10 Free Content Creation Tools For Social Media Marketing

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10 Free Content Creation Tools For Social Media Marketing

Do you know what is the best way to save resources? Using free tools that are giving insane value.

In this article, I am sharing with you such free content creation tools to help you scale your social presence. Tools that I find extremely useful, time-saving, easy to use, and highly impactful.

Now and then, whenever an opportunity arises, I use them to create social media content, blog elements, and even linkable assets.

So, let’s get started with the ultimate resource hub without taking any more time.

10 Free Content Creation Tools For Social Media Marketing

10 Free Content Creation Tools For Social Media Marketing

Icons8 illustrations

I am a huge fan of illustrations. In the world of stock images, illustrations bring something fresh and fun.

And since I can’t create good graphics from scratch myself, I use Icon8. One of the most popular and maybe the largest library of icons, photos, clipart illustrations, and music.

You can download png files of amazing graphics and illustrations, and start creating some of the most engaging posts for your social media strategy.


Canva is a tool that I probably use every day of the week. If not for work then just to explore it. It is a tool that truly defines free content creation tool for social media and every other place.

If you are a beginner and looking to get started with a tool to help you create content the way you want, this is a tool for you.

Be it adjusting your image size for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc or creating an eBook, pdf, presentation, flyer, or more. You can do all this – and more – using Canva.

Getting started is easy. But even once you get the hang of it and learn about its various elements, you’ll know how you can create professional content using this single tool


Someone referred to me Clipchamp as “Canva for video”. Now that is a big claim and naturally, I wanted to test it out.

Indeed. If you are looking for a free content creation tool for video editing, you must try Clipchamp.

It comes with features such as editing unlimited videos, using a webcam to record videos, screen recording, and all the basic video editing tools.


Today, social media marketing is filling up with hilarious campaigns. And a lot of the credit should be given to memes.

Using meme marketing is giving brands engagement like never before and if you are looking to get started, you can use imgflip.

With a collection of 1000 plus meme templates that are regularly updated, you can tap into meme culture within minutes. If you have never created a meme before, use imgflip now and enjoy this ultimate free content creation tool.


We can’t be creating a resource guide for free content creation tools and not mention Unsplash.

It is a place to find royalty-free images that you can use for various purposes without the need to buy any license.

Why does Unsplash stand out among reset? Because it doesn’t have a limit to the number of images you can download, it has a large array of images and you can find an image for most things.


Just like illustrations, graphics, images, and videos, Gifs play a huge role in content creation today. You can use Gifs for eCommerce, social media marketing, emails, and more.

They are small videos on a loop that is used to convey a message. But where to find the perfect gifs? Comes GIPHY.

One of the most popular platforms is to get gifs for everything. It is an undisputed platform for Gifs and has one of the best collections of reusable gifs for various purposes.


In the world of visuals, Twitter is a platform that stands on value and engagement. Not just words, but users have to express themselves in limited characters. Something that the world has grown like for.

And if you use Twitter, Hypefury is a tool that you must be using. What is it? It is a tool that allows you to create tweets that look professional, get inspiration for content, schedule tweets, track engagement, and more.

If you are building a Twitter brand, you must invest in this tool as it will make your work, much easier and more effective on day to day basis.


Grammarly is a tool that has made an impact on all content creators. Be it writing a blog, email, eBook, or caption for our social media post.

In order to make sure readers have a seamless experience, we want to make sure that we avoid any kind of error in our writing.

In addition to that, we also want to make sure that the tone we want to write in is correct and aligns with our brand.


Pexels is another site to get royalty-free images. But more than that, it is a place where you can even get stock videos.

When looking for content creation tools, we often look for videos that we can add as an intro or something that we can add in the middle to better explain our emotions.

You can download and use unlimited stock videos from Pexels.

Dolby On

If you are observing content creation over since past few years, you’ll know that there is a spike in the consumption and creation of audio content.

But not everyone can get started with high-end software to record better audio. It comes Dolby On.

A free content creation tool that you can download and record high-quality audio right from your phone.

Bonus Read

Using the following content creation tools for social media marketing opens up opportunities to get started from nothing but an idea. Even if you have no skills in designing or editing, the tools mentioned are an easy way to get started.

And that is the goal. To remove restrictions, make sure you can focus on the creative side of your work.

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