How to improve sales of your online store?

Mar 01, 2019 - Chetan Menaria

How to improve sales of your online store?

We are living in a world where technology has become an inseparable entity from our lives. The rapid enhancement of Internet services has brought significant changes to business and personal prospects. It's not an undeniable fact that internet has changed the shopping behaviour of people and this fact can be justified by the presence of numerous E-Commerce stores emerging on daily basis. it is not possible to buy almost everything so internet with great ease and just a few tips for keystrokes over your handheld devices or laptops. People are shifting to word e-commerce due to huge discounts, instant deliveries and availability of wide variety of products over a single platform making it easier to shop and compare at the same time.

Even though the technology has enhanced by many folds making it easier for even and non technical person to launch his/her online store in just few minutes, making sales over these marketplaces has always remained an issue. Just because you have deployed your store over internet, it doesn't mean that your product will sell instantly. There are a lot of factor one must conclude before starting an eCommerce store and start the sales funnel. let's have a look at some of these factors which can help you boost your sales figure and encourage more customer interaction to your online eCommerce store.

Price comparison

Whatever you are selling on your own store, you need to analyse the price factor carefully in terms of profit margin, transportation cost and taxation. If you are selling a particular product at higher prices in comparison to other online marketplaces or your delivery charges are adding up the cost of product significantly, you will definitely lose your sales. Instead of flooding your eCommerce store with endless products, include the ones that no one else is offering in your given price factor. You can also reduce the cost by dealing with the producer agency directly and cutting of the middleman margin which safeguards your profit.


Consider that the people visiting your website are too lazy and they don't want to invest too much time in looking for the product of their need. That is why you need to create a user interface that displays product category and products in a seamless manner and provide options for comparison and checking out relevant products with great ease. This encourages the shopping behaviour of a consumer and enhances the chances of sales.

Make yourself available

Even though you have launched a perfect eCommerce store, you won't be able to conduct any sales if consumers are not aware about your availability. You need to promote your channel through various digital marketing approaches like search engine optimization and social media marketing to enhance customer interaction on daily basis and let them know about the products and services you are offering.

These are some simple factors for marketing and distribution purpose which will help you achieve your sales figure in no time. Apart from that, you need to optimise a few things on your online store.

Here are some tips on improving product sales online:

1. Product photography

It is just another name for commercial photography in which the product which is to be sold is captures in a very attractive state for attracting people. Software such as Photoshop are put into use to edit pictures and make them more appealing to the customers. Product photography is important in world today because of the increasing number of e-commerce websites. This is because, if people are willing to shop online, they want to have a detailed and perfect view of the product in picture. Before buying the product online, they will definitely wish to see the detailed picture. If the product is not captured in a perfect manner, then it will gradually fail to attract its customers and indirectly result in fewer customers. Make sure you depict the right story about the product in your photograph.
If you don't want to hire a professional photographer to capture the images of your products, you can always switch to professional photo editing services available online that will create the inspiring impact over your product photos at a very little cost and time.

Advantages of product photography

  • It helps to increase the brand value by attracting more and more traffic on its ecommerce site and as well as more people are attracted towards it even at offline level of marketing.
  • Product photography also helps to build trust of the customers by enabling them to see the true picture of the product which they are selling.
  • It indirectly helps to strengthen the brand’s popularity and social mobility among people.

2. Honesty is the best policy

These days we come across so many websites which promise good quality of products, easy return and refund policies and what not. It is only after a customer has ordered something and then came face to reality for their hyped descriptions and promises. Revealing the necessary truth can be a little difficult task but it will gradually create an excellent customer base for you.

3. More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions

If you are finding ways to efficiently increase your product sales online, then you must add more Ad clicks along with Ad extensions to generate more traffic. Advertising is always a must option, be it online sales or offline sales. For example, if a person is searching for sports shoes, if you have links such as “shoes for males” and “shoes for females”. This will make a person click both the links and surf more, indirectly helping you increase your sales.

4. Showing off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals is always the best option

In today’s date, it has become an unsaid tradition of showcasing the feedbacks and appreciations from the customers on company’s official site. Doing this will make a huge impact on one’s online products sales. When a customer is surfing the online portal for their choice of products, they would become more confident in purchasing the same if they get to read some honest and happy feedbacks from the website’s previous and present clients. To start with this, a person can add an extra page to their site online where at a single click a person will be able to read the customer’s testimonials, trust signals and everything else.

5. A sense of urgency should be created

As we mentioned earlier, “honesty is the best policy” but at the same time there is no injustice if we manage to create a sense of urgency for the availability of a certain product online. Doing this, the customer will be triggered immediately to make a purchase of that same product. This technique is adopted by many leading e-commerce portals in the world. The sales which we witness for limited time periods on sites like,, and many more are the basic tactics to increase the product’s sales online. These famous online e-commerce sites often create shopping activities like, year-end sale, Republic day sale, Independence Day sale and many others. These websites earn a huge amount of profits from such activities.

6. Offering fewer choices is a wise decision to directly increase online product’s sale

In most of the cases, it is thought to be very much beneficial if offering more and more varieties of products. On the same hand, sometimes doing this can also leads to the failure of making a right choice on right time. Looking at so many wide ranges of choices, a person in most cases is stuck between making choices and this somewhere results in less number of product sales online.

7. Know your target audiences and then making schemes and plans according to their needs

It is extremely important for knowing and understanding your target audiences very well. If we ensure the full understanding of their needs and demands, the product sales online can definitely increase. Online shopping portals can also make use of the existing data of customer base through Facebook and various other social media platforms.

8. Provide as Many Payment Options as Possible to making shopping easier

Providing as many payment options to the customers on one’s online shopping portal is always a smart choice and this will increase more and more customer and sales. This is so because, if different payment options are available, then the customer will not have to make extra efforts for buying the selected product and will be able to buy that with full convenience.

9. Maintain the quality of product images throughout your website

As discussed earlier in this post, product photography is highly important for any sales to reach new heights and profits. The better is the quality of product images, the more will it attract people and ensure them the product’s quality in return. Hence, one must focus on getting high quality product images to improve online product sales.

10. Plan excellent customer policies

If you are planning to increase your online product’s sales, then your one of the main motive should be, building good customer relations and policies. It is a proven fact that if the return, quality, payment and refund policies of any shopping portals are easy and customer friendly, then it will surely bound its customers to itself only.

11. Free give always are always welcomed and loved by the customers

Who doesn’t like free gifts? It is a cross-verified fact, that customers love to welcomes free gifts and this indirectly helps to increase the brand value in the customer’s eyes. For example, if it is a clothing website, you can put up offers like buy 2 get 1 free or others of the same kind.

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