How to Write Effective Business Blog to Boost Sales

September 25, 2020 in eCommerce

How to Write Effective Business Blog to Boost Sales

Everyone talks about blogging. Everyone says it’s fun, it’s effective but the truth is – It can be hard.

Blogging is sure a very must-do job when you have a business as it can build your traffic up to 434%. But if you do not know how to do it in the right way so that it can generate more traffic and bring more conversion rates, then you are missing the major ingredient!

To get more and more people to read, get mesmerized, and finally get allured into exploring your website and products further, there are some major tips that you need to follow if you haven’t started doing.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into knowing the secret ingredients to generate sales with your business blog!

8 Tips you Should never Get off your Mind When Writing a Blog

1. Create Content of a Superb Quality

generate sales with your business blog

The quality of your business blog is calculated with how compelling, informative, useful, and plausible it was.

We recommend writing content that has easy to understand phrases that create an impact on the reader. Your content should look clean and organized to attract more readers.

Using platforms like WordPress to write your content allows you access to a huge variety of themes to choose the appearance and format from.

There are a few easy things that you can work on:

Enchanting Headlines

No one has the time to read every word that you have written until your business blog is short and the reader has enough time. 

As per copyblogger – 80% of the people only read the headlines, and only 20% will read the complete blog.

Less is more, your headline should be able to convey the complete message that your entire content wants to give.

Powerful Opening

The first 5 lines of your business blog decide whether the reader will stay on that page or not, so you better write something that captivates them and encourage them to keep reading.

Your opening must be engaging and tell a brief about how reading your business blog further will benefit them. Choose whether your opening will be exciting, playful, horrifying, storylike, or simply positive.

Motivational Conclusion

Don’t just end your business blog with an author bio and a thank you. Writing an intense conclusion that brings the complete message of the business blog to an impactful end is very necessary.

Write about what you expect will happen to the readers after reading it, or write about what alternatives and in what better ways can he make the most out of what they just read.

2. Do Keyword Research and Optimize your Content

Keyword Research for business blog

Hundreds of important things and no keywords in the business blog won’t even give you a chance to appear on the first page of the search results.

Do keyword research and perform SEO. Find out what words people use most to look for something online. Include those keywords in your title, description, and content. Leave no space where these keywords can squeeze in.

You can use the keywordtool by Google that helps you identify what are the most popular keywords to help you rank at a better and higher position in the search results.

Optimizing your content on a daily basis can improve your chances remarkably in catching the eyes of the customers. You can also rad that eCommerce SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid.

3. Drop the Strict Business Tone

Strict Business Tone

Your business blog posts are required to be engaging and informative, not school-like – so drop that tone today!. To get more and more people to feel interested in what you write, we recommend using a more friendly tone.

As per techjury: 77% of the people that uses internet read blogs

Write your content in a manner where the readers can connect with you and feel a sense of belongingness. People can only relate when the writers have some self experiences or have a caring tone to convey that they wish good for those who are reading.

Doesn’t matter if you are dealing with more of the formal audience, but being lenient and talking a little freely can do no harm but yield only good.

4. Add Internal and External links to Make your Content Richer

internal and external link for business blog

Internal links direct your viewers to your own website, where external links belong to other sites that have relevant information.

Using internal links in your business blog post improves the engagement of the reader as they stay on your website for a longer period of time. In terms of SEO, internal linking can help your business blog to rank at a better place in the search results. This also puts an impact on your website authenticity.

External linking is equally important and even more beneficial. However, this depends on what kind of external links you put in your business blog. Using genuine and useful links can improve your credibility where linking spam and fraud links can create a negative impression.

When you add external links to a reputed website, it reflects back and those websites may also add the links of your website too in return in their blogs that result in additional traffic.

5. Add True Facts and Statistical Data to Become more Reliable

Statistical Data fir business blog

We recommend adding correct facts or statistics to improve the credibility of the topic. When using data, people put more belief in what they read and consider implementing the suggested tips or actions with more certainty. Your facts and data backup your content.

An average person spends only 37 seconds to read a blog post, says Quoracreative. To make sure that you have delivered all the necessary information to your reader, it is very essential to your research in the form of charts, tables, and interactive content.

6. Include Call-to-Actions

Call-to-Actions are proven to increase more traffic and more conversion rates. If you are to add these or any other freebies, we recommend you add them in between your content rather than adding them at the end.

You never know whether your reader will stay until the end or not. Hence, it is useful to add such things in the middle to keep them engaged and surprised.

7. Try to Explain what Problems are you Solving and Add your own Recommendations

Explain what Problems

If people are searching for something and selecting your business blog to read about it, that means that they are there to find an answer to that thing. Including your motive to write about the topic at various stages in your content can make the reader believe in what you are saying.

If you sell something, it should be of some use, and the same principle applies to what you write. For example, if you write a blog about weight loss, it is necessary to provide the proven facts and ideas behind writing those weight loss tips rather than bragging about just the benefits of a fruit or vegetable while ignoring the other important factors. you can learn more New eCommerce Trends .

8. Choose Correct Platforms to Display your Content


Post your content apart from your website where most people get engaged regularly. One such example is social media.

You can post a part of your content or just a few snippets that redirects the readers to your main website. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms to reach billions of people and target a variety of audiences.

Guest blogging is another popular way where you can get a well-known blogging site to publish your content so that a part of their traffic reaches your content.

Selecting the right platforms to promote and publish your content can change the way your blogs reach the people.


It takes hours to write a business blog but takes just a few seconds to read it. To make sure that you deliver useful and interesting content to your readers, it is important to include the above-mentioned elements in your content.

Improving the tone and working on few of the elements can make your content highly interactive and appreciable and you can ultimately generate sales with your business blog.

The selection of words, data, platforms, and optimizing techniques are all required to create powerful content. If you even miss one of the elements, then remember that there are always some websites who are trying their best to include all the elements simultaneously and creating something more worth reading. We highly recommend to read this article How to Boost eCommerce Holiday Marketing in a better way?.

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