9 Ecommerce Thank You Page Ideas To Boost Conversion

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9 Ecommerce Thank You Page Ideas To Boost Conversion

Creating thank you page is not simple.

As a golden rule, you should always — and I mean ALWAYS — direct the user towards taking another action.

Now an eCommerce thank you page is tricky business. A customer has already made a purchase; the goal is accomplished. What’s next?

That’s what we are going to discuss here. I am sharing 9 thank you page ideas to help you increase your conversion.

Now, without taking any more of your time, let’s get started right away.

What is a Thank You page?

A Thank You page is a page on your website or app that a customer lands on after completing a conversion. This conversion could be signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a product/service, or submitting a form.

While dipping your toes in the social media marketing or banner ads promotion tracking can help drive more customers to your website, this page serves a different purpose.

The primary goal of a Thank You page is to confirm customer that the conversion has been completed without any error. In some cases, it also helps eCommerces keep track of conversion by tracking the number of users directed towards the thank you page.

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9 Best Thank You Page Ideas For Ecommerce

Ask For Feedback

Thank You Page Ideas  - Ask For Feedback

Getting customer feedback is essential for every business. Other than the analytical metrics, it helps us understand what customer wants directly from them.

Since your customer has just completed a conversion, they are the best prospect to get feedback on the shopping experience.

Make sure you keep it short, simple, and easy to get through. Some questions that you might like to ask at this stage are:

  • How did you come across *your brand* products?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your shopping experience?
  • How can *your brand* improve your shopping experience in the future?

This feedback can directly help you improve your marketing and customer experience.

Also, to get more feedback, you can incentivize customers with store credits that they can use in the future.

Invitation to community

Invitation to community

Going ahead, brand-specific communities will play a significant role. Since more and more content is getting published, distribution lacks a lot.

But when you have a community, you can easily reach out to them, share new updates and increase your conversion.

You can use your thank you page to encourage customers to join your tribe.

Since they already trust you, joining your brand’s community would be a massive step for them. 

Make sure you stick with your social media content calendar and keep them engaged.

Rating On Review Sites

Thank you page - Rating On Review Sites

Rating and reviews are used to build trust and acquire new customers. Especially if you are running a local eCommerce, getting a review on Google My Business and other local sites can boost your referral traffic and conversion.

If you are sure of the best shopping experience directing them towards giving you, a public rating would be one of the best thank you page ideas.

You may also note that getting a review further in the customer journey — through email, WhatsApp, or SMS marketing — might be much more difficult.

So utilize this opportunity the best.

Ask for referrals

Thank You Page Ideas  - referral marketing

A person is four times more likely to make a purchase when referred by friends or family members.

The following data indicate that a referral marketing strategy can directly impact sales.

What place and time would you guess is better than your eCommerce thank you page? A customer likes your product (obviously) and is most likely looking to take action.

At this stage, motivate your customer to refer your products to their friends. Also, you can ask your customers to forward a gift card to their friends and earn credits when their friends use it.

Building Wishlists

Thank You Page Ideas  - Building Wishlists

Want to keep your customers on your site? Let them explore more products from your store. One of the best thanks you page ideas would be to motivate customers to create a wishlist of products.

You can showcase other trending products on your eCommerce when they land on the page and the Thank You message.

Building a wishlist can be highly profitable, as it helps you know the products you like most. This way, when you are running a sale, you can inform your customers about it.

Since you know customers already liked the product, converting them once again will be much easier.


Thank You Page Ideas  - Amazon Cross Selling

Cross-selling is among the effective marketing and sales techniques prevalent in digital commerce. Based on the customer’s recent purchase means sharing products they are most likely to buy.

Cross-selling at the end of the customer cycle can be a great thank you page idea for customers, as you don’t have to start a process from zero.

The customer knows you and trusts your products. Hence, sharing the benefit of buying products together would be a great idea.

Educate for the use case

Thank You Page Ideas  - Educate for the use case

If you are selling products that require learning, you can direct your customers to the content that can help them.

Customers who have bought the product are very likely to look up “how to use it” anyway. So, when you share it, it helps you build a much stronger connection with customers.

For example, if you are selling a resistance band, direct your customers to how they can use your resistance bands differently.

This will keep them engaged with you and increase the brand visibility for new audiences.

Advertise Subscription

Thank You Page Ideas  - Advertise Subscription

Subscription services are rising in eCommerces. More and more brands are introducing subscription programs where customers can receive regular orders without making a purchase every single time.

If you are running such eCommerce, it would be one of the best Thank You page ideas to tell customers about your subscription program.

For example, monthly protein and supplement subscription. A person buying the product once is likely to order it every month. Telling them about getting a subscription is highly effective at this stage.

Continue Shopping

Thank You Page Ideas  - Continue Shopping

Lastly, you can also tell your customers to continue shopping. This is one of eCommerce’s most basic thank you page ideas, as you give customers a choice of action.

It aligns with the rule but getting a conversion or any particular result isn’t the goal here.

You can use the following to ensure customers have a way forward based on your eCommerce, product, and audience.

Bonus Read

With the following thank you page ideas for eCommerce, directing your customers should be a breeze. Our goal is simple. Tell customers what action they can take.

The eCommerce Thank you page might be the last stage of your shopping cycle, but make sure it aligns with your brand guideline.

Also, ensure that you confirm that the order has been placed — the goal of the thank you page.

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