Top 10 Facebook Page SEO Optimization Tips You Must Follow

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Top 10 Facebook Page SEO Optimization Tips You Must Follow

Facebook is still one of the largest social networks. You’ll find people from different groups, beliefs, and communities interacting with each other on daily basis.

That’s why, as a brand, you must be able you create a dedicated community of your own. One of THE most important steps in the following direction is Facebook page SEO optimization.

Wait. Why is Facebook Page SEO important? It is social media.

Facebook is a social media site, but its sheer size and authority demand the way to determine the ranking of your page on Facebook and the web.

Here, I am sharing with you the top ten Facebook page SEO optimization tips that you must follow.

Without taking any more time, let’s get started with the most crucial section of your Facebook marketing and optimization.

Facebook Page SEO Optimization Tips You Need For Your Brand

Conduct SEO Keyword Research

Conduct SEO Keyword Research - facebook page optimization

The goal of the SEO keyword research here is to determine what keywords are associated with your products. 

What are the most common and trending phrases that your audience is using to find your products?

This research will help deeply in your Facebook Page SEO optimization, which is why you must do it before you get started with other Facebook marketing campaigns.

As we learn more about the tips in the points below, you’ll see the use of keywords everywhere like an on-page SEO of a blog post.

Choose A Unique Facebook Name

On Facebook, a user can find you through the name of your brand, and the username of your brand.

There is a difference.

A name can easily be updated in the future and can also be used by any other Facebook user. A user name, on the other hand, is unique to your brand.

You must go for the brand name that is unique, that connects with your community and tell people about you. Let’s have a look at some examples here.

XYXX is an innerwear brand. Have a look at their name and their user name.

XYXX Innerwear - Facebook SEO Optimization

When looking for their brand (or another similar brand also), if their customer searches “innerwear”

They will be among the top searches as they are.

Facebook SEO Optimization Page Search

Another instance can be to keep a consistent brand name across social media channels. Like Nykaa does.

To be consistent, you’ll find that rather than using simply Nykaa, the brand uses @mynyakaa as their user name across all social media channels to make it easy for customers to find them.

Facebook SEO Optimization - Nykaa user name

Claim Your URL

Claim Your URL - Facebook Page SEO Optimization

Just like your website, URL plays an important role in Facebook page SEO optimization. It is an important factor in helping the web and people find.

When you create your page, Facebook will assign a URL. But to make it more personalized for your brand open your page, go to Edit Page Info> Change Username. 

Your Facebook page username and the URL will be the same. That is why adding your keyword would be recommended, especially in a competitive niche like fashion.

Optimize Your On-Page SEO

At the start, I shared with you during the keyword research that you’ll be using them for On-page SEO optimization. 

Some of the most important sections where you should be using your keywords in your about section and the description of your page.

The goal is not to stuff in the keywords but use them organically. Let’s have a look at our previous example itself.

Facebook SEO Keyword Optimization

Above, as you can see, the brand is using its target keywords in both sections. In addition to that, they have made sure that content fulfills the purpose first, rather than making SEO their primary focus.

Improve Your Local SEO

Facebook is not just for national and international brands. Even if you are targeting your local customer, it is a place for you to shine.

Here, you must make sure that you are filling in all the details like location, contact number, and everything we discussed above.

This allows you to stand in the local search results of Facebook, helping you attract more footfall and targeted audience, rather than competing with global brands for no monetary reason.

Boost With Backlinks

This might come to you as a shock, but yes getting backlinks is an important part of Facebook page SEO optimization.

And the rules are still the same. If you can get links from authority sites, attract traffic from the source and people are engaging with your page, you get higher search rankings.

Google rewards for higher engagement and makes it easy for people to find you.

Optimize Your Facebook Content

Above, we were discussing on-page SEO and how you should optimize it. This is an advancement in that step.

Not just your about and description section, it is highly recommended that you integrate your keywords in your content as well.

The caption and the alt tags of your posts are part of your on-page activity. That is why, when creating a content strategy, it is recommended that keep the SEO factor in your mind.

Now and then, use your target keywords in your post. This will also help them rank higher in the search of Facebook post section as well.

Utilize Your Facebook Messenger

Utilize Your Facebook Messenger

One core element of Facebook page SEO optimization is the experience. The better it is the more people engage with it and it sends a positive signal to Facebook and Google.

In the same direction to improve the experience, and make people visit your brand, again and again, you can use Facebook messenger to your advantage.

But I understand that you can’t always be active and interact with everyone whenever there is a message.

That is why you should use AI chatbots. These are some of the replies that you can fill in that will be sent when someone reaches out to you.

Manage Reviews

Manage Reviews - Facebook page optimization

Reviews are a powerful element of Facebook page SEO optimization. First, from the perspective of your customers, it helps them know that you are among the best brands that they are looking for.

Also, when your customers can write a short brief of their experience while reviewing them, it helps their followers, friends, and family learn about you organically.

Now from the SEO point of view, when people search for your keyword your brand appears at the top along with the ratings. Sending a positive signal and attracting more customers to your page.

Again, this is a positive SEO signal, helping Facebook and Google determine your ranking.

Interact With Comments

Engagement is the key to success on social media. And at last, Facebook is a social media platform that wants to make sure people are engaging and spending time on their platform.

The page and the user who makes it possible, get the reward. That is why interacting with commenters is an important part of Facebook Page SEO optimization.

Also, we are way ahead of the time, when saying thank you was enough. Today, comments are a source of conversation. So whenever you reply, try to get back a reply from your customers as well.

Bonus Read

Facebook page SEO optimization is a key element of your social media marketing. It might not be the only factor but is a significant one when competing with other giants. If you are running an eCommerce, these tips will definitely help you reach more eyes and build a community of your own.

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