5 eCommerce delivery strategy tips to increase sales

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5 eCommerce delivery strategy tips to increase sales

Whenever we make an online purchase, the wait seems to be never-ending. Amazon has already ruined us with quick delivery and it becomes much harder for new eCommerce to stand out, especially when it comes to delivery. So here it is. 5 eCommerce delivery strategy tips that can help you grow.

And to be honest, it is not just about pretty websites, but it’s about the real customer experience that matters the most. Product shipment plays a huge role in it.

eCommerce delivery strategy
eCommerce Delivery Strategy

There are enough tales with everyone, about how an eCommerce screwed up the shipping of their beloved product. A customer with a bad experience stands the power to actually influence at least 3 other customers NOT to buy from you.

But the stats aside, the goal here is to improve your eCommerce delivery strategy and increase your eCommerce sales. So let’s jump right into it.

How can an eCommerce Delivery Strategy help you grow your Sales?

eCommerce delivery strategy

In a chain of processes, delivery of the product purchased is among the last circles of customer experience. 

You might have a good design, a clear product description and the high-quality product images on your site, but in the end, if your delivery strategy has ruined the customer experience, all your previous efforts fall drastically.

People are paying for the product and the entire experience of buying from you. If you could deliver more than expected, you have for sure built brand loyalty and a returning customer. Hence helping you grow your eCommerce sales.

5 Ecommerce delivery strategy tips to increase sales

Aware your Audience

eCommerce delivery strategy

Keep your customer in the loop. Alert them about the shipping process that is taking place. In order to improve your eCommerce delivery strategy for your customer, you need to ensure that your customers know where their products have reached and how long is it going to take.

Bad curiosity can soon turn into frustration and anger. Now even if the product is delivered on time, the customer would still feel robbed and that’s the last thing you would like your customer to remember about you.

Hence use a good tracking experience for your delivery to allow your customer to stay updated about the products.

You can also send push notifications to deliver some important messages such as

  • “Your product has just been dispatched with ABC delivery service”
  • “Your product is arriving today”
  • “There has been a delayed in the delivery of your product for the following reason, and we will try to deliver the product by (new expected delivery date and time)”

Have Options and No Hidden Charges

eCommerce delivery strategy

The majority of the abandoned carts are due to the additional cost added by the eCommerce during the checkout. People looking to buy your product don’t fear the shipping charges but surely feel offended when the additional cost is added during the checkout.

Hence, it would really be appreciated if you could showcase the price of shipping with the product itself. Moreover, taking a step further and providing the customer with various delivery options would be another way to improve the eCommerce delivery strategy.

The options can include

  • Days of delivery – Working days only / Weekends only / Any day of the week
  • Time of the delivery – Office Hours / Before office hours / After the office hours / any time of the day
  • Delivery type –  Standard delivery / quick delivery / Same day delivery
  • Preferred delivery agency – UPS / DHL / Royal Mail / FedEx

You can choose any option for your customers to choose from, but you shall also make sure that the delivery is executed in the same manner your customer has chosen it to be. If it is not possible, I would recommend hiding the option.

Moreover, the shipping pricing can directly depend on the way your customer chooses it to be. No need to worry about the bad customer experience, hence helping you to improve the eCommerce delivery strategy to grow your eCommerce sales.

Re-assure your Customer Experience

Start an Online Boutique

A good customer experience is one where you know your customer is satisfied with the product and delivery. Here you don’t assume that everything went right, but actually ask the customer for feedback.

Once the product is accepted by the customer you shall ask them about the experience. Some of the quick feedback queries can be:

  • How much would you rate the delivery experience?
  • Did you receive the product the way you were expecting?
  • How do you think we can improve our delivery?

Having some present answers to choose from would increase the chances of engagement, hence, helping you to know what went wrong (if it did), and how you can improve it.

While a customer might trust you again after the following survey, if there is no improvement you could lose a returning customer for good.

Hence, taking action in order to improve the eCommerce delivery strategy would be the single most important step here.

Personalize the Experience

Improve Your Customer Service

While the interaction of you and your customer on your eCommerce would be virtual and behind the screens, delivery would be the single important stage where the engagement can real.

Good experience comprises memories and certainly, your products and brands can be a part of your customer’s memories only if you could personalize the shipping experience for them.

Some of the great ways you can enhance the personalization to improve the eCommerce delivery strategy could be:

  • Adding custom thank you note for being a loyal customer
  • Wrapping the product for a much festive vibe and message
  • Sending gift cards, or promo codes of your eCommerce

All these small additions to your eCommerce delivery strategy can increase your eCommerce sales, by improving the customer experience.

Be available for Queries

eCommerce delivery strategy

Sometimes your customers have questions that are needed to be answered. The cause of delay, the new expected delivery, or any issue that they faced during the delivery that they want to be resolved as soon as possible.

In this case, you must be available with alternatives and answers to your customer. To start with, have a dedicated FAQ page with a section for the common shipment queries.

Moreover, you can also use chatbots, live chat, and other automotive tools to help the customer anytime they want your help or are needed to be answered as soon as possible.

Lastly, make sure that when a customer is contacting you with a query or request, they are fully satisfied with the answer and the solution that your eCommerce has provided.

Try and Explore

Be it a new eCommerce delivery service, or a new eCommerce trend to improve the eCommerce delivery strategy. Exploring and trying out new options is always beneficial. 

The only key point here would be to put the customer experience first and how the change can affect the delivery on the customer’s end. Over the past few years, the growth of eCommerce has been constant and is expected to rise much higher.

Here the only way to set yourself distinctively is by putting the efforts to improve your customer experience. If you are successful in doing that, you can easily see your eCommerce booming.

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