Abandoned Cart Emails: 9 Ways To Grow Your Profit By 600%

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Abandoned Cart Emails: 9 Ways To Grow Your Profit By 600%

What if I share a technique, with all the precautions and steps, that can grow your online sale by 30% to 600% a month. This not-so-impossible and surely effective technique is using Abandoned cart emails, or as some people say Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies.

It is often observed that a customer adds the product to the cart, but just before making a purchase he or she leaves the site for one reason or another. This means the eCommerce just lost an important customer. This is where Abandoned cart emails come in handy.

Even If you are implementing this already or if you are new and unaware of abandoned cart emails, we have managed to bring some new and creative Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies which will help you stand over your competitors.

But before that, let’s start with the basics…

What are abandoned cart emails?

As an eCommerce owner, you may come across a stage where people are visiting your store, adding products to their cart but are leaving your site without making a purchase. Strange. Right?

Now, this can be due to multiple reasons which will vary from person to person. But one thing is very sure that you have found a person who is interested in your product and is just a step away from purchasing it.

What are abandoned cart emails

If this would have been an offline world, you would have ringed them back. But in order to grow your online sale, you can contact them back through email. That’s it.

When you mail a potential customer who has shown interest in your product but has left the cart abandoned, it is known as cart abandoned emails.

In saying that, you also need some of the best Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies to make sure your efforts are worth it. You abandoned cart emails is a way that you can show your customer that they care for them and want them to purchase the best. you can also read How Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business.

With that in mind here are 9 Ways To use Abandoned Cart Emails and grow your online sale drastically.

1. Enhance Your Personlization

Starbucks personalization example

Gone are the times when you would send a common mail to your 985+ email subscribers. Today, even if you managed to trick the “mail-bots”, your customer will manage to see if the mail is generic or especially for him (that too even without breaking a sweat).

In order to get more attention and engagement today, you need to at least address them by name. But that’s where your competitors will settle, not you. You need to go a step further.

In your abandoned cart emails, you’ll need to remind them about the specific product that they left unattended. If there are multiple kinds of products, choose the most recent one. On other hand, if you find multiple products of the same kind, choose the best selling or highest rated product.

Your customer would appreciate your effort and would be more likely to purchase from you.

2. Showcase trust and credibility in your emails

Showcase trust and credibility in your emails
abandoned cart emails

This is among the best Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies for any eCommerce store aiming to become a brand. By far you know your customer likes Personalization. The second key point that makes your customer purchase from you is Trust.

Trust can be a major factor if your customers aren’t making a purchase from your store. But Abandoned Cart Emails can be your choice of weapon to make sure you gain credibility.

To start with, you need to make sure that your mail is well received and isn’t going to spam. For this, follow some of the most common principles while sending a mail.

  • Don’t use a misleading subject line
  • Add your physical address
  • Avoid spammy words such as a dear friend, amazing, wonderful
  • Have unsubscribed button
  • Make sure mail are engaging

Along with all this, you also need to make sure your abandoned cart emails include the sender’s name (not just the company) to add a sense of human. Moreover, add a contact number to build trust.

Lastly to make sure that your customer gains full faith in your product, showcase the reviews as well as a rating of your product. This is helpful and as we said is among the best cart abandonment recovery strategies that you can use at a very early stage of your business.

3. Bypass Discounts – Use Rewards

Bypass Discounts - Use Rewards

Discounts are maybe by far the most popular Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies used by eCommerce. But here is a little secret for you that can grow your online sale, without a need to cut your margins.

You can give Reward points instead of a discount. People use cards that help them earn rewards for using cards, fly with an airline that help them earn rewards to fly with them, and the list of examples goes on.

But let me ask you a question. Where are these rewards useful? For the same purpose itself. People earn rewards by purchasing a product or service and further use rewards to use the same. Eventually increasing the sale.

So why can’t you use it to increase your revenue and grow your online sale? In your next abandoned cart emails, share the good news of the rewards your customer can earn and observe how you can bypass the trap of discounts.

4. Optimize For Mobile

abandoned cart emails
Optimize for mobile

How do you access your emails when you are not in the office? The chances are, though your mobile. And so does your customer.

Even if you have managed to think and implement some of the best Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies, you may not get the desired result if you aren’t optimizing your abandoned cart emails for a mobile phone.

5. Write a converting subject line

Write a converting subject line

When you will be using eCommerce email marketing, you will come across a term, that is, Email Open rate. It is a very important metric that is used to determine whether your campaign was successful or not.

And in order to increase your Email open Rate, you need a compelling subject line. The first thing that your customer would be seeing when he or she receives your mail. So give an effort to write a good subject line. You shall use:

  • Promotional Subject line
  • Curiosity Inducing Subject line
  • Product Shout-out Subject line
  • Cart reminder Subject line
  • FOMO Subject

6. Have a Clear CTA

have a clear CTA

When your customer opens a mail, what would you like them to do? Either you can take back them to the cart where they left. You can even suggest them and take them to similar products or would you confuse them by adding everything?

Surly the goal with abandoned cart emails is to grow your online sale. So you should always make sure that your CTA or call to action is very clear. Set your goals in the beginning and thereafter create a mail.

Moreover, try to add only a single Button in your email. This way your customer knows what step to take next. Also, be very clear with what you want your customer to do. “Buy Now” is definitely a better option than just adding a button saying “Click Here”.

7. Upgrade your mail

Upgrade your mail
abandoned cart emails

As your customers are upgrading you need to make sure that your mails are keeping up with them. You can’t always follow the same set of the line, format, and call to action.

One such trend that you shall use in your abandoned cart emails is adding graphics. It is worth noting that your mail must stay simplistic but adding some graphics would be great if you wish your customer are engaged.

Also other than product images, we recommend you add images related to your store. More specifically, maintain a common tone and feel of the mail you send and your site. For this, you could either use a similar color schema, similar fonts that are used on your site and can add your brand logo.

As you can see this is among the most time-consuming Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies, but if you do it right once, you grow your online sale along with some additional branding.

8. Understand your Customer Better

Understand your Customer Better
Understand your customer better

Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies are meant to make sure that the customer that left the purchase gets converted. You may be giving your best to reach out to them but what if there is no response in return.

Surely can’t force them to buy just from you. Hence, at last, you can give them an option to either buy the product from you or just “good luck”. In no manner, this is to discourage you. Moreover, it’s a safety alert.

If your mails stay unattended and you keep sending in emails to your customers, you can be tagged as a spammer. This would be far harsher than letting your customer choose them to buy now or later.

I suggest you send abandoned cart emails just 3 to 4 times, at an efficient interval. Further, if you wish, you could remind them of the product during a festival or when the product is on sale.

9. Also, use Advance Alternative

Abandoned cart emails are among the best Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies that you can use. But using only one such tool isn’t a great way to get the most out of your effort.

Do you know there is another great tool that requires one-time attention and can give you a result for years? That tool is Chatbot. The good chatbots are another great Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies as they can convert a customer at the same time when they are about to live the cart unattended. One such chatbot is SurveySparrow that you may utilize.

To know more about it, we recommend you read The 10 Best Chatbots for eCommerce Business Growth

Bonus Tip

In order to master Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies, you need to understand that your customer wishes to buy a product in your store but is hesitating due to some reason. 

The reason can vary from person to person and store to store. But in order to grow your sale online, you need to make sure you reduce any setback for your customer. In the following attempt, abandoned cart emails would be a great way through which you can aware customers that you value them.

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