eCommerce Copywriting – The Ultimate Guide to Improve your Sale

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eCommerce Copywriting – The Ultimate Guide to Improve your Sale

Content is the Key to your Success”- A quote said and heard by everyone in one or another way. But when we talk about online buying and selling, the eCommerce copywriting is the Key to your sale.

It is no more a secret that you need to improve eCommerce copywriting skills, in order to stand out in this ocean of products and websites selling them. You have giant fishes like Amazon, and eBay covering almost 75% of the eCommerce market, after which you have Walmart and Target that are growing at the same pace.

The best option for you is to get some targeted, loyal and converting customers by your side. And guess how you can do it ? -By enhancing your copywriting skills.

To make sure you take away the best tips to improve your eCommerce copywriting skills, we have summed up everything you would need to learn.

To make sure we both are on the same page, let’s start by discussing the basics of eCommerce copywriting.

eCommerce Copywriting

What is Copywriting and Why is it Important for your eCommerce?

Copywriting is a way of writing and presenting a content in a manner to bring more conversion. You can understand it as a trigger that motivates the reader to take a desired action without actually forcing them to do that.

If you write words and frame those words in a manner that people become more inclined to “Click” on that button or “Sign-up” to your newsletters or “Buy” from you or take any action on their own that you desire them to take then you are a copywriter.

Also, it’s not about “what you said”, it is about “how you said it” also plays a very important role.

Copywriting is a very powerful skill that makes a very important decision on your overall efforts. Especially if you have eCommerce you need good copywriting skills to make sure that visitor’s convert into your potential customers.

A good eCommerce copywriting can bring interaction, engagement, sale and growth to your eCommerce. But we can’t just tell you all the benefits in a few words. Let us discuss what are the benefits you would get if you improve your eCommerce copywriting skills.

Benefits of Copywriting

1. More Sales

eCommerce Copywriting

This can’t be stressed more. The eCommerce copywriting skills are exceptionally used to bring in more sales to an eCommerce. If you are an established eCommerce, you would know, bringing in sales is the first priority. After which follows branding, socializing, and interacting.

It is the way a business remains sustainable and keeps on growing. A good copy can make it possible by motivating your customer to make a purchase from you by triggering various kinds of emotions according to the site and product. you can also use best Shopify apps for in increase sales.

2. Quality Content

eCommerce Copywriting

Your site is your own representation over the internet. When a customer first visits your site, the decision of making a purchase would completely depend on the content of your site. If a customer sees spelling mistakes, grammar errors and wrong punctuations, he would not trust your products no matter what benefits he may be getting from it.

But when you have your eCommerce copywriting skills by your side, you bring out the best content on your site. A content that has no error, and easy read will make a positive impact and check-mark in the reader’s mind to make a purchase.

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3. Builds Trust

eCommerce Copywriting

Before making a purchase, a person needs an assurance that he is doing the right thing. Do you remember times when you stumble upon a site, but have hesitation moving forwards? Well if you improve your eCommerce copywriting skills, you can eliminate this hesitation on your site.

This way of writing is all about triggering emotions, among which trust plays a very important role.

4. Define your Brand


The way content is written defines what the brand tonality is. Do you want to portray your brand as a Strong and Masculine, or do you wish to portray it Friendly. Both of them are used by the brands and perform very well based on the product’s they are selling.

It’s very important for you that you choose your side spectrum and stick to it. Hence eCommerce copywriting skills help to set it up and present your brand in a way you wish your customer to see you.

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Basics of Copywriting you must Remember

The benefits of eCommerce copywriting skills mentioned above are just the few that you would observe in your journey of growth. The best way to find out what else copywriting can do for you is by implementing this skill on your site/store itself.

To do so here are the basics of copywriting that you must remember, which will help you get the best result out of all your efforts.

Understand Who you are writing for

The first rule of copywriting is to know your reader. You can only make them purchase your product, when you know

  • Who they are?
  • Where are they from?
  • Are they regular buyers?
  • What do they prefer?
  • What are their pain points?
good ecommerce copywriting

The more detailed research, the better result you get. In order to do so, create buyer personas of your potential customer. Find something common and use it to address them. It might be possible that they might not even know about their problems, until they read it.

But this is what you have to do. Understand the gap between your product and your customer and fill it with the right phrases to make them know, they want your product.

Keep your Copy Clean

We live in the 21 century. An era where people are “listening” to “books”. Not many people are interested in reading line by line to see what’s in for them. You have got less than 3 seconds to make your customer read about you and purchase from you.

The best way to do so is make sure that you include necessary information for the reader. Also, keep each paragraph till about 2-3 sentences. If less, much better. 

Other than this keep the sentences under 20 words and less. This improves the readability of your copy. To practise this we suggest you to start writing in a free tool Grammarly. Here, switch word counter to the readability and try keeping as high as above 60.

Use the Stats

As said above, you don’t need to use huge unnecessary paragraphs in copywriting. They aren’t pleasant to read. Instead use stats in your copywriting. Statistics and data used from an authoritative site builds trust within the customers hence results in higher conversion rate.

Use Simple Language

This totally depends on the group of people you are targeting. Make your language friendly to them. Understand whether your customers are using modern abbreviations (FOMO, ASAP, etc) or not. If not avoid using them as it would just push them further in the buyer’s journey.

Always and always keep your content reader-friendly according to the customer you are targeting.

Share Benefits, not Features

Your customer wants to understand, how can your product solve their problems. The harsh truth is, no one is interested in your product. They just want to know what your product does to make their life easier in one way or another.

Make it a point in your eCommerce copywriting skills to share how you the product can make a difference in the life of the customers. Use bullets, bold, italic and other eye-catching techniques make your copy more appealing.

Set Clear Goal

eCommerce Copywriting

While you are on the way to improve your eCommerce copywriting skills, always ask yourself, “What is the Goal of Writing this?”. Answers will be different for each copy you write, varying from one page to another.

If you are on a sign up page, the goal should be to make the reader sign up. Hence you shall only give a sign up button. If you are on the product page, the goal must be to buy the product.

These goals will vary, but you should set up your goal in the start itself to build up the customers towards the end.

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Pages that Need Copywriting

Copywriting is used everywhere in eCommerce. From an ad copy, title, headlines and much more. But to make sure your eCommerce copywriting skills deliver you the best value out of your efforts there are some very important pages where you need copywriting. These pages are

Product Pages

The most important page on your eCommerce site is your product page. Here, your customer would learn about your product and make a decision whether to buy that product or not.

The basics of eCommerce copywriting skills would be the same here. You need to show-off the product in a way that appeals to the customer to read and make a purchase. Some follow a story telling, whereas some use the imagination of the reader to tell them how the customer has made or will make a change in their life.

In order to improve your eCommerce copywriting skills you may also go through some extensive research about the product. Moreover, research will 80% work and 20% would be framing up the words.

About Page

increase more sales

When you learn eCommerce copywriting skills, you know that it is very important to set a Brand Tone. A tone that shows how you want to present your brand in the eyes of your customer.

The first step would by writing the About page copy first. It is a page that people read when they want to know about your brand. Keep it short.

Moreover the page is to be about you and your brand, the reader fairly reads the page to know what is in for them. How you and your eCommerce is making a difference in their life.


This page isn’t just placed to browse different products. People who visit this page are more likely to know what all you have got. Use this curiosity to make a conversion. Show the variety under catchy headings.

You can also use one liners to catch their attention. Moreover, showing them what they are looking for is right here and they don’t hesitate due to any reason. In case you don’t have a category page, or in case you may not have too many products, you can add your one liner in the footer section.

Common eCommerce Copywriting Mistakes

Common eCommerce Copywriting Mistakes

Above you have managed to learn about the ways to improve your eCommerce copywriting skills and how you can use it to drive more sales and engagement in your store. But in this attempt you may fall into some falls traps.

To make sure you don’t make the mistakes that beginners usually do, you shall make sure you keep these points in mind.

  • Make sure you are not forcing your customer to take action. You are convincing them to take action. Let there be an option to leave, but show them what will be missing out.
  • Make sure you are not ruining the user experience. The copy that you write must be integrated smoothly within your site. Don’t use unnecessary bullets, italic and bold.
  • Avoid any grammatical errors. Effort might not be appreciated much, but you overlook this, it would give a false impression about you.
  • Always follow a common tone, throughout your site or store. Your tone is how you differentiate yourself, so changing it would again affect the trust of your customer.
  • Lastly, the most common mistake is not doing experiments and trying out differences. Especially, if you are in the beginning stages, it is very important to see what works for you the best.

When we talk about eCommerce copywriting skills, it’s all about how well you understand your customer as well as your product. If you try to create a false impression the reader would know it as soon as he reads it, and would nerve trust your site. The best eCommerce copywriting is the one which first gains the trust and then convinces the reader to make a purchase. We highly recommended to read this article Boost eCommerce Holiday Marketing in a better way. If you wish to learn more about eCommerce, product image editing, photography and much more, we highly recommend you subscribe to PixelPhant free newsletter and keep yourself updated.

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