Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies That You Can Use In 2023

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Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies That You Can Use In 2023

Ecommerce remarketing strategies are playing a huge role in helping eCommerce grow. We already know finding a new customer and building trust can be hard and time-consuming.

But what about the customers or the visitors who already know you?

They are the real goldmine. Lower customer acquisition cost, higher returns. And that is something that every eCommerce should look forward to.

Here, I am sharing the 7 best eCommerce remarketing strategies that you can use in 2023. These are the strategies that require minimum resources to set up and deliver high returns. So without taking any more time, let us get started.

What is eCommerce remarketing?

Ecommerce remarketing is a way through which eCommerce can reach back to visitors or customers through ads. These visitors and customers are people who have already visited the website.

Ecommerce uses external ads to persuade them to re-visit and take an action.

And now that we are on the same page, let us get started with the 7 best eCommerce remarketing strategies in 2023.

Best Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies In 2023

Use Gamification for Remarketing

Use Gamification for Remarketing

Running a contest can be one of the easiest ways to call back your customers. Not just that, gamification also helps in boosting engagement, collecting leads, and run organic referral programs.

You can run contests like Spin a wheel to get a 20% – 30% – 50% discount! Or Refer Us To Your Friend And Get 20% Off For Both Of You.

In addition to running these campaigns on your social media, and website, you can also use display and Facebook ads to reach your potential customers.

If you are using Facebook Pixel (which you must) you can even target ads specifically to people who have visited your store.

Cart Abandonment Remarketing

Cart Abandonment Remarketing

Cart abandonment is probably one of the finest opportunities for eCommerce. Unlike other events, here you are already aware of the products that customers are most interested in.

You can use this insight in your eCommerce remarketing to reach back to your customers, and show them exactly what they are interested in.

This results in higher ROI and more sales at the same time. Running a cart abandonment campaign may require a lot of guidance from you.

That is why I highly recommend you read Abandoned Cart Emails, for a better understanding of this event.

Capitalize During Festivals

Capitalize During Festivals

Festivals are the time when people are constantly looking to buy and try new products. This makes it the best time to connect with your old customers and aware them of your amazing products.

People who bought products from you once, people who signed up but have never made an order, users who were regular customers but stopped, and more such dead accounts.

Reaching out to them with a good incentive can really result in a high ROI.

Since the users have already visited your eCommerce, and are aware of your brand it will be the best time to bring them back.

Cart Removal marketing

Cart Removal marketing

We know about customers who have not completed the order and have an abandoned cart. We can have created an eCommerce remarketing strategy for them.

Now, let’s focus on the customers that have removed the products from the cart just before making a purchase.

This could be while placing an order, or the products that they added some time ago and are not interested in it anymore.

You can create an eCommerce remarketing strategy to target those customers and cross-sell the products that they just purchase. That is products related to products that they just made the purchase.

Use Push Notification

Use Push Notification

Ecommerce remarketing strategies are not limited to just email or ads. One other method that you can use is Push Notification.

Push Notification is a way through which, websites/eCommerce can send notifications on the devices of the users who have given them access to do so.

You don’t need an app here, rather the notifications are sent through the browser. You can edit the notifications, and use them for various eCommerce remarketing strategies.

Use Dynamic Ads

Use Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are among those personalized and high ROI ads that you must add to your eCommerce remarketing strategy.

Dynamic ads are the ads of products that visitors just saw on your eCommerce. The ads are automatically created and are different for each person. That is, whatever the individual was watching on your eCommerce, they will see the same products in ads.

Meaning, that if the customer was a little hesitant at first, dynamic ads will show them your products again. And since we know they are interested in the product in the first place, it is more likely that they’ll buy the product.

Turn On Look A Like Audiences

Turn On Look A Like Audiences

Look like audiences are the people who have similar interests to the audience you selected. These are the people who overlap some interests but don’t fall directly into your target group.

It is highly recommended that while running an eCommerce remarketing strategy, you turn on the look-a-like audience filter. This will broaden your reach and help you reach a larger group of potential customers

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