12 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins For your Store in 2021

February 12, 2021 in eCommerce

12 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins For your Store in 2021

WordPress initially hit the market as a blogging platform that allowed users to write their own blogs even for free! With amazing themes, various marketing tools, and user-friendly working, it became one of the most adored platforms for many.

As per the data collected by CreativeMinds, more than 409 million people view over 24 billion pages on WordPress each month.

With such great success, WordPress is not limited to blogging only. It now allows users to create any type of website within a few hours and that too with a very little budget. It has become a boon for eCommerce business owners.

If you have an online store or planning to have a website through WordPress, then with the right eCommerce WordPress plugins, you can build a very successful, cost-effective, and attractive online store.

12 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce is one of the most used eCommerce WordPress plugins as it is very easy to use and has a number of themes that you can choose from. Social selling in WooCommerce is built-in and allows you to synch multi-channel selling for free.

It offers features like inventory and order management, customer data, control over shipping, coupon management, statistical tracking, and much more.

You can boost this eCommerce plugin even more if you integrate it with its free plugin called HubSpot for WooCommerce. This further allows you to add free CRM, abandoned cart tracking, automation of marketing, etc to your WooCommerce store.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce eCommerce WordPress Plugins

BigCommerce offers seamless integration with your WordPress website along with being a headless, cloud-based channel. It enables you to use WP to power your website and pick what features you want your BigCommerce store to have. Its key features include:

  • This eCommerce WordPress plugin keeps your eCommerce engine separate from other different content makes it effortless to work with your WordPress website.
  • You can use this eCommerce plugin to sell on various channels like FB, Instagram, Amazon.
  • There are no transaction charges for using this eCommerce WordPress plugin. You are only required to pay the payment service provider.
  • It has a wide variety of shipping and delivery options
  • You can find more than 80 predesigned, interactive templates to create a one-of-a-kind website appearance.
  • Customization options available using its apps

3. SendPulse Web Push

SendPulse Web Push eCommerce WordPress Plugins

SendPulse is an amazing eCommerce WordPress plugin as now you can add push notifications to your website, and that too – Without any fees!

You can simply send notifications through browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Hence, now you can still stay engaged with your consumers by sending them notifications even when they are not on your website.

You can segment your target audience to send targeted, exclusive messages. This eCommerce plugin also allows you to perform A/B testing to figure out which notification campaign is working best for you.

4. Ecwid

Ecwid eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce WordPress plugin that is a shopping cart solution for you. You can add a shopping cart to any of your websites. It also provides you with a checklist that includes the essential things for beginners to do.

The best part is, unlike Woo, you’ll be able to find many extensions already built-in along with in-store POS. This eCommerce plugin also supports 45 languages, more than 40 international payment options, and real-time shipping integration.

5. WP Shopify

WP-Shopify eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Just like BigCommerce, the Shopify eCommerce plugin is also a cloud-hosted solution to sell online. With Shopify, all you need to do is just sign-up and start right away. No hassle with setting up payment gateways, taking care of shipping, or taxes.

You may also try the Shopify Lite plan that starts with just $9 per month. With this, you create customized storefronts, manage orders, sales, payments, etc.

6. OptinMonster

OptinMonster eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Optinmonster is one of the most impactful conversion optimization and lead generation software. This eCommerce WordPress plugin can easily be integrated with your WooCommerce store too.

It can provide a summary of your every customer’s journey regarding what’s in their cart, how much is their cart total, and what are your best audience to target. You do not need to have any coding knowledge or design skills to create your eCommerce store campaigns.

7. Sendinblue

Sendinblue eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Sendinblue can be your best email marketing buddy. Using this eCommerce WordPress plugin you can build email marketing campaigns, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and more. Sendinblue is loaded with marketing tools and sales features.

It is a must-use eCommerce plugin if you are looking forwards to expand your conversion rates through marketing techniques.

8. WP eCommerce

WP-eCommerce eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WP eCommerce WordPress plugin can help you automate your marketing effortlessly. You can create any type of website to sell digital and physical products, services, or memberships.

It allows you to customize your site using HTML and CSS as per your needs. With the help of its built-in tools, you can manage your orders and catalogs easily.

Yoast SEO eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO is the eCommerce WordPress plugin that is there to fulfill all your SEO needs. When your site is well-optimized, it tends to attract more traffic which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. Its key features are as follows:

  • Analyzes content and SEO
  • Snippet preview gives you an overlook of how your post is going to look
  • Internal linking features helps you better organize your site structure
  • Automated internal links recommendations

10. MarketPress

MarketPress eCommerce WordPress Plugins

MarketPress provides great tools for your WooCommerce store with easy integration. It is a does-it-all eCommerce plugin and requires no additional extensions. It has tons of built-in features along with many simple configuration tools. You can sell anything from digital to physical goods using MarketPress.

It guides shoppers through browsing products till adding items to their cart, and then on to checkout and delivery. You can even provide updates on the status of shoppers’ orders.

11. SeedProd

SeedProd eCommerce WordPress Plugins

SeedProd is a workhorse of an eCommerce WordPress plugin. It handles coming soon, launch, under construction, and maintenance mode pages for your WordPress site.

The best part is, SeedProd is an effective tool for getting leads before your WordPress website even goes live.

When you have a product launch or something coming up, you can create a Coming Soon Page that captures your audience’s email address. This lets you stay in contact with your target buyer all the time, i.e – before, during, and after your product launch.

Lastly, you’re able to make generate sales because you’ve got your leads ready to buy.

It’s key features are:

  • Built-in autoresponder for emails
  • Great SEO
  • Social Follow and share

12. Cart66 eCommerce WordPress Plugin

Cart66 eCommerce WordPress Plugin

Cart66 eCommerce WordPress Plugin comes along with a lot of features built-in. It has tax calculation, inventory management, and integrates with Google eCommerce analytics and over a hundred payment gateways.

For shipping, you can either set your own rates or use real-time shipping charges. However, you can use its few of the features, you are required to have an EasyPost account.


eCommerce WordPress plugins are not merely add-ons but an actual necessity to fulfill the tasks that otherwise might take a lot of time and monetary investment to get completed.

You can use various eCommerce plugins for various different purposes. They make your life easy and allows you to run your online store seamlessly. after reading this beautiful article we highly recommend reading this article best B2b eCommerce Software Solution for 2021.

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