7 Best Ecommerce Facebook Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

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7 Best Ecommerce Facebook Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

Getting started with your eCommerce Facebook marketing can initially be intimidating. Common questions like the following can start crawling mind:

  • Is it right for me?
  • How can I use Facebook marketing for eCommerce
  • What are good eCommerce Facebook marketing strategies?

In this article, we’ll be answering these important questions. Along with that, you will also be learning about tips and various methods to help you increase your sales with Facebook marketing for eCommerce.

Without taking any more time, let us get started.

Getting Started With Facebook Marketing For Ecommerce

Create Your Business Page

Create Your Business Page - Facebook marketing for eCommerce

Facebook marketing for eCommerce can involve a lot of elements that are needed to be tracked. That is why it is essential that your eCommerce Facebook Marketing starts with creating your brand’s business page on Facebook.

People interested in your brand will be able to like and follow. On the business side, you’ll have access to Facebook Business Manager. A powerful tool to manage your Facebook and Instagram from one place.

You can schedule your posts, track them, see the insights, connect with followers, and more.

Setup Facebook Tracking

Setup Facebook Tracking

The next step to get started with Facebook marketing for eCommerce will be setting up the tracking. It can be done using Facebook Pixel. A unique code snippet that you are required to add to the head of your eCommerce.

It tracks the activities of the people visiting on Facebook and helps in retargeting in the future. As an eCommerce, it is very important that put your brands and products in front of people who already know you.

These could be your previous customers, followers, or someone who just came to your site. Since they are aware of you, it’s easy to build trust and persuade them to purchase with a good offer.

You can learn how to add Facebook Pixel for eCommerce in the following video.

Understand Your Customers

Understand Your Customers

If you are getting started with eCommerce Facebook Marketing without any prior insights, this point is for you.

Before you create or publish any post on Facebook, you must know who you are creating it for. First, creating a persona would be the most helpful thing.

As an eCommerce, the goals of Facebook marketing will most likely be sales. Create a persona that is most likely to buy your products. And keeping that in mind, create posts, ads, and campaigns that persona will like.

Study Your Insights

Study Your Insights

If you have some insights on your customers through Google Analytics, or Facebook it will be wise to dig deep into those analytics.

Posts with the highest engagement, impressions, likes, and conversion will tell you a lot about what your customers like to see. At the same time, it will also show you what they like to see as well.

In addition to understanding the posts, you can also look at what your audience looks like. In the Facebook Business Manager, Go To Insights and click on Audience.

Here you can look at insights of your current audience as well as your potential audience. And now that you know more about your audience, you can create a more efficient eCommerce Facebook marketing campaign.

Go Dynamic

Go Dynamic

Dynamic ads are one of the most powerful and thankfully the easiest ads for eCommerce Facebook marketing. Once you set them up, they fetch data about your products from your eCommerce and show it to your potential customers.

Mostly, these potential customers are the people who visited your site and looked at some of your products.

Dynamic ads present the same products that the customer saw and retarget them with the product they are most interested in.

Test Multiple Formates

Test Multiple Formates

There are various types of Facebook ads and posts that you can use for your eCommerce Facebook Marketing. In terms of Facebook ads the types of ads for Facebook marketing for eCommerce are:

  • Carousel
  • Dynamic
  • Image
  • Video

And yes there are even more types of Facebook ads, but these are the top picks of eCommerce. The best Facebook marketing strategy here would be to test multiple formats and compares the results.

While Dynamic ads are normally continuous facebook marketing for eCommerce, you can test even other formats to find the one with the highest returns.

Focus On Engagement

Focus On Engagement

Even when you are running ads on Facebook, you have to keep in mind that people are on the platform for engaging posts. Even if you are offering them a good deal, you have to create engaging posts.

And while doing so, do not forget to flaunt your eCommerce products. Use high-quality product images, clean backgrounds, attractive visuals, and high-quality copy to grab attention.

Gaining engagement is the key on social media platforms and as an eCommerce page, you must keep that in mind.

Bonus Read

Ecommerce Facebook Marketing is surely one of the best ways to spread brand awareness and retarget customers. It is one of the biggest social media platforms and you can use it to build a dedicated audience.

In doing so, make sure you present product images in the best way possible. After all, that is how your followers and customers will interact with your products.

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