How to Handle eCommerce Customer Complaints the Right Way

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How to Handle eCommerce Customer Complaints the Right Way

Let us be honest here, eCommerce Customer complaints aren’t the most aspiring event to look forward to. But as we know “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same.” 

In the following article, we are sharing some of the best ways to handle eCommerce complaints in the right way.

Learning about this as soon as possible is like preparing yourself for the worst days. The much prepared you are, the less likely a typical bad is going to be.

And here’s a special secret note for you. If you are able to handle eCommerce customer complaints in the right way, you can build trust, increase returning customers and grow your conversion rate.

Sounds fair? Then let us start with the right way.

The Right Way To Handle eCommerce Customer Complaints

Don’t blame the Customer

eCommerce Customer Complaints

Mark it as the golden rule, that your customer is never wrong.

Even though the issue that customer complaints raised might not be your fault, blame-gaming would just degrade the customer experience as well as the brand reputation.

Hence, make it a note that you never blame the customer for any issue and make an effort to resolve it like it’s your own.

Be Helpful and Polite

eCommerce Customer Complaints

Call it an extension of the point above, but it is a must-follow rule. Being polite showcases that the issue can be resolved.

No matter how much the customer bashes out, being polite is the only way for you to get past it.

Also, make sure that every action you do during the conversation is to make sure that the customer issue is resolved as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you have no idea about the issue, it would be better to hand over the call to any senior associates rather than giving any incorrect information.

Deliver your promises on time

eCommerce delivery strategy

In the eCommerce customer Complaints, There are times when you need to put the customer on hold or need additional time to resolve an issue. At this point, keeping the customer uninformed about the time it might take to resolve the issue just frustrates the customer more.

Hence, in order to ensure that you are providing a satisfying experience to the customer, do inform your customer about the time it is going to take in first hand. Also, be very punctual with the time you are sharing with the customers.

If it’s taking longer than expected, then do share the reason or delay, but never leave the customer to dry.

Update the Customer Information for future reference

eCommerce Customer Complaints

The eCommerce customer complaints must be noted down briefly for future references. The reason is fairly simple that the issue can come up again or the piling up of different issues can cause major discomfort to the customer.

Here, if you are aware of the previous issues, it becomes easy to have a clear idea about what is going on. It also streamlines the entire customer satisfaction, even though the representative is different.

Take follow-ups

Customer Pain Points

Do you know what makes customers loyal to your brand? Personalization. It is a key to the customer’s heart and tells your customer that they are important to you and your business.

If a customer is facing an issue, fair and square it is a leak in your sales funnel. While fixing is important, checking on it ensures that the customer is still satisfied by your customer.

Hence, after you solve the issue, the customer service must ensure to have a follow-up in the issue. It is important to know whether or not the issue is resolved or not. It does not make sure it does, and if the issue is resolved ensure your customer that it wouldn’t be repeated.

Don’t Interrupt Customer

eCommerce Customer Complaints

The most important skill of a customer service executive is listening to skill. Even though a customer could explain the issue, he or she might take time to explain the details thoroughly. 

Your job here is to listen and wait until the customer is done speaking.

Do not interrupt the customer and listen to what the entire customer complaints are about.

Use new tools

Invest in eCommerce Chatbots

Be it a new eCommerce or a well-settled eCommerce store. You know that eCommerce customer complaints are not the most glorifying part of your eCommerce. Moreover, it consumes a lot of time, energy, and resources that can easily be cut down using new eCommerce tools.

One such amazing tool is the Chatbot. They are pre-programmed applications that can talk to your customer just like a normal human would do. You can also program the chatbot to hand over the conversation to humans when a new (un-programmed) query is raised by the customer.

You can learn more about the chatbot in our article – The 10 Best Chatbots for eCommerce Business Growth.

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