9 Best Ways to Generate Leads Using Instagram for eCommerce

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9 Best Ways to Generate Leads Using Instagram for eCommerce

Instagram is the most powerful social media platform and no one can argue with that fact. About 1 Billion people use Instagram every month and are still on the run of the fastest-growing social media network.

In this case, if you are running a small eCommerce brand you can generate leads using Instagram very easily. Not just leads, Instagram is a great tool that you can indulge in your marketing to reach out to your customer base, interact, and grow trust within your customers.

Generate Leads Using Instagram

Moreover, if you have no idea where to start and what things to do, we are here to share how you can generate leads using Instagram for your small eCommerce and grow it on social media. 

What do you need to start?

Firstly, in order to generate leads using Instagram for your small eCommerce, you need to present your eCommerce as a brand on Instagram. In order to do so, you first need to have your business page. Having a business page on Instagram allows you to access insight information about your audience, and also let you run ads.

To make your business page on Instagram:

Step1: Open your Instagram Account.

Generate Leads Using Instagram

Step2: Open your Profile and go to the top settings.

Step3: In the settings, you will find the Account option.

Step4: In your account section, you will find a section to “Switch to Professional Account”.

Step5: Further you will find two options asking whether you are a Creator or a Business. Choose a business and continue as to the next option.

Step6: You will find the option to choose the category of business. For small eCommerce, you shall go with “Shopping & Retail”

Step7: Finally fill in your contact information and your business page would be ready.

9 ways you can Generate leads using Instagram

Focus Your Content

Generate Leads Using Instagram

In order to generate leads using Instagram for your small eCommerce content is the first thing you should think about. Just like any other platform, your content would make your brand shine. 

But the important point to note here is to set a common tone for your page. Whether you want to present your brand as friendly or would you like to present your brand as influential, it all depends on your content.

Also, make sure that you are only posting high-quality images. If you are posting your product images on your page, make use of a product image editing service for your eCommerce and then use those images on your social sites.

Along with all this, you may also focus on your grid. Instagram has a 3 post in a row system. And when someone visits your profile, the first thing to notice is the overall presentation of your profile. Following a common theme,( similar to your store, preferably)  would be a great way to build a brand of yourself.

Understand your Audience

Generate Leads Using Instagram

One of the main reasons we begin by making Instagram Business id is that it allows you to have insight into your audience. It would help you generate leads using Instagram in a much efficient way as you would have a better knowledge of your audience.

On to your profile, you will find the insight tab, which would be showing much important analytics, including:

  • Engagement per post You shall use it to find which type of post your customer is liking the most.
  • Reach Again, the post with higher reach means that you have used the right hashtags, call to action and location in your post.

Now, within the Audience tab of your insight, you can get some very useful analytics about your audience. 4 Important statistics that are very useful to you are:

  • Top location – This will tell you about the location of your followers. You shall use it to make Geo-based content that can engage your audience in a more relatable way.
  • Age Range – As the name suggests, it would show you the age range of your followers. You shall always make an effort to make sure that the age range of your target audience is higher than others so that chances of conversion increases.
  • Gender – Another major reason to generate leads using Instagram is gender analytics. It clearly shows through a chart which gender is your prominent audience. If you see that, the gender you are targeting isn’t in a bigger portion you shall need to update your content accordingly.
  • Followers – This section would show the time of the day when your followers are most active during the time. You shall use this to post at the time as it would help you be higher in the feed of your customer and get better engagement.

In order to generate leads using Instagram that are helpful and can help you grow your eCommerce.

Use Updates for your benefits

Generate Leads Using Instagram for eCommerce

If you are familiar with Instagram, it is known to be evolving and adopting new features from time to time. It’s really hard to even imagine Instagram when it was first introduced when only Square images could be posted.

With time features such as messaging, videos, location, Igtv, live and stories started rolling in. Moreover, Instagram also added Reels to its interface for shorter vertical videos. To stay ahead in the games you shall always use the new features that are rolling into the app.

These features can be big such as Igtv and Reels or can be small like introducing new stickers for Staying Home in the stories. Instagram is prone to push content to more people if you use the new features, so use this opportunity and keep making new engaging content to generate leads using Instagram. You can learn more about it on the Facebook advertising strategy.

Use Hashtags wisely

Generate Leads Using Instagram

Hashtags are and will always be the best way to generate leads using Instagram. They are an easy and direct way to target your audience and reach out to them without a need to pay much effort.

Always make sure that your hashtags are representing your product and the content that you are posting around. Also, focus on the hashtags that people tend to follow are already following. It will help you automatically reach people who are interested in your niche of work.

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Stay consistent

Generate Leads Using Instagram for eCommerce

This can’t be stressed more. To stay relevant, and also according to the Instagram algorithm you shall be posting consistently. If you are posting once a week or once in two days, your reach may drop as compared to regular posting.

Hence as an eCommerce, try to keep posting relevant content daily. The post can be either entertaining, informative, or anything but the goal should always be to make it engaging.

Interact with your Audiences

Generate Leads Using Instagram

The next way to generate leads using Instagram is through interacting with your audience. The interaction can be in the comments section, by replying to the comments and liking the comments. Also, you can use features in your stories such as Poll, QnA, or Choose the right Answer.

Other than this replying to your DMs can also be very helpful while interacting with customers. So when working to generate leads using Instagram you shall also focus on bringing value to your audience. In addition to this, you can also use user-generated content on your site such as reviews, customer feedback, etc.

Sort your Influencers

Instagram Influencers

It can be hard to attract an audience and generate leads using Instagram if you are new. It would be hard for people to trust you and make a purchase from you. Hence you can tackle the help of the influencers. These are people with a good number of following and higher engagement.

But assuming you are starting out and can’t afford a bigger influencer, it would be very helpful if you reach out to micro-influencers. These people have a following of 1,000 to 1,000,000. Hence they wouldn’t charge you a huge sum of money and you will get better engagement.

Use Instagram checkouts

As said, Instagram has evolved consistently from time to time. One amazing feature to generate leads using Instagram is the Checkout feature. You can upload your products, tag them, and the customer can directly purchase them without a need to leave the app.

If you are starting a small eCommerce business, this is an amazing feature especially for small eCommerce brands as it improves customer experience and gets you sales respectively. With time, Instagram has also shown interest in the following feature and will be pushing it soon, so take the benefit of the moment and you will easily be able to generate leads using Instagram.

Run Ads

Instagram ads run

Finally, don’t hold back yourself from running ads on Instagram. Instagram is a very interactive app that your audience is using. In order to make use of this amazing platform, you need to bring the audience to your page and running ads can be a very wise way to do so.

In order to run ads on Instagram, you would need to go to Facebook Ads manager. If you haven’t, you would have to link your Facebook page with Instagram and then you would be able to run ads. This is the best way to Generate Leads using Instagram.

Also to note, if you don’t have any previous knowledge of running ads, you can hire a freelancer or outsource it to a digital marketing team.

Final Take Away

Instagram is an amazing platform that allows you to understand what your customer is looking for. As you saw above, you must follow all the ways you can generate leads using Instagram to take full advantage of your efforts.

Also, make sure that your page is having a two-way interaction. That means allowing yourself to be able to criticize. This way you would be getting constructive feedback which will help your eCommerce to grow dramatically.

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