Explaining Headless eCommerce from top to the end

May 3, 2021 in eCommerce

Explaining Headless eCommerce from top to the end

Are you aware of the eCommerce trends? The real ones, which are shaping the future?

If yes, you might have heard of Headless eCommerce.

A new way of improving your customer experience and ensuring fluidity in running your eCommerce optimally.

Don’t worry. If you have no idea about what headless commerce is and how you can use it. This article is for everyone as we are going to discuss:

  • What is Headless eCommerce?
  • Benefits of Using Headless commerce
  • Difference between Headless eCommerce and Traditional eCommerce
  • Cons of Headless commerce

And lastly, a must-read.

A lot to cover, so let begin with this amazing article right away.

What is Headless eCommerce?

Technically, Headless eCommerce is a separation between the front-end of your eCommerce and the back-end of your eCommerce.

The front end of your eCommerce is the one with which the user interacts with. It includes the way your eCommerce looks, interacts, and engages with your customer.

The back-end of your eCommerce is the place where all the processing and storage of data take place. Accepting payment, storing data, and running your site optimally is ensured by the back-end.

In the case of Traditional eCommerce, the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce work altogether. This means if you make any change in one place (back-end or front-end) it might affect other parts of your eCommerce too.

To avoid this, Headless eCommerce provides separation with the help API. This way you can easily update any of your features, improve your customer experience and grow your sales.

Benefits of Using Headless Commerce

Omnichannel eCommerce

Omnichannel eCommerce strategy

The first and the most notable benefit of Headless eCommerce its ability to sync with all the device size, shape and type very easily.

Day by day, we as a customer are connecting to the internet through different ways in our life. First, it was just our PCs, then phones, now even our watches and refrigerators allow us to browse the internet.

Headless commerce will allow you to reach your customer through any medium available today or is about to come in future.

Enhances Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Ask Jeff Besos and he will tell you the importance of customer experience in an online store. You literally have to make sure that every part of your eCommerce is optimized as preferred by the customer.

And as the restrictions drop with headless commerce, you are capable of optimizing your front in a much easier way.

To put it in a perspective, in traditional eCommerce updating your eCommerce and ensuring no loss of experience might take up to a week. With the benefits of headless eCommerce, you can do it in a day.

Better A/B Testing

a/b testing

The more you test your site the much more your eCommerce evolves. And among the other benefits of headless eCommerce, the ability to run tests stands out the most.

As discussed above, you can easily make changes in your eCommerce. And when you do so, you can instantly check out the response and choose which one fits better.

Better Marketing

Facebook Remarketing

With the ability to enhance your customer experience in such a simpler way, your marketing team can push on to gaining new customers very easily. Not only are they are able to track the customer much more easily, but get a better understanding through the tests.

Easier Integration


Last but not least in the benefits of headless commerce, it allows a much easier integration due to the API in between. You can integrate various APIs today and in the future in a much simpler way.

This feature also gives you an endless possibility of scaling the way your eCommerce work by integrating any feature in your eCommerce that you may wish to add.

Difference between Headless eCommerce and Traditional eCommerce

In order to draw the line of difference between traditional eCommerce and headless eCommerce, here is a simple table for you.

Traditional eCommerce Headless eCommerce
The structure makes it difficult and time-consuming to update or change any existing part of your eCommerce.  It has a much simpler and editable structure to support updates. Hence less time is consumed hence higher efficiency.
Business on traditional eCommerce can only advantage and work with limited technology. Headless commerce gives you an opportunity to integrate with any technology that is in the market or will be available in the future.
The overall structure has security flaws, meaning a singular breach can take down the whole eCommerce. The security is impermeable as the back-end and the front-end are connected through an API and nothing else.
Personalization for your customer is possible but takes time and access resources to make it work effectively. Among the benefits of Headless eCommerce, you can easily focus on providing personalization to your customer
Higher skills and efforts are required to add any third-party app. Integrating any app or feature is super easy, giving you higher flexibility for the future.

Cons of Headless Commerce

Nothing is flawless, and it sadly includes Headless eCommerce. Here are some of the cons of headless commerce which you must learn about before setting up your eCommerce.

Dependency On Your IT Guy

Unlike today’s eCommerce, headless eCommerce isn’t able to integrate front-end and back-end together. Hence it is hard to see what the end-user will see on screen before uploading your content.

Moreover, you may always need to ensure that your content goes through IT to ensure that it’s upload-ready and is looking good before it is uploaded on your eCommerce.

The Cost

Selling On ASOS

Unlike traditional eCommerce, headless commerce demands a separate front-end. And while it is great, you also have to start from scratch. Your IT department will have to ensure that everything is in place and working as per the requirement and suggestion of the marketing team.

As said, dependency on IT will increase the ongoing cost as you will always have to go through them for any change or update in your eCommerce.

Must Read

And now that you are aware of the benefit of Headless eCommerce, as well as the cons what is your take on it? As per our views, it is great and is surely the next big update in the world of eCommerce.

That being said, we would also add it is not a necessity. If you are just starting out traditional eCommerce will serve as a better option from the point of flexibility and cost-cutting.

But if you are already a part of a successful eCommerce which can lead ways by stepping as among the first eCommerce you won’t be regrating.

Share your views in the comment as your helpful insight can help people make the right decision. See you in the comments.

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