7 Reasons Why Furniture Photo Editing Can Improve Your Conversion Rates

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7 Reasons Why Furniture Photo Editing Can Improve Your Conversion Rates

Product photo editing is one of the most vital elements to sell your product successfully, especially if you’re an eCommerce business owner.

Unlike retail stores, customers do not get the benefit to touch, feel, and experience products like furniture. The only thing that they can rely on is the product images that you display on your website as well as the other platforms.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you make sure your furniture images look utterly captivating and are enough to encourage your buyers to finalize their purchase. Furniture photo editing can help you increase your eCommerce sales and growth.

furniture photo editing services

If you’re an online store owner who doesn’t have enough experience in product photo editing, then I’d highly recommend that you hire furniture photo editing services to get the experts working for you.

I have written this article to highlight some of the most important benefits of furniture photo editing as it’s required that eCommerce businesses understand that product photo editing can do wonders to improve your conversion rates.

7 Crucial Benefits of Furniture Photo Editing

1. Removes unwanted things and distractions

Furniture photo editing

When you capture an image of your furniture product, there are a lot of things that are captured along with it. We’re talking about hard shadows, imperfect backgrounds, unwanted things in the background, and a lot of things.

Furniture photo editing helps remove all such unwanted things and distractions so that it’s only your product that gets all the attention. You don’t want your customers to start focusing on something that’s shining in the background, a vivid color, or how the shadow of your product is looking – Trust me, the customers do get distracted with such things.

When you perform product photo editing, it makes sure that you keep your furniture product in the focus while keeping it as natural-looking as possible.

2. Make the image look more polished

Furniture photo editing

In the photo of your furniture products, there are a lot of minute details, curves, and colors you’d like your customers to notice. Along with that, there might be a few smudges and scratches that you’d like to hide so that your shoppers don’t see them.

So what do you do to only display the good things of your products and hide the unimportant, negative things? Furniture photo editing is the answer to your problem.

The people who are experts in product photo editing know well how to make alterations to make a correction to color, size, or uniformity without messing with its original look.

What we look at the naked eyes, your camera lens reduces its saturation when capturing an image. Experts and extensive experience in working with even the most complex furniture models.

Furniture photo editing allows you to stand out from your competitors and bring the best out of your furniture products.

3. Better Customer Experience

False customer experience

As per the recent studies, customer experience is going to surpass the factors of product quality and even pricing for the customers to make a purchase decision.

It’s extremely important that your product photos are attractive and captivating. If your furniture photos look dull, outdated, or blurry, there are high chances that your customers aren’t even going to even look at them.

Clicking and exploring your products further is rather a far cry. They can easily be swoon away with the product images uploaded by your competitor with better furniture photo editing.

Do you know, more than 67% of online customers believe that product photos are “extremely important” in choosing and buying a product?

When you look at your furniture photos, think about “Would I leave all my search work, and stop scrolling to find out more about this furniture product?” if you can’t, then how do you expect your shoppers to do it?

Good quality product photo editing sways away your customers and prompts them to pick your products out of the thousands available on the internet.

4. Robust Social Media Exposure

Furniture photo editing

Furniture photo editing isn’t just about showing these images on your product page, but there’s more to it. If you’re a smart eCommerce business owner, you must already be using marketing strategies to promote your brand and products.

In marketing, social media marketing is one of the most popular and most effective marketing strategies for your online business. Now, social media is all about showing off and being different. Looking pretty, nostalgic, and alluring are all undeniable parts of social media if you want to be popular.

There are currently 48.6 billion social media users worldwide. This gives you a huge market to interact with billions of customers and find your potential audience.

Hence, you can’t simply capture and post raw images on FB, Pinterest, and Instagram. In a plethora of well-edited, well-lit, and pretty images, you’d just get lost.

Furniture photo editing gives you a robust social media exposure where it enables you to create your own distinct identity.

Good looking content is 40% more likely to be shared on social accounts.

5. Edited Images can be used for Multipurpose

furniture photo editing

When you do furniture photo editing, it isn’t saved for just a single purpose. As I said, apart from your website, there are various other places that you are required to showcase your furniture product photos.

These edited photos could be used on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, FB, in the digital as well as a physical lookbook of your products, sharing with your customers as a quote with images.

This means that if you’re investing your money in hiring product photo editing services, it’s saving you a lot of time and effort as you can use thesis images on each platform that you use, as long as you wish.

6. Better Brand Visibility

Furniture photo editing

With great quality images that are eye-pleasing and captivating, customers will automatically be attracted to your brand. Furniture photo editing enables you to accomplish that.

While scrolling through Google’s Shopping tab or SERPs, it isn’t required that your customers are familiar with your brand. If they find your furniture product photos attractive, they’d definitely come to you. And in fact, refer you to their loved ones too.

These images would also be representing your brand over social media too.

As per Oberlo, 71% of customers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

With time, as people start noticing your well-groomed product photos, you start gaining better brand visibility and ultimately improve sales of your eCommerce business.

7. Improve Conversion Rates

Advantages of Furniture Photo Editing

If you’ve read all the above-mentioned advantages of furniture photo editing, then you must’ve understood that you can only gain a large market share if you succeed in attracting your customers.

When your furniture photos look eye-catching, they tend to increase traffic to your eCommerce website. This increased traffic ultimately leads to increased conversion rates.

eCommerce businesses that perform product photo editing usually experience 37% more conversions than the brands that don’t.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Photo Editing Services

When you hire professional product photo editing services, you get a lot of benefits like:

  • Extensive experience with editing even the most complex furniture designs
  • Masters in using the latest software and tools available to make the best use of them
  • Committed to staying in line with customer guidelines and brand consistency
  • Delivery of your furniture photo editing project within the promised timeframe
  • Perfect in the processes of editing and enhancement
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving
  • Have multiple and customizable packages as per the clients’ needs

Bonus Read

Furniture photo editing is highly beneficial to increase your eCommerce sales and improve your brand visibility.

Before you start editing your images, it’s necessary that you have your foundation at it’s best – that is, your raw images. To improve furniture photography, I’d suggest you read: 10 Tips to Photograph Furniture to Sell Them Successfully.

This will help you attain better results when you finally do or get done furniture photo editing.

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