What Is Emotional Marketing Strategy? 8 Best Ways To Do It

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What Is Emotional Marketing Strategy? 8 Best Ways To Do It

The importance of marketing has grown over time, however, its meaning and ways have changed. For many years, conventional marketing has prevailed. Billboards, magazine covers, TV ads have been the first priority of big brands. But these metrics aren’t useful anymore.

Your success shouldn’t come to you like easter eggs, it has to be trackable, measurable, and controllable. In today’s world, businesses have adopted such most effective methods of marketing. With this new era of marketing, what has been observed is that the best way to make your customers loyal to your business is through emotional marketing.

More than 73% of the customers are willing to pay the businesses that are taking care of their needs and emotions first.

This method of approaching the customers to market your products is termed A study shows that the customer experience will surpass the priority of a business’s product pricing or quality.

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, then you’ve got to make sure that you’re triggering that sweet emotional spot of your customers so that they can connect with your brand. To begin with, let’s first understand what is an emotional marketing strategy.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional Marketing is the way of approaching the customers through emotions in order for them to notice, remember, share, and buy from you. It is one of the best marketing strategies to connect with your customers in a better way and for a long-term buying-selling relationship.

How Do You Do Emotional Marketing?

Much of emotional marketing is not based on what you do, but on what you should not do.


1. Don’t always push sales

Emotional Marketing

Those salesy lines can easily push them away. It’s not necessary that only interaction between you and your customers has to be based on buying and selling. Approach them with something casual, something that interests their emotions and makes them stick with you.

For example, rather than telling them ‘Buy This Sunscreen’. Share with them some tips to avoid tanning, a few DIY masks, or an interesting history of your product. This way, you talk about something that interests them while still being relevant to your niche.

2. Don’t only talk about yourself

Emotional Marketing

Be it on social media, newsletter, or the website, if you try to be a narcissist, higher are the chances that you’ll get yourself considered annoying. Instead of talking about yourself, it would be much better to talk about your customers and niche-specific knowledge.

People love listening to genuine content, especially if it includes social proof. Rather than bragging about your product, let your customers talk about you.

Share testimonials and reviews on your website. You may also post Stories of your best feedback. Spending a fortune on marketing and hiring a sales team to repeat the script will bring you no good. When customers see customers talking about a brand, it boosts conversions and improves your brand visibility.

3. Don’t limit them from knowing you

Emotional Marketing

Transparency is the key to making any relationship last longer. You’ll need to make sure that you’re being transparent with your customers.

Tell your policies clearly, share your product stories, the history of your brand, how you work, and other areas that relate to your customers. Being transparent instills trust among your shoppers along with enhancing brand credibility and goodwill.

4. Don’t ignore them

Emotional Marketing

For emotional marketing, you’re required to keep your customers on a pedestal. Address them specifically whenever you contact them and make them know that you value them.

The best way to make this sure through emotional marketing is by taking feedback. When you take feedback, your customer realizes that they are being heard and their opinion matters. Along with it, it reveals to you the areas of improvement. Another way to attending them carefully is through addressing each of your customers personally.

For example, if you’re sharing newsletters, make sure that they are personalized for each of your shoppers. You may change the names in every newsletter, but that’s where your rivals stop, you’ll need to do something different to beat the heat.

Rather than directly telling them about your offers, try to make a conversation. Share a story about their last experience, talk about their last order, or make a few personalized suggestions.

This way of attaching is very common for emotional marketing. Now that you know what all things you must avoid in emotional marketing, let’s now talk about a few must-do things for emotional marketing: 


1. Tell them stories

Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is a two-way process. As much as you want to know about your customers, they want to know about you. For an emotional marketing strategy to begin, tell your customers about your history, your aim, and your purpose of beginning. Tell them about the highlights that happen in the back area.

Share about the work culture and behind the scenes of your product making. You can also share a few good incidents that happened with your customers. Such stories work as a bridge between you and your customers.

2. Remember their important days

Emotional marketing

An emotional marketing strategy demands you to touch your shoppers’ emotions. Now, what could be the best way to touch them than enhancing the joy of their special occasions.

Collect the data that includes their DOBs, anniversary dates, and religious occasions. During these days, you may offer them an exclusive discount coupon for their birthday or anniversary or add a gift to their orders. Let your customers know that you remember them and what’s important to them if you want your emotional marketing strategy to work.

3. Try to be a part of their daily lives

Emotional Marketing

If you don’t know how to be a part of your shoppers’ lives then look at Nike or Coca-Cola. They’ve been practicing emotional marketing for years. Coca-Cola has never talked about how good it tastes. When people think about Coca-Cola, they think of summers, weekends, friends’ nights, and probably thanksgiving!

Nike will never talk about the quality of its apparel and shoes. All it does is trigger the emotion of being a winner, being motivated, being active, and in fact the choices we make.

These brands know well how to leverage emotional marketing. Most people consider these brands as a part of their joy, lifestyle, and childhood memories. Considering the ‘don’ts’ mentioned above, if you can once forget about telling about your greatness, your product can start building a relationship with your customers through emotional marketing strategy.

4. Welcome them to engage with you

Emotional Marketing

In today’s world, eCommerce business owners are thriving to gain engagement. Thankfully, there are many platforms that can help them achieve it, especially social media platforms.

Networks like FB and Instagram can expose your brand to a wide variety of audiences. You can shout out to them, engage with them, encourage them to visit your website. It is very important to let your consumers engage with you. Don’t simply post ads – everyone’s doing it and you can’t catchy much of the attention.

Here are a few things you can do to welcome your shoppers to engage with you:

  • Welcome your customers to leave a comment on your posts
  • Share Stories with interactive Instagram stickers
  • Run fun competitions on social media networks (eg. post a selfie with our new product and win a chance to get another one for free)
  • Go Live on Instagram and engage
  • Go live on Instagram Live shopping
  • Create engaging Instagram Reels

If you’re aware of the campaign that Starbucks ran a few years ago that asked its customers to create a custom Starbucks cup for their limited edition. The consumers went crazy and the response didn’t just come up with vivid cup designs but also a much stronger emotional bond.

You can come up with your own ways to involve your shoppers. It depends on your niche and the type of products you deal with. Having customers contribute to your existence not only improves emotional bonds but also initiates brand awareness, improves goodwill, and boosts eCommerce growth.

Bonus Read

Emotional marketing is a great way to leave an impact on your consumers making them stay loyal to you and bring in more reliable customers. If you’re looking to survive the eCommerce market in today’s world, keeping your shoppers on priority is the only way to beat the eCommerce competition.

There are many other growth strategies that you can implement in your business, but make sure that an emotional marketing strategy is one of them. If your customers want you, there’s no brand that can replace you. It doesn’t matter if yours is the first idea or the last, it all comes down to who does it better, and who left a greater impact.

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