Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce: Be 2023 Ready!

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Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce: Be 2023 Ready!

It’s time we start thinking about the new take on our eCommerce content marketing. A long-term stable marketing solution that has outstood trends, and dips within the industry.

If you are just starting, don’t worry. We are have starting from zero and ensuring that no corners of the guide are left untouched. Moreover, the article is divided into several sections to ensure you can choose and follow the right content marketing strategies and principles as per your wish and comfort. But firstly, let us be clear about what content marketing is in the year 2023.

What is Content Marketing?

eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is a part of inbound marketing, where you create various forms of content that your audience is interested in and try adding value to build trust and engagement with the brand.

Any eCommerce Content Marketing strategy aims to reach your target audience, to be aware of you and your products, generate traffic on your eCommerce, and ultimately grow your sales.

Content Marketing Trends Update for 2023

eCommerce content marketing

Your customers have evolved over the years, and so should your eCommerce content marketing strategy.

Earlier a blog post of 500 words would have been enough to keep you going for months. But today, even if you pen down 2000 words, it may not even catch an eye on the internet.

Today, your efforts should be targeted to solving the problems and the questions your customer might be facing. If you can be the answer to their queries, or at least keep them entertained, then you my friend have managed to keep your branded content marketing up-to-date.

Some of the new eCommerce content marketing trends in 2023, that you must be aware of are as follows. 

Social Media and Engagement

Social Media and Engagement

Posting about the products and your brand is no more going to earn you traffic. You need a social media content marketing strategy that people like, share, and remember.

This could even mean the use of meme marketing strategy, giveaways, high-quality posts, short videos, as well as, interaction with the audience. In addition, answering every tweet and comment, and sharing user-generated content.

Do not hold back on providing value through your posts, as this would be a key in building your other eCommerce content marketing strategy. We will learn more about this, further in the article.


Personalization is the new face of your branded content marketing. You are not targeting a whole group, rather you are targeting each and every particular who is a part of a group. Sending an email with a name has also been a trick of the past.

Today, you need to take a step further, make use of data, and show your customer what is relevant to them. Be it cross-selling, or sending an abandoned cart email, make sure they are super personalized to all the customers. The investment of setting up is not too high, but the returns surely are.

Live Interaction is Blooming

B2B social media video marketing

Another widely popular branded content marketing trend is Live interaction. With the streaming culture on the boom, every part of the world is looking forward to living streams 

with the brands.

Moreover, in the past year, the lockdown has managed to bring all the people to a place, where they can interact with the brand from the comfort of their home.

Be it an online live product launch, a live webinar or live Q&A. Live culture has started and is all set to grow for all the upcoming years.


No blogging is not dead yet. On the other hand, it has grown drastically. People are looking for blogs with in-depth research that can explain each and every point they are curious about.

According to a Semrush content marketing report, long blogs which have 3000 – 7000 words are getting twice as many views and 24% more shares.

So, don’t hold back your blogs with limited value rather, try putting in the most amount of value and research that you could.

Short Videos

short video

There is no doubt that short videos are highly popular across the niche. The use and watch-time on Tiktok and Reels are at an all-time high. In addition, youtube is releasing new updates on Youtube Shorts now and then.

All this implies that Short videos are among the most popular eCommerce content marketing trends that you can use in 2023 and beyond.


“Podcasts are the New Books” is the quote that is floating around for years, and the year 2023 would be a turning point for many marketers using Podcasts.

Essentially, it is a platform where the competition is still less and traffic has started to grow over the years. In the last three years, monthly podcast listeners have grown to 53%. 

Now when more and more people are aware of the new form of content, the traffic is expected to grow much faster.

Getting Started With Your eCommerce Content Marketing

Getting started with eCommerce content marketing is something everyone struggles with. So, before we take on how you can enhance your eCommerce content marketing strategy for each platform, allow us to share how you should get started with eCommerce Content marketing here.

Classify Your Audience

Target Market & Audience in eCommerce

The very first step to getting started with your eCommerce content marketing strategy would be to classify your audience. Understanding your target audience is the key to an ultimate branded content marketing strategy. So ask yourself

  • Who will be interested in my product?
  • How can my product help them?
  • What else they would be interested in?
  • Where would they be spending most of their time on the internet?
  • Which social platform they might be using?

The more you know about them the better. Moreover, to understand who your real customer is, create various buyers’ persona for your eCommerce. You can learn more about it in our recent article, Buyer Personas for eCommerce Boost – 5 Best Ways & 9 Top Secrets.

Create a Funnel

Sales Funnel for your eCommerce

Funnel is a representation of stages your customer would be going through before making a sale. You must have a sales funnel, to track your buyer’s journey. It will help you know how to improve the customer experience and let you know the point where you are losing the customer. We highly recommend you reading our recent blog on Ultimate Sales Funnel Strategy to Increase Your Conversion Rate.

Find Your Content Creation Niche

generate sales with your business blog

The type of branded content marketing you choose completely depends on who your audience is, and how they consume a piece of content in their day-to-day life.

The most common forms of eCommerce content marketing are blogs, youtube videos, Social media content marketing, etc. Whereas if you are targeting a B2B audience specifically, Long posts, press releases, and podcasts are your go-to forms of content.

All this would be a piece of cake if you create a buyer’s persona

Sharing Your eCommerce Content

eCommerce SEO

After sorting out the content type you are going to create by understanding your customer, it’s time to share your content. Just keep one thing in mind. The more content you create, the better it is.

Surely, you need to maintain a balance between your eCommerce content marketing strategy and other factors of your eCommerce, but the more content you put out, the more likely you are to reach out to your target audience.

Also, keep trying out different forms of content to allow your audience to explore new sides.

If you see a positive response every time you put out a certain type of content, carry on with it as soon as possible. Or much better ask your audience, whether you should continue it or not.

What Should You Create?

A good eCommerce content marketing strategy is where you know what content you should create. And in this section, we are going to share how you can learn, which type of content suits your eCommerce.

Research Your Competitors


The first and finest way to understand your targeted customer content consumption is through researching what your competitors are doing right. Understanding which platform and what type of content are they sharing would give a good idea about what you should do in a better way.

Keep Up With The Trends

Above in the article, we have shared some of the most visionary eCommerce content marketing trends for 2023.

To make sure that you are reaching your audience at the right place, and at the right time, you need your branded content marketing strategy to be updated with the new growing trend.

Look out for the posts that your niche influencers and audiences are sharing. This would give you a place to get started and scale it eventually.

Ask Your Audience

Potential Audience

The best way to know what you should create is by asking your audience. Ask your audience about what issues they are facing, and what are the biggest challenges that they have.

Knowing this would give you an insight into what they would be interested in. And you can easily create content around it.

Trial – Error – Analytics

The final way to understand what to create is by experimenting with new content ideas and letting the customer tell you if they are interested in it or not. The easiest way to do so is by checking your analytics.

If you are getting a lower bounce rate, higher engagement, more shares, and other positive signs, this means people are liking that type of content and you need to publish more of it. But if you see negative analytical signs, you shall stop and try other pieces of your eCommerce content marketing.

Ultimate eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing: How To Share Your Content

As we said, eCommerce content marketing is about Creating Content and Sharing it with your targeted audience.

While in the above section we have broken down, how can you create content for your eCommerce audience, here you will learn about sharing it through social media content marketing strategies.


Generate Lead using Instagram

Instagram is among the most viral social media platforms in today’s world. Sharing your content here could lead to attracting a major portion of your target audience.

To do so, you would need to put really high-quality of your product images. People tend to like images with the right amount of details and editing of products hence helping you to catch attention.

In addition, you shall also sort down the hashtags that represent your own brand, and share your product tags to get more new eyes to trust you. Following this consistently is the best eCommerce content marketing strategy for Instagram.


Sell on Facebook

It might be an “elderly” platform, but still is among the densest platforms when it comes to the audience.

It is especially great for social media content marketing as you can share your content in groups where your targeted audiences are already active.

In addition, if you are looking forward to creating Live videos, Facebook life can really make it a fun place to start with.


Promote Your Fashion Brand On Twitter

If you want to catch the eye of influencers, and also be seen as one, Twitter is your gamble for building branded content marketing strategy. It is a place where people reach out to the brand directly.

It is trendy, it is evolving and it’s interactive.

To get started, start putting out short content snippets, respond to tweets and spread the word about your brand.


LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Over time, LinkedIn content has evolved from B2B to B2C. Surely, people on LinkedIn are business-minded, but this doesn’t mean they are interested in business talks ONLY. 

They just need informative content.

Hence, if you are on to creating that’s valuable and informative content, you surely can get started with LinkedIn. It will allow you to target an audience that is heavily interested in learning more and has the spending power to grow your eCommerce ROI.

We highly recommend you to get started with an eCommerce content marketing strategy using LinkedIn right now as the organic reach on the platform is high and competition is comparatively low.


Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce

Just like Instagram, Pinterest is highly focused on visual content. But in addition, it is a platform where you can add a link with each image you may share on it.

So, sharing high-quality product images with a link back to your product page would be a great use of Pinterest. You can learn exactly how to use Pinterest in our article – How to Use Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce Business Growth


eCommerce YouTube channels

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google itself. So this would be wrong saying that, the potential of growing eCommerce RIO is very high on Youtube.

But you may also remember that just like Google SEO, Youtube SEO takes time in returning your investment.

Moreover, the production cost is also higher compared to other pieces of content. But as the trend of Short Videos is growing, Youtube has also started pushing new updates toward our liking.

Now you can even shoot short videos on youtube and get started Youtube with Youtube Shorts as soon as it is available in all the countries. This could be starting for your Youtube

Guest Blogging: How To Get More Backlinks

Backlinks play a very important role in getting higher ranks in Google Search results. The most important point here is to create content that everyone finds useful and can link back to you.

Another useful method that you can carry forward your backing efforts is through guest posts, which is a critical part of eCommerce content marketing strategy.

In guest posts, you are required to write a blog based on your niche for another website, along with a link directed back to you. This helps you gain authority, which helps get higher rankings in Google, as well as generating traffic on your site.

Here are some things that would be helpful in guest posting:

  • Write a Guest Post only for the websites in your niche.
  • Make sure that the website you are writing for, has DA at least more than 30 with a spam score of less than 2%
  • Ensure that the website is getting at least a monthly traffic of more than 1K.
  • Use proper keywords to get a link back that can be seamlessly put in the guest post.
  • Focus on creating amazing content and building relationships with other websites.

Become An Expert: How to Generate Traffic To Your Content

Rather than presenting yourself as an informative blog or page, your aim should be to showcase your expertise in the subject/product/ niche.

The best eCommerce content marketing strategy to become an expert and generate traffic to your content is through the following sources:


Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora is more than just a Q&A site. It is a palace where real people ask questions looking forward to getting answers from the experts. Being active on Quora would give you a certain pace in presenting yourself as an expert and generating traffic on your site.

Answer the question in the best possible way, and add a link to your blog only and only the place where you can. Do not spam links, rather focus on branded content marketing on Quora focus on creating a brand Quora.


Reddit is a hub of the community, if you may know. It is a place for discussing topics, getting feedback, and building a loyal audience. Being in such discussion, and sharing your “expert advice” is a great way to build your own audience and then bring them to your eCommerce.

While you are active in Reddi for your eCommerce content marketing, make sure to join all the relevant subreddits to get started.

Blog Commenting 

This isn’t the most popular eCommerce content marketing strategy but surely is a great way to engage with audiences and other experts interested in the same topic. 

While you are on the internet, going through blogs, do drop in the comments where you find something interesting and value-adding.

Moreover, if you can suggest additional points to add to the blog, it could lead to getting a much more eye and traffic to your eCommerce.

Creating video teaching series

eCommerce Product Videos

This isn’t the easiest eCommerce content marketing strategy but is one of the most searched queries on the internet.

People keep looking for the answers using the “How to” prefix. As an eCommerce content marketing, you can create teaching videos on How to use <your product>?, or How to take care of <your Product>?

This would let your potential customer see what the product is all about, how to use it and how to take care of it, and more. This will eventually increase your traffic, as well as sales on your eCommerce.

Interviewing on Podcast

As said, again and again, podcasts are the new ways people are getting aware of new ideas. Interviewing people or getting interviewed is a great way to take advantage of the new eCommerce content marketing trends.

This would require a basic setup if you would like or else you do it easily through your phones.


The core learning of any eCommerce content marketing strategy is to evolve as your audience evolves. You shall not stick to one price of content and expect unreal results. 

Above, as we have broken down the ultimate eCommerce content marketing strategy to grow your ROI in 2023, you are all set to grow your eCommerce.

Lastly, you may also keep in mind that to grow your social media content marketing and branded content marketing, you need to interact with your audience. This will help you learn more about what they like, what’s trendy, and what step you should take next.

Got a question? Comment down below and we will be more than happy to listen to you.

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