15 Ecommerce PPC Tips To Increase Ad Conversion With Ease

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15 Ecommerce PPC Tips To Increase Ad Conversion With Ease

Having an eCommerce PPC strategy for your business is like pre-deciding what you wish to buy from your grocery store. It helps you in ways like:

  • Firstly you will be getting traffic that has a higher chance of a conversion. 
  • Secondly, it will reduce your bounce rate as people who will be opening up your store would be genuinely looking for products similar to you.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you will be spending only and only for high-quality traffic to your site rather than a random audience poping in and costing you your hard-earned money.
eCommerce PPC Tips

You would surely agree that finding a new and loyal customer isn’t a piece of cake. Especially when you are competing with some eCommerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Now that you decided to run ads, we motivate you to do it right. 

Here 15 best eCommerce PPC tips to increase your ad conversions. With the help of these, you can build your very own eCommerce PPC strategy and increase your profit by bringing in the right audience.

15 best eCommerce PPC tips for your eCommerce

Run Branded Campaigns

Run Branded Campaigns

The very first eCommerce PPC tip that you can’t overlook is running a branded campaign. If you are just starting out running branded ads can grow your brand awareness by 80%. Moreover, the last thing your customer wishes to see is your competitors when they actually search for your brand name.

Hence, you can start by running a branded campaign of your own brand to make sure that your site appears at the topmost place when people search for you.

Work on your Landing Page

work for landing page

According to Steelhouse, a well-targeted and optimized landing page can increase your conversion by 300%. But there is surely more than one benefit of having multiple landing pages for your eCommerce store.

Firstly, your customer appreciates the time you save searching and looking for the right product. Building a landing page specifically for the type of ads and audience brings personalization to your store. 

And to sum up, people actually find your site more useful, which sends a positive signal to google resulting in a higher organic ranking in search results.

But tips for landing pages can’t be summed up in a line or two. A few of the eCommerce PPC tips for your landing page will be

  • Use headings (H1, H2..) with the keywords that you used in the titles.
  • While running display ads, follow the same color palettes that you have used for your website and your landing page.
  • Let the landing page be dedicated to a singular type of product and deliver what you promised to your audience.
  • Do not add multiple CTA’s whereas keeping it simple for your customer to take action by giving about 1 or 2 CTA’s with multiple options to choose from.

If you wish to learn more about how you shall work on your landing pages, we recommend you read the 7 Best eCommerce Website Builders for Your Online Store once you go through all the eCommerce PPC tips mentioned here.

Optimize your On-page SEO

Optimize on-page seo

If we haven’t been clear enough in the above eCommerce PPC tips, then this point is worth mentioning. Even though you are running ads, Google wishes to deliver the most beneficial results to its user.

And for judging which results suits the best for the query, it will look at the On-page SEO of your site. Not just your landing page but your site. So make sure that your site is well optimized before you jump on to any of the eCommerce PPC tips shared on the internet.

  • Use images and videos
  • Focus on your targeted keywords
  • Use your Keywords and their synonyms frequently on your site
  • Use keywords in your heading, titles, URL, meta, alt tags, and content
  • Have a proper site structure
  • Have a proper internal linking and pages indexed
  • Do not opt for black hat or grey hat SEO

Specify the Negative Keywords

This is among the must-follow eCommerce PPC tips to increase your Ad conversion. Google allows you to specify the keywords that you don’t wish to show your ads on. These are the keywords that sound similar to you but have no business with you.

This way you will eliminate the unwanted audience on your site and could be very precise about the people who will be seen in your ads and the people who will actually bring you sales, once entering your eCommerce.

Highlight Special Offers

Increase your Average Order Value
Source- bcbgmaxazria

There are a bunch of your competitors who may run ads to bring in new customers. But they might just fail as they are not giving a reason for someone to click on their ads. 

Among these eCommerce PPC tips, you shall not forget that customers need to see something appealing to click on. So make sure that you address your offer in the heading of the ads themselves.

If you aren’t running any offer, then showcase your USP or the reason why people would be eager to enter your site and buy from you.

Evaluate the Time of Your ads

This is among the simplest eCommerce PPC tips that you shall remember every time you are setting up your ads. Evaluate closely the time of running the ads. Choose a time when people will be most actively purchasing in the market.

For example, normally people would be active during the times of Thanksgiving and Christmas so these could be the best time of the year to run ads.

If you narrow it down to a month, check out the time of the week where people are most active during the shopping and run your ads at that specific time. And the same can go for a day to, where you can see the most active hours when people will be making a purchase.

It will surely give you better results at a low cost and less time.

Use ad extensions

There are unusual amounts of eCommerce PPC tips but this one is our favorite. Add extensions by google for quick actions. And to start with you can choose from a pool of options according to your ads and your landing pages.

Some of our personal favorites are- 

  • Site Link- Especially if you are running a braided campaign, this will allow you to show different important pages or categories in the search result itself.
Use ad extensions
  • Structured Snippet– This extension is a great way to highlight different varieties and aspects of your product and service. Audiences will easily be able to foresee the options and click on them too.
  • Ratings or reviews – As we have said before, it can be hard for your customers to trust you for the first time. Well, this extension can resolve the issue by showing your ratings and reviews in the search result.

Use A/B testing frequently

a/b testing

We, humans, are known to make mistakes and then learn from our mistakes. Obviously, we can’t always wait to make mistakes, rather we can test out which works better for us and continue with it.

The same can be done while you are running ads for your eCommerce. After going through all the eCommerce PPC tips in this article we are sure that you will manage to dodge most of the mistakes. But in order to resist all of them, you can have a test run of ads by opting for A/B testing.

Just set up two or more ads and let them run at the same time. After an interval looks at their result and pause the underperforming ads and push the best one of them.

Switch to Manual Bidding

manual bidding

Among the best eCommerce PPC tips that we ever learned was to keep the bids in our hands. You can’t just rely on auto bidding as you need to make sure that you limit your spendings.

Hence vary your bid and find out the right balance between your spendings and your expected results.

Target In-market Audience

Good Product Description

This is an add-on to the eCommerce PPC tips, where we asked you to evaluate the time of running ads. As a matter of fact, you need an audience that actually wishes to make a purchase.

So to attract that specific audience, you shall checklist the in-market audience while setting up your ads. These are the audiences that are actively looking for a product like yours and have a higher probability to make a purchase.

Retargeting is the key

Even after following all the important eCommerce PPC tips, you shall come across some stubborn audiences, who need extra attention and convincing. Well, in the world of marketing, we define it as retargeting or re-marketing.

If a person landed on your product page through an ad, there are high chances that he is interested in buying your product. If you leave the page without making a purchase, you can retarget him and showcase a variety of options, or the pros of the product to convince him.

But here’s a pro top for you. Run your retargeting in two phases. First just after someone enters your site exits without purchasing and another after a period of time to remind him of the product that he is missing out.

Optimize ads for devices

optimize ads for different device

This is among some special eCommerce PPC tips that require a bit of extra effort but can really make your bids worth it. Today we can broadly access the web from mobiles, tablets, and computers.

Every user entering through different devices can have various other motives. If you are aware, it was seen that 56% of revenue on the eCommerce website comes from desktop users.

Well here are a few things you can do. Specify ads for the devices. As desktop users have higher conversion rates, they have a clear CTR to make purchases. On the other hand, where mobile users are more active in looking for the products and learning more about it, you shall highlight CTR’s focused on learning more, adding to wishlist, or adding to cart. 

Make Sign up easy

make Sign up easy

We can’t help it, but this too is among the best eCommerce PPC tips that must be taken under consideration by eCommerce. And well if you are on to creating landing pages for your eCommerce this one’s for you.

Make it simpler for your customer to sign up on eCommerce, or for that, make it easy for your customers to take action. Some of the ideas could be to add a sign-up through google feature which allows users to quickly sign up and send required details to you.

Improve your website

holiday marketing tips

Along with eCommerce PPC tips, you also need something extra to make sure that people who click on your ads, at least come to your website and stay to explore what you have to offer.

This would become a complicated situation if you are not seeing any new conversion even after paying for the click. One reason for this could be underperforming or unattractive websites or storefronts.

We would highly recommend giving your efforts to the way your website presents itself and the speed of the website to load. Once you have achieved a good score, you can move to run ads, but not before that.

Focus Quality of your ads 

focus quality ads

In all the above eCommerce PPC tips that we have shared, we have highly motivated you to take actual steps. In continuation, we suggest you take extra effort and focus on the quality of your ads.

Remind you, google does take past experience of the users from previous campaigns. If the results are poor, it would be very hard for you to get better-performing ads for your eCommerce.

A few eCommerce PPC tips to improve your quality of ads would be to make sure you actually deliver what you promised your customers in the ads. Have a catchy and converting title for your ads. Run each campaign based on the singular set of keywords.

Bonus Tips

With all the above-mentioned eCommerce PPC tips you are all set to increase your conversion rate of the ads as well as the conversion of your store. But in addition to all the eCommerce PPC tips that we just shared, we would recommend you take note of some very important points before you start.

  • Firstly do thorough Keyword research before you actually jump on to tweaking any of the eCommerce PPC tips we shared.
  • If using display ads, make sure that you design them specifically according to the sizes mentioned by google.
  • Keep the message short, but at the same time impactful.

Moreover, we highly recommend you read the eCommerce copywriting secrets to write down your ad copy and get the most out of the eCommerce PPC tips that you just read.

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