Top 12 eCommerce lead Generation Tips to Explode Your Sales

February 15, 2021 in eCommerce

Top 12 eCommerce lead Generation Tips to Explode Your Sales

If you are running an eCommerce for some time you know how important eCommerce lead generation is for growth. In case you have just started out, you are at the right place to learn everything you need to learn about eCommerce lead generation.

Bringing new customers to your site is hard. But bringing them back on your site is a whole other tough game that very few eCommerce do right. If you do, you would be surprised to know that a returning customer spends about three times on a site he or she trusts.

Yes! Three times the amount a new customer would spend. Hence it is very important that you focus on your previous customer as much as you do on your new customer (even more if you agree with the data). 

But before discussing the 12 Easy Ways for eCommerce lead generation, let us understand.

What is eCommerce lead Generation and Why is it Important?

eCommerce lead Generation Tips

The eCommerce lead generation is the method to collect the required information about the customer to retarget them in order to increase sales. Here the information can vary from just the email address to the complete info about the customer.

It is very important for any eCommerce company to collect the leads as it helps them to easily reach out to the customer, without a need to run excessive ads and campaigns. Moreover, it gives a personalized experience to the customer, which builds trust with the brand.

If you do your eCommerce lead generation, in the way we shared below, chances are you would see substantial growth in your sales, without a need to pay a bunch of capital towards the ad.

Top Easy Ways for eCommerce lead Generation

1. Create a list

eCommerce lead Generation

The very first step is to prepare. In every manner, eCommerce lead generation is about remembering your potential customer. Hopefully, you will come across more than 1000 customers a day, if things go right. To make sure you don’t forget someone, build your eCommerce lead generation list from the start.

You can even save the lead based on the way you collected the mail (we will discuss how you can collect them) This way you will know which is the most converting page, campaign, or style and use it in the future for better results.

2. Have a lead Management System

eCommerce lead Generation

Next, you need to have a lead management system to get your customer to fill in the lead. This can be anything from a single bar at the end of the blogs, or an eBook containing a link asking readers to sign up.

Also, lead management is a two-way street for you and your customer. To get their details, you shall have to offer something. This shall be as simple as a “Free Demo” or “ Free Shipping” or even “$10 off” varying from your site and products.

This shall also be instant approval, to build the brand trust as delay often leads to the exit of your customer.

3. Utilize pop ups

email marketing

Whatever you say, you will have to agree that pop-ups have always managed to catch attention. If you can make them engaging, attractive, and Interactive, you can generate leads using them.

You can use email pop-ups for eCommerce lead generation, which are designed to work in your favor or bringing in new leads. We highly recommend you to read Email Popups for eCommerce: The best way to collect email.

4. Offer they can’t refuse

eCommerce lead Generation

There is something about the words like “free”, “off”, and “get” which trigger our minds to take action. At Least for the first seconds, later the risk factors roll in. But as an eCommerce, you need to make sure there is no hesitation, within your customer.

Offer something that they can’t refuse and would fair if they can exchange it with a simple lead. It is very important that you know your customer, as the offer must give them an advantage they wish to have.

Again eCommerce lead generation is all about making them return. Such tactics help you get repeat customers for your eCommerce store. If this offer is something that catches attention and leaves an impression, you will have collected a lead and goodwill from your customer.

5. It’s your time

Start an Online Boutique

Another eCommerce lead generation method is time bounding them with the offer. In this, you give them a specific time counter which builds up a rush, a fear of missing out on an opportunity.

On your site, they will see a time counter showing how much time is left with them before they can redeem an offer. To redeem the offer they would need to fill in a lead. Hene once they do, you will send them the code on their mail so that they can use it to get their offer.

But here’s a secret for you. If someone else opened your site the time left on the counter would be the same as in the first case. It would be a one-time thing for every customer visiting your site for the first time, but it would be a fresh experience no matter what time of day, week or year they offer.

6. AI Chatbots

Invest in eCommerce Chatbots

Innovations are rolling into the eCommerce lead generation as quickly as fast fashion. The only difference here is that they usually stay much much longer. One such innovative trend used for eCommerce lead generation is the AI chatbot.

Investing in a good Chatbot for your eCommerce can reduce your efforts and increase your sale simultaneously. You shall set up your Chatbot to ask for a name and collect the email of the user in a conversational manner.

Further, a Chatbot also works as a Virtual assistant, recommending the products, showing them related or similar products, making online purchase a complete personalized experience.

7. Use Mobile Optimization

eCommerce Hosting Service

You could be using any of the eCommerce lead generation methods for your site, but you should keep in mind that about 82% of users are using mobile phones to access your store.

Along with your site, you shall also remember to optimize your lead management system to optimize it accordingly. Your popups, timer, sidebar, or anything that you shall choose to collect leads, shouldn’t interfere with your user experience.

You will be collecting details so that you can reach out to customers to buy from you again. But if you won’t make sure that the experience of your customer is good, he might not even make a purchase for the first time.

8. Exit Intent

eCommerce lead Generation

Exit-intent is a method of showing something really attention-grabbing just when your customer was about to leave your site. It is an amazing way you can interact with your customer and collect their leads.

But not just this, you can even make sure that they have personalized attention and that too at the different levels of the buyer’s journey. For eg, if someone is about to leave your site after scrolling through multiple products, you can offer them a discount on their purchase in return for their lead.

In the next scenario, if someone is about to leave the cart abandoned, just when they are leaving you can offer them free shipping. These small steps really create an impact on the customer. And regarding your lead, you have got it along with a sale that was about to not happen. Double profit indeed.

9. Don’t forget to Show Something new

Cross-Selling Strategy

Every time someone visits your store, you can’t show them the same offer. Eventually, the value will drop. The same timer won’t affect them and the same discount won’t convert them.

Hence you shall use different campaigns for returning customers. The way you do this is by cookie detection

10. CTA plays a Very Important Role

eCommerce call to action

No matter what campaign or the offer you are running to generate leads, it is very important you call out your customer to take action. Moreover, with time, the CTA in eCommerce lead generation has become a creative play.

Earlier CTA such as “Sign Up” or even “Click Here” were working fine. But today, you have to show off what they will be getting. Varying from one campaign to another you will find successful eCommerce using CTA such as, “I Want That Discount”, or “Send Me The Code”.

Now your CTA can be completely different, but try to make it interactive and more appealing to click. Even the colors will play an important role, so do proper customer research and you will find the result.

11. Leverage your Social reach

Social Media Organically

The eCommerce lead generation is not restricted to the store or the site. If you have not built your audience on social media you are missing out on a lot of opportunities on the internet. About 32% of the sale on eCommerce occurs only through visitors Facebook and Twitter itself.

For the start, if you don’t have your Social account, start one today and build your own customer base. Now when you have a substantial following base, you have a group of people already interested in your brand.

Running ads would be the most helpful as the organic reach has dropped exponentially, but the result you get from social media is amazing. Moreover saying these followers are your leads. Having genuine interaction can help you learn what they wish to see and get more.

12. SEO again

Optimize on-page seo

If you are thinking that SEO is used only for bringing rank to your site, you are unaware of how useful SEO is. If you use the right keywords and white hat practices, you can attract the right customers on your site targeted by a location, language, interest, and much more.

This way you will have set off your very own target customer, whom you can get eCommerce lead generation through the methods mentioned above.

Your Take Away

With this, we conclude the list of 12 ways for eCommerce lead generation. But the list of attracting returning customers can’t end here. Every eCommerce has its own way to reach out to them, among which email is the most popular and powerful tool. If you wish to learn how you can attract your customers through email, we highly recommend you reading Top 9 ways of using abandoned cart emails to grow profit.

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