Ecommerce Call To Action: How To Make It More Intriguing?

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Ecommerce Call To Action: How To Make It More Intriguing?

Having a powerful call to action is very essential, whether it is for your life or your business. There’s nothing more pleasing than getting people to do what you want, and if that skill would aid you in getting more sales for your business in an effective and efficient way – Consider yourself a winner!

eCommerce call to action is often very important for eCommerce business owners so that they can guide customers into exploring their website and products further.

But do they succeed in encouraging all their customers into clicking on the button they desire them to push? Well, for many websites, that is not the case.

eCommerce call to action

But that doesn’t mean that the eCommerce call to action isn’t effective. As per the Protocol80, it tells us how an eCommerce call to action can reap you some enticing benefits:

  • Including CTAs in your FB page can boost your click-through rates by 285%
  • Adding CTAs to blog posts can increase revenue by 83%

So, if the eCommerce call to action is so effective then why do some business owners fail to motivate their customers through it? The answer is an obvious – poor and ineffective call to action texts.

There are 2 reasons for which people won’t click on your call to action:

  1. If they do not get intimidated by your call to action
  2. If they do not find it beneficial to them

Now that we have the hold of the root cause, it is easier to find the solution and the solution is to simply make your eCommerce call to action intimidating, powerful, and make your customers realize how clicking on your CTAs will be beneficial to them.

Do not worry, we won’t just leave you hanging here. To find out how you can make your eCommerce call to action more powerful and intimidating, keep reading.

What is eCommerce CTAs?

Call to action

eCommerce call to action is the small buttons indicating the customers into taking the next step. They are carefully placed at every stage of the funnel so that your customers can be directed towards the place where they can complete the purchase.

This helps the business owners achieve the purpose of converting the prospective leads to potential buyers.

A few examples of the eCommerce call to action are:

  • When you request your customers to subscribe to your channel and hit the bell button in a YouTube video.
  • When you add a link to your product page in your email newsletter and ask the customers to click on it.
  • When you add a button in your social media advertising that redirects your customers to your website.
  • When you add the buttons for your customers probing them to subscribe to your newsletter, start a free trial, or add an item to their cart.

While you add an eCommerce call to action to your website, you need to be mindful that they are interesting and are capable enough to convince your customers into clicking those buttons.

Tips to Make your Call to action irresistible

There are several ways that can improve your eCommerce call to action criteria. Further in this article, we will be showing you some tips and areas where you can improve your CTAs along with what statements and words you should use rather than using the statements you usually use.

1. Create an urgency

eCommerce Call to Action

The fear of missing out is the worst for human beings, this makes adding an urgency to your eCommerce call to action a perfect strategy.

When you add the statements that say that if your customers do not act now, they might never get the chance to act on that thing again (at least not till the time you introduce that product or offer again).

This makes them think twice before leaving your site and generally, they end up acting on the action you supposed.

For example, if you want your customers to hurry and take the decision into buying a summer dress, instead of simply displaying the product or saying ‘limited stock’, you may write:

  • Hurry! only 2 left in your size
  • Add urgency by adding a countdown timer offer such as “20% discount offer ends in 02:45:30”
  • Show a limited period of free delivery for that product

2.  Add Convincing Facts and Proofs

Call to action

To encourage and convince the customers more easily, we recommend you put your assurance in a few products for customers to believe that they can trust those products blindly.

The best example of this strategy is from what Flipkart and Amazon have done. If you look at a few of their products, they have marked them as ‘fAssured’ and ‘Amazon’s choice’ based on the customer reviews and the performance of the products.

This is a powerful eCommerce call to action that can win the trust of the customers and motivate them into adding the products to their carts

It is even better if you can literally write down the facts that relate to the product and improve its credibility.

What we mean here is that you can add the title ‘bestseller’ or include the symbols showing the certification of the product or the awards if earned.

3. Display Catchy Offers

eCommerce Call to Action

You must have sent a thousand emails to your customers to let them know about the recent sale you’ve been running. We can say that your customers must have opened your email as well.

But when your customers come to your website, if they do not see any convincing offers or if they feel that your prices still look the same as before, then they are likely to push the close button soon.

So if you are the one running the sale without showing the difference then your sale is not that catchy as it should be.

What you can do here is add a simple comparison to your before and after prices. For example, rather than showing an article at $500 which was $800 before, we advise you to show the previous $800 as canceled and display the new price along with it.

This makes it easy for your customers to realize the difference. This also is a strategy that tricks the human mind into feeling more comfortable and satisfied with what they are buying and builds a sense of accomplishment in knowing that they took the offer.

4. Revisit your Abandoned Cart Customers

Call to action

You abandoned cart customers are the easiest to convert as they are the one who has already visited your website, they have liked your product, and have almost made the mind to buy the product from you. This shows that these customers are familiar with your website and products.

Such customers only require a push in order to convert. How do you do that? Simply send them an irresistible eCommerce call to action.

Share them a discount on the product that is lying in their carts or provide free delivery on that particular product.

This encourages the customers to quickly fall for the offer and finally close the deal. While sharing a mail, do not just use the old trick “Go to cart” or “buy now”, but try using:

  • ‘Did you forget to buy the “ABC” item? Coz your item just became eligible for 30% discount’, and add the button – “Oh, yes i forgot” or
  • “I am ready to take this discount”

5. Run Exciting Competitions

eCommerce call to action

Customers who opt for newsletters or buy products online often expect the brands to organize such competitions. This not only creates the buzz between the customers but also helps the brands promote themselves.

These competitions can be held online over social media platforms, emails, or on your own website. You can share scratch cards over the emails, add a spinning wheel competition on your site, or ask your customers to share their selfies with your products on social media, etc.

While running the competitions, you can send them the eCommerce call to action that invites them to join you.

Rather than simply adding an eCommerce call to action button that says ‘Join Now’ use the statements like:

  • Yes, include me in your party!
  • I want to win
  • Yes, I’m in.

6. Giveaway Something in Exchange

source- amazon

Displaying a call to action which not only asks the customers to act but also gives them a perk can improve their response towards your CTAs.

For example, if you deal with baking-related products, then you may show an eCommerce call to action that asks them to fill in their name and email address and takeaway the exclusive recipe ebook that includes the recipes using the products you deal in.

This way, your customer gets the ebook and in return, you get the details, marketing, as well as a successful CTA response.

This also applies to when you want your customers to finalize the purchase. You can giveaway your personalized goodies or a small relevant product for free along with what they are already looking for.

If you are using just “get the offer now”, it sounds a little pushy and outdated. You can instead use words like:

  • I want to read this book
  • Give me this goodie/product for free
  • I like this offer

You can also use this strategy to catch the email to build up your newsletter audience and if you are trying to improve your newsletter ideas.

7. Book Consultations

Call to Action

Booking consultations to help and give insight into how your customers can better use your products or other items that relate to one’s niche is a new and effective trend.

No, we are not just talking about the consultations only if you are a doctor, but every niche you belong to. People want to know, learn, and find out what they are doing wrong or how they can do better.

Your consultations could be based on styling outfits, losing or gaining weight, better skincare and makeup tips, a guide for cooking, or even using and taking care of the gadgets. It completely depends on what products or services you deal in.

You may consider displaying a button that states ‘book consultation’ we recommend adding more to this eCommerce call to action such as:

  • Pop a dialogue box that says “Be the most put-together lady in the room”
  • “All you need to learn about makeup essentials” and add the button below for “Book me a consultation”.

These statements instantly prompt the customers into clicking on such eCommerce call to action as they feel that what you are providing is necessary and beneficial to them.

It would be even more effective if you could use a relevant image for what you are booking your consultation for. Let’s say, for example, you can put a cover photo of a well-dressed lady, or the before after results for what your products are responsible for, etc.

8. Add CTA to your new arrivals and exclusive offers

Call to Action

Where you place your eCommerce call to action matters a lot in deciding whether it will be effective or not.

Adding a call to action for your products that you’ve recently launched is a great way to generate traffic for your new products as well as compel customers to find out what’s new in your online store.

You can also add a CTA when you share exclusive offers with all your customers or just VIPs.

How you display your offers matters equally. Hence, rather than writing ‘20% off on all your products, we advise you to write:

  • It’s been 2 years since you registered with us – Here’s the discount for our anniversary.
  • You’ve been a loyal customer for us – here’s a thank you gift for you.
  • You can make it to our VIP list with this offer – and add the button that says “Make me VIP”

9. Walk them through your journey


Many times your eCommerce call to action fails to compel the customers because they don’t feel ready to accept what you have to give. For such instances or reasons, you can first build trust and enthusiasm towards what you’re gonna show them later.

Once you’ve toned your customers, then it’s time to display your eCommerce call to action. This can be done by showing a video of the product or your service and show the CTA pop-up related to what they just saw.

This can be achieved through your blog content as well where brands often add CTAs in between and at the end of the article that redirects the customers to the products or the service with which they recently became familiar.

As per the sources, when visitors watch an informative video on your services just before the pop-up of a CTA can increase conversions by 144%.

Final takeaway

eCommerce call to action is a great way to show directions to your customers that leads you to success with massive conversion rates.

While you follow all such tips, make sure that your eCommerce call to action is relevant and tempting. Adding images and GIFs is just another thing that you can add as per your preference.

Sometimes the funny and friendly works but there are some niches where sober and sleek designs triumph. It depends on what kind of products and audience you usually deal with.

Whatever niche you belong to, be sure that your eCommerce call to action is smart and placed on the correct pages where they are most likely to get the response.

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