9 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Customer Service In 2023

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9 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Customer Service In 2023

Ecommerce customer service is an important method through which you can turn an angry customer into a loyal customer. No kidding.

If you are able to resolve a customer issue, quicker and with ease, there is a good chance your brand will gain more loyal customers.

93% of customers will make a repeat order if they get excellent customer support. And in this article, I am sharing with you how can you get that.

Here are the 9 important tips that you must know in order to improve eCommerce customer service. Let’s get started with it right away.

9 ways to improve eCommerce customer service in 2023

Develop an omnichannel strategy

Develop an omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel strategy means bringing multiple stages and channels together. In eCommerce customer service, it means creating a system through which you connect multiple customer support channels together.

Channels like live chat support, emails, social media, SMS, etc are all the ways through which customers can reach out.

As an eCommerce, you must ensure it is easy for customers to get support, no matter what channel they choose. One way to do that is by using reliable customer support service software.

This will make it easy for your support team to help your customers from one dashboard and deliver timely assistance much more easily.

Track relevant KPIs

Track relevant KPIs

Just like every field of business, KPIs are an easy way to understand what is working and what is not. Similarly, in eCommerce customer service, the KPIs help you learn about the efficiency of your customer support.

That is why you must track relevant KPIs and figure out ways to improve on them.

Some of the most common eCommerce customer service KPIs are Customer Satisfaction scores (CSAT), First Response Time (FRT), Active Issues, Resolved Issues, Customer Retention Rate (CRR), and Abandoned Call Rate.

Meet customers on their terms

Meet customers on their terms

One thing that every eCommerce customer service team must remember is to be aware of what customer wants.

Often times it becomes hard in the heat of the moment to know the cause of the problem that the customer is facing. Using multi-channel communication and other tips help, but you have to understand the customer on a human level.

So make sure you create an eCommerce customer support system that regulates what customers want in their customer journey.

For example, if this is a first-time customer, it might be hard to trust your eCommerce. Assuring them and helping them resolve quicker will be highly recommended.

Similarly, if you are interacting with your loyal customers, you know they trust you hence making it easy for them to solve their problems through a self-serve portal might be a good option.

Understand what your customers are like, and what they want, and meet customers on their terms.

Create personalization

Create personalization

Personalization has the power to make every customer feel special. And to be fair, today with the help of various software and automation, creating a personalized experience is not even hard.

In eCommerce customer service, personalization might look like the name of the customer, previous interaction with them, previous orders, and more.

You can integrate your customer service software and your CRM software to create a more personalized experience through email, live chat, call, or whatever your customer prefers.

Improve response time

Improve response time

People don’t want to wait. And this is a universal truth for everything that we ever want to do. If we are trying to place an order it should be fast. Similarly, if your customer wants to resolve a problem it should be fast.

Here the most important KPIs are the First Response Time and Abandoned Call Rate.

First Response Time tracks the time it took for the customer support to respond once the customer reached out for their help. The goal is to be quick so that customer doesn’t have to wait long.

Next, Abandoned Call Rate is the KPI that tells us how many customers left the call in between resolving an issue. It directly represents the dissatisfaction of the customers. The goal again is to keep it as low as possible.

Enable self-service

Enable self-service
Source – asos

A self-service portal is a collection of questions and problems that customers generally face. In the case of eCommerce customer service, these questions can be related to delay in order, card not being accepted, order cancellation process, wrong shipment, etc.

To answer these common and recurring questions, the best way ahead is to create a self-service portal for your eCommerce and keep it updated.

70% of consumers used the self-service portal to resolve their issues. It saves their time and helps them get an answer quicker than interacting with eCommerce customer service.

Measure customer satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction

While one responsibility of eCommerce customer service is to resolve customer problems, another is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service.

And to be honest, it is the perfect time to understand if the customer is satisfied with the service or not. Why? They just faced an issue, contacted you, and you solved their problems.

When this goes into play, it builds customer connections with the brand. So asking for reviews and feedback would be a great idea to get started.

Use customer service software

Use customer service software

In all the tips, I have shared some other hints that you must use eCommerce customer service software. And the reason is clear. Efficiency.

Managing multiple support channels, keeping track of conversations, tracking customers, and assigning customer problems can take a lot of resources. And this is just the pre-customer support part.

On the other hand, customer service software uses automation to deal with most of the parts. The only thing that you have to focus is on interacting with the customer.

It also reduces the dependency on the big teams as even a small team can manage a decent group of customers with good software.

Build on what customer wants

Build on what customer wants

The last tip to improve your eCommerce customer service would be to create a system that your customer wants. Understand the areas where a customer is facing major issues and try to simplify/resolve them.

Also, understanding the most-used channel of communication, the best person to resolve technical issues, payment issues, shipping issues, etc would also be a great way to improve your service.

This data can be easily accessible if you are using customer service software for your eCommerce.

Bonus Read

There are a lot of essential steps and tips involved in improving eCommerce customer service. But the two that are the most important are tracking customer satisfaction and ensuring a good customer experience.

And while one can be taken care of by your support team, another involved your whole organization. From UI of the eCommerce to the way you present your products and sell them.

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