How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service can help your Fashion apparel Store

February 1, 2021 in Photo Editing

How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service can help your Fashion apparel Store

The fashion industry is a wide array to showcase the products most desirably. One such trend that is popular within the fashion eCommerce store is the ghost mannequin photo editing

In one of our previous articles, we shared How to get Ghost Mannequin Photography for Clothing, and decided to take this a step further by discussing how you can use ghost mannequin photo editing service to help your fashion store grow successfully.

If you are new and unaware of the term, don’t you worry, cause the article would help you learn everything from the basics and get you all set to acquire new trends of the fashion product image editing.

What is a Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing?

Ghost mannequin Photo Editing

Ghost mannequin photo editing is the product image editing style where multiple shots of the product are combined in post-production to get a lifelike product image. In addition, the parts of the model, as well as the mannequin, are removed which makes the ghost-like effect for the product as shown below.

But why would someone prefer Ghost mannequin photo editing service over other forms of product photo editing? Here are the benefits of Ghost mannequin photo editing for your fashion apparel store.

Benefits of Ghost mannequin Photo Editing for your fashion apparel store

Enhances the Colour of the Product

Ghost mannequin service tends to enhance the color of the product noticeably. The reason shall be the fact that no other factors are affecting the product, be it the background, tone of the model, or the mannequin wearing it.

Not only does this bring new opportunities to swap the background to enhance the product, but also makes the overall product look more appealing.

Enhances the Presentation

ghost mannequins service

Ghost mannequin is surely among the most popular ways of presenting a product. And one of the main reasons for this fact is that it enhances the overall presentation of an eCommerce. Firstly, as we discussed, the colors of the product get enhanced, which brings a rich look to the product.

Secondly, as there are no distractions in the frame, it makes sure that the focus of your customer stays on the product itself. And lastly, it makes you stand out from your competitors and leaves a lasting effect on the customer.

Increases Consistency

Increase your Conversion Rate

Other than just enhancing the presentation, using a 3d ghost mannequin photo editing service also increases the consistency within each image of your eCommerce. The consistency with the images allows easy comparison and gives a better customer experience, which is the most important factor in any fashion apparel store.


Selling On ASOS

Even though ghost mannequin photo editing serves similar benefits, it costs much less in the long term. Here, instead of hiring a model, again and again, you can get a mannequin once and do all your shoots for years. Moreover, there is no maintenance cost which further drops the cost and gives a consistent result.

Gives a better understanding

3D Ghost Mannequin

At last, ghost mannequins are a great medium to showcase the clothing and give a better understanding of how it will fit. You can get mannequins in styles and sizes which further give you a wide range to showcase a product. From the perspective of a customer, a ghost mannequin really helps to understand the types of material and get the attention much quicker if you use it in your ads wisely.

Key Takeaway

While there might be many more benefits of using ghost mannequin photo editing for your eCommerce, you need to make sure that you hire experts for your work. Moreover, you need to ensure the turnaround time, as well as the pricing.

Sound hectic? It isn’t, cause PixelPhant is among the best fashion image editing service, helping eCommerce with its most popular Ghost mannequin photo editing service. Our experts make sure that every single image is edited with absolute care according to your requirement.

In addition, you can choose your preferred turnaround time and get your image edited with just a dollar or two per image depending on the additional service you choose. If you would like to know more and experience the Service (which you must), get a free trial by clicking on the “Get Started Button” below.

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