7 Trending Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas 2023

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7 Trending Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas 2023

Can you guess how you can start small and still have sustainable eCommerce growth?

The answer is returning customers. And an eCommerce subscription business idea can perfectly align with this vision.

Not only does it allow you to make returning purchases, but it also makes it easy for your customers.

But what are the best products for the eCommerce subscription business? What are the trending eCommerce subscription business ideas? 

What is an eCommerce subscription business?

The eCommerce subscription business model is an arrangement between the customers and eCommerce to ship the products at weekly, monthly, or various desired intervals.

It can be a monthly plan, paid every month, or the annual plan to receive products each month.

It is among the various ways to increase the returning customer and many enterprises 

7 Trending Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas 2023

Skin Care & Cosmetic

Skin Care & Cosmetic - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

Skincare and cosmetic products are in huge demand. And the best part about this eCommerce subscription business idea is more and more people are now being aware of the importance of self-care.

How taking care of themselves is a regular and rewarding process.

You can start with one product to break into to market, and slowly introduce a range of other products.

Some of the trending skincare eCommerce subscriptions are:

  • Sakara
  • FabFitFun
  • Laurel and Reed
  • Tribe Beauty Box
  • The Detox Market

Grocery & Household

Grocery & Household - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

Grocery and other household items are a great pick for subscription business ideas. They are used by the masses and everyone needs them every month.

The best way to get started here would be to pick a niche product. This can be cleaning, spices, etc.

You are looking for a product that one needs to purchase again and again.

Some trending household eCommerce subscriptions are:

  • Frey
  • Skura
  • Grove.co
  • Mighty Fix
  • Thrive Market

Vitamin Subscription

Vitamin - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

There is a reason why they are called “Daily vitamins”. With people getting more and more conscious about their healthy vitamins and health supplements are making their way into our life.

It’s not just people with deficiencies, people looking forward to living a healthy life and ensuring their levels are in check are also the customers.

This is a personalized product, based on what the customer wants. Starting with a range of products will be recommended in this niche.

Some trending vitamin eCommerce subscriptions are:

  • Ritual
  • Care/of
  • Persona
  • HUM Nutrition
  • Nurish by Nature Made

Home Improvement

Home Improvement - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

The home improvement market exceeds USD 762.9 billion in 2020 and is growing at a rate of 4.3%. And there are a lot and a lot of kinds of products that you can get started with.

But again, the best subscription business idea here would be to look for something one wants to buy again and again.

This could be painting colors for DIY, scented candles, essential oils, insect repellent, etc.

Some trending home improvement eCommerce subscriptions are:

  • Vellabox
  • Just Deco
  • Mighty Fix
  • Simply Earth
  • Project Home DIY

Pet Necessities

Pet Necessities - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

Pets are the part of the family that needs extra attention. And the people who love them, love them wholeheartedly.

The whole market size of pet care products surpassed USD 232 billion in 2020.

This includes food, supplies, toys, collars, and more. Along with the food that one wants on a monthly basis, you can also make the box exciting with the toys and other supplies.

Some trending pet care subscription boxes are:

  • BoxDog
  • PupBox
  • RescueBox
  • Tiny Tail Box

Baby Products

Baby Products - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

Another trending eCommerce subscription business idea in the niche of baby products. Becoming a parent can be hard and there are a lot of products that the baby wants.

The products can be toys, food, diapers, wipes, clothes and the list for babies can go on. And that is something that you can help solve.

A baby needs different products from different stages of its growth. You can start a subscription box that helps parents receive products accordingly.

Some trending baby products subscription boxes are:

  • Lillypost
  • Lovevery
  • Hoppi Box
  • Hello Bello
  • Panda Crate

Tea & Coffee

Tea & Coffee - Ecommerce Subscription Business Ideas

There is no better business than the business of habit. Tea and coffee are the top beverages that every household buys every month. People drink them every morning and occasionally as well.

You can pick one, and even niche down to a particular type of coffee or tea for yourself. Once you are able to attract customers for your subscription service, they get a taste of it, and there is no going back.

Some trending tea & coffee subscription boxes are:

  • Atlas Coffee Club
  • Simple Loose Leaf
  • Trade Coffee Subscription
  • Harney & Sons Tea of the Month Box
  • Art of Tea’s 6-Month Tea Subscription

Bonus Read

All the trending eCommerce subscription business ideas shared above have one common base, the ability to blend into our daily lives. And that is what makes the subscription box ideas successful.

The ability to become part of your customer’s life gives you an advantage that is hard to overcome for your competitors, hence consistent growth.

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