, you can select a theme accordingly or if you have shoes that might not handle much wear and tear then, choose a theme which is apt for the product.

2. Choosing the location or backdrop accordingly

Choosing the location for shoe photography

Now that you have decided the theme as per your products, it"s now time to select a backdrop or location in case of an outdoor or indoor shoot, as the case may be. If you are having an outdoor shoot, you can choose rocks or mountains as the backdrop to present the toughness. For delicate and less tough shoes, you can choose grass or plain white backdrop.

3. Stuffing the shoes

Stuffing footwear for product photography

A lot of footwear has the tendency to flatten when lie unused. To hide the unflattering and flattened look of the footwear, it is advisable to stuff them with unused clothes or any such item to fill them up and therefore creating a better look. Stuffed shoes will not only look presentable, but their actual shape will also be revealed.

4. Get high-quality images from multiple angles

Footwear shoe photography different angles

With 360-degree image editing, you can get multiple product shots from different angles. It is helpful to display a single image from all the sides. It is favorable for both sellers and buyers. Sellers get a chance to flaunt their product in the best possible way and buyers have an opportunity to have a fair view of the product from all angles.

Also, the quality of images can make a big difference. And since a lot of styles and variety is available in the market, presenting your product to its maximum extent to grab the attention is very important.

5. The product description is also important

Importance of description for a product

Apart from the images, there are few other factors that one need to consider while uploading the product to the online store. Obviously, the beginning factor is a clear and concise description of the product in terms of price, specifications, description, etc which provide the potential buyer with all necessary details he/she needs to know about the product before making the decision of buying it or not.

So the relevant information is another high priority aspect to boost your sales figures. Also, do not forget to mention the warranty, replacement policies and terms and conditions related to it.

6. Present multiple color options

Present multiple color option for a product

Because everyone loves to have multiple options for the product they have selected. If your product comes in a different color, merge all the colors in one product page only. This will save you a lot of time and user from confusion. However, it"s easy to compare which color will suit the buyer.

7. Image editing and final presentation

Final presentation of a footwear product

As I have mentioned before, images are the only way to present the product over the online store. Pictures taken from a normal camera or low in quality might have a negative impact on the buyer"s mind. Moreover, noisy background and improper color will reduce the elegance of the product even in a high-quality image.

So, make sure that the images you are uploading are in perfect ambiance with minimum or clear background, proper color enhancement and high resolution to make a great impact on buyers.

In case you don't have a graphic design team by your side, you can always hire one or let PixelPhant take care of it for you. PixelPhant will help you with all kinds of image editing and enhancement services at reasonable prices, offering you maximum satisfaction.

Now that you have got a pretty good idea about how to present your footwear online, what's stopping you?

Go ahead and start listing your products.

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