12 Powerful Fashion eCommerce Success Tips You Should Know

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12 Powerful Fashion eCommerce Success Tips You Should Know

Success is a tempting word, and especially if you’re a Fashion eCommerce business owner. Why especially fashion? Because it’s one of the most dynamic, competitive, fastest-growing industry that finding success in the fashion eCommerce industry be pretty elusive.

As per Statista, the fashion eCommerce industry is growing at the rate of 8.6% year over year and is expected to reach a total market size of US$1003.5 billion by the end of 2025.

In the fashion industry, trends come and go easily and you never know when your top-selling products got replaced by someone’s new arrivals.

Therefore, if you’re looking to sell products online in the fashion and apparel online commerce niche, then there are a few things you need to be mindful of to achieve success and boost eCommerce business growth.

12 Effective Tips for Fashion eCommerce Success

1. Keep up with the trends

online clothing business

It’s so obvious that trends in the fashion industry don’t stay for too long. What you see today in trend may get replaced with something else in a month.

Hence, keeping up with trends and updating your product catalog here and there can make you stay ahead of the competition and improve fashion eCommerce conversion rate.

The best way to keep up with the trends is to closely monitor your competitors and the market. When you see that there’s something about to come and take everyone off their feet, it’s better to start creating a buzz about it among your customers beforehand.

Run ‘arriving soon’ campaigns. Such efforts make your customers feel that they can always rely on your brand to get fresh and unique fashion pieces. Who doesn’t want to stay in touch with a brand that’ll give them something trendy in the first place?

2. Leverage marketing

Fashion eCommerce Success

It’s never enough to talk about the importance of marketing in the eCommerce business. Now, if we talk about the eCommerce fashion industry, there are several ways in which you can market your products and promote your fashion brand.

Marketing helps you gain authenticity, generate more traffic by catching the eyes of a number of customers, and helps you stay unique and ahead of your fashion eCommerce industry competition.

Here are a few places your brand can boom and improve fashion eCommerce conversion rate

A. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best places to promote your fashion brand and gain engagement. The app offers so many exciting features that you can leverage to boost your business growth.

Instagram Reels are a great way to create short videos about your products. You can either create videos about your product description, how your product can benefit the buyers, or create a ‘how to use video.

Reels are also a great way to create peaky trailers for preparing your audience for your new launch.

Instagram has also introduced its recent feature Instagram Live Shopping. The feature is amazing to broadcast attractive, interactive live streaming and talk about your products, use it, and talk to your followers live.

Running Instagram Ads is one of the best-paid marketing tactics that can build a profitable fashion eCommerce brand.

Such enticing acts on Instagram brings high engagement and let people know about your fashion eCommerce brand way better.

B. Facebook

There are millions of Facebook users who love interacting with brands, follow them, and even shop through FB Ads and FB Shop.

You can integrate both your Instagram Shop and Facebook Shop and use the same product catalog.

The best reason for why you should be making use of Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop is that it enables your buyer to explore products, add them to cart, checkout, and make a payment, all without leaving the social app.

This saves them time and makes shopping a lot more fun rather than searching for a website on the web and sit only there for hours.

C. Pinterest

Pinterest is the first most popular visual search engine that is influencing millions of people with its captivating and inspiring ideas. Most people use Pinterest as their personal stylist (Including me).

The way Pinterest works is just amazing. Have you seen a tab reading “Shop this Look”? Well, now you can also add your website link with your product images for your buyers to explore the products and shop the look indeed.

It is one of the best places for fashion eCommerce brands as they put your products directly in front of the people who are very well potential to buy from you.

Thus, social media is an exceptional choice to market your fashion products easily. with more than 4.8 billion users, you have enough exposure to the shoppers who are interested in what you have to offer.

D. Email marketing

Emails have always been the most sophisticated and professional way of communicating with your customers. The people who sign up for your fashion eCommerce newsletter want you to keep them updated with what’s relevant to them.

Invest your time in email marketing. You can automate your email marketing using tools like Mailchimp.

You may also create email listings at the beginning of the year and create campaigns when you’ll be sharing updates and discounts. 

For example, you can create an email listing with customers having birthdays in the month of January. On 1st, you may share them a discount saying – “We see your birthday has come to make you happy, let us add some more happiness to it. Here’s a 50% discount for you on this birthday so that your shopping feels like a piece of cake!’

You can run similar campaigns during holidays, your brand anniversary, and more.

3. Use astounding images

Fashion eCommerce Success

As we just spoke about social media, the whole social media marketing game depends on the quality of your product images. Your product images need to be highly captivating, attractive, and alluring.

If your product images look outdated, dull, and unattractive, there there are high chances that the people are not going to explore your fashion eCommerce products in any way – buying is a far cry.

Ask yourself after looking at your product images – ‘Will I be willing to stop whatever I am doing on my phone to look at this product image, click on it, and explore, or will I just ignore it?

If you’re not likely to notice your fashion product images in the crowd of thousands of either pretty, attractive, and well-edited images, then how do you expect your shoppers to do the same?

Therefore, making sure that your fashion product images are well enough to compete with those on Pinterest and Instagram is crucial.

Ensure that your fashion product images are captivating and eye-pleasing. Here a few things that you need to be mindful of in your product images:

  • Your garments are spotless, wrinkle-free, and well-fitted on your model or mannequin
  • Your accessories are clean, scratch-free, and dust-free
  • There’s no unwanted element in your fashion product image
  • The background of your product image is not over-powering or distracting
  • Your model looks well-groomed and put-together, and much more.

You can achieve all such essential things with the help of product image retouching and color correction services.

If you’re a fashion eCommerce business owner who doesn’t have enough expertise in photography or photo-editing, then it’s better to outsource this critical part to professional product photo editing services.

Such product image editing services have experienced experts who can edit your fashion product images in a professional and desired manner.

Where only you alone can not edit all the thousands of images of each of your products quickly, these experts can edit your images within a few hours.

Investing your money in professional editing services can help you save a lot of time and get professional results every single time that helps you improve fashion eCommerce Conversion rate.

4. Show some love to your loyal customer

Fashion eCommerce Success Tips

Your regular customer has the highest potential to convert into your loyal customer who can keep shopping from you and bring new customers at the same time.

However, most fashion eCommerce business owners commit the mistake of only putting efforts into their new customers and forget about the gold they’ve been possessing throughout.

Thus, it’s time you show some love to your regular customers. How? Well, there are a few ways you can show them how much you value them:

Run a loyalty program and offer them to be a part of it

Offer some discounts for being a part of your brand for so long – you may share them an email saying ‘Thanks for being with us for more than 3 years, her’s a thank you gift from our side.’

Do customer segmentation to create personalized content for your existing customers

Take feedbacks. This makes them feel that they are being heard and their opinions are valued.

You can even share a referral code with customers who shop for a certain value of products. On referring, you can give them some additional, exclusive discount. This way, it’s a win-win. They get a discount and you get a new customer!

If a customer shops often or shops always in bulk, you can send them positive quotes wrapped inside the package or share some exclusive coupons too.

This not only makes them happy but ensures that they stock with you and not turn to any of your competitors.

5. Work on generating new customers

Attract New Customers to Your Online Business

If you follow some of the tactics mentioned above, you’re already a step ahead in generating new customers in one way or another.

Here’s what best you can do for generating new customers for your fashion eCommerce brand:

  • Run Ads on Facebook and Instagram for more people to see your fashion products
  • Be consistent with your social media postings
  • Offer a welcome discount for your new customer to have something to come to you
  • Ask your loyal customer to refer your fashion eCommerce products to their friends and family and win exciting prizes.
  • Perform SEO. Make sure that you’re using correct keywords in your blog content, tile, descriptions, and even meta tags to improve your ranking on Google. If the customers don’t see you when they search your niche, how do you expect them to find you?

6. Offer excellent customer experience

Increase Customer Engagement In eCommerce

In research, it was found that the customer experience is going to surpass the priority level of product pricing and quality for customers. In a nutshell, people prefer customer service over anything else.

It was also found that more than 70% of the shoppers are willing to pay more if they can be provided with good customer service and personalization.

More than 80% of the customers will not return product to a brand that doesn’t have good customer service experience.

A few aspects that you need to cover to ensure that your customer service is up to date:

A. Your webpages should not take more than 3 seconds to load

If your fashion eCommerce business website is slow, it can easily frustrate your customers. In the end, your customer might leave and turn to your customers.

B. Your website layout and the interface is user-friendly

When customers come to your website, it should be hassle-free for them to explore your products. Ensure that:

  • Your search bar is easy to spot
  • Your product pages are not cluttered
  • Your filters and sort options are working fine
  • Your product pages are well-optimized so that the customer can find the products they are looking for
  • Your color scheme is eye-pleasing and sophisticated
  • Your checkout page is well-optimized
  • All the online payment options are available for easy payment

C. Your call and chat support is efficient

Live Chat Support

In the middle of the purchase, your customer might be having a lot of questions. Make sure that you have set up a great chat and call support to answer those queries.

To avoid too many queries, it’s better to create an FAQ page so that the answers are made available to commonly asked questions.

You can use chatbots to quickly answering simple questions. However, using live chat support can be highly effective too as only one agent can handle multiple customers at once over chat rather than each getting engaged with only one customer.

Over the call, ask your customer support to be very polite and helpful. Be ready to take the blame on your fashion eCommerce brand rather than blaming the customers.

D. Deliver your promises

Resolve the issue at the same time if possible. If not, make sure that you return back on time with the solution to your customers.

If your customer support has asked for one hour to resolve the query, make sure that the job is done within the given time.

If you’ve promised any delivery time, make sure that you’re fulfilling your promise. Making fake promises or breaking them can be the biggest mistake your fashion eCommerce store can make.

If there occurs any delay at the time of delivery, do share an apology mail beforehand mentioning how long it’ll take your fashion brand to deliver their products.

For after-sales services, make sure that the return and refund policies of your fashion eCommerce business are reasonable and quick. Most of the customers never return to a brand as their returns and refunds are lethargic.

7. Add a touch of personalization

Fashion eCommerce Success Tips

Let’s see what all things you can customize:

  • Packaging
  • Discounts
  • Suggestions

Yes, these are the three things that you can customize according to the time and the type of customers.

You can customize your packaging for your VIP customers or during the holidays.

Suggest things that are relevant to your customers. Be it over email, on the website, or on social channels.

For example, if your customers are men, then there’s no point in suggesting them to buy your makeup products (unless they are made for them!)

Also, if you see that a customer has recently bought a leather jacket from your fashion store, you may give an exclusive discount on the rugged jeans that’ll complement their last purchase.

Such personalization is excellent in retaining your customers and making them happy.

On top of all this, it’s better to personalize your email and SMS marketing too. You may consider addressing your customer with their name. But that’s where your competitors would stop. You need to take a step ahead.

I’d recommend that you involve a little interaction. Talk about their last purchase and suggest something they might like further.

This will show that you care about each of your customers and how well you know them.

8. Tell them a story

You can tell them your story, or you can also tell them the story between your fashion eCommerce brand and them.

Here’s what you do now. Tell them when did they first made a purchase from you. How you’ve been taking care of their needs and likes.

Include the story of what values your fashion products stand for and how they can benefit your customers.

When you include your shoppers in your story, they feel more connected with your fashion eCommerce business. Once you exude the feeling of belongingness, it’s hard to break the connection and explore something that they don’t know very well as much as you – your competitors.

9. Partner with the right businesses

create a Wikipedia page for your Business

If you’re to survive the fashion eCommerce industry, you’ll want to make friends with businesses that can always back you up.

Partner with the businesses who can invest in you and support your fashion eCommerce store.

Do some research on who might be interested in your projects, who can help you promote your products, and how you can have some reliability over such businesses.

These businesses differ for each fashion eCommerce and business.

10. Adapt a design and nail it

Fashion eCommerce Success

Fashion eCommerce is a vast industry that includes hundreds of categories of products. Instead of being the jack of all cards and master of none, it’s better to be the king of one.

Pick your niche and stick with it. If you’re dealing with women’s apparel, try not to push it to men’s fashion, shoes, accessories, and more in the initial years.

Also, keep your wardrobe that has one unique feature. Let’s take the example of Sezane.

If you’re into bold colors, sharp and wild accessories, then Sezane is just not for you. What it does best is it deals in neutral, minimalist, and chic designs.

The website color scheme is calm and cool and the product pages follow a similar pattern of displaying product photos. The product images are of the same size, same color tone, and have the shadow appearing similar to other images.

Hence, if you plan to offer nude and neutral color clothing for women, make sure that it’s that. Overdoing your website and inventory can deteriorate your image.

Keeping your niche simple and clean for your fashion eCommerce business gradually builds your identity and makes you one of the best in the respective kind.

11. Be mobile-friendly

Fashion eCommerce Success

Did you know – 96% of mobile search traffic is generated on Google and 40% of users will move on to another website if the first search result isn’t mobile-friendly?

It’s crucial to make your website mobile-responsive.

Most people use social media, Google things, and basically live their online life over mobile. Where do you expect them to be headed when they click on any of your social media ads? Of course, your mobile website. Poor mobile experience can easily shoo away your customers.

12. Keep your pricing reasonable, yet competitive

Pricing your products in the fashion eCommerce business is very important. Compare prices with your competitors, analyze your products, find the total cost per product, and decide their worth.

This can be a little more complicated then implementation any of the fashion eCommerce business tip mentioned above, however, is the most complex.


Running a fashion eCommerce business and finding success that improves fashion eCommerce conversion rate are two different things.

It takes a lot of dedication and techniques to make a fashion online store successful. This article shares 12 powerful tips that’ll help you build a profitable fashion eCommerce brand.

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