7 Tips To Get More Customer Reviews Through Social Media

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7 Tips To Get More Customer Reviews Through Social Media

Social media and customer reviews are the backbone of building trust among customers and attracting new sales, but how do not many brands use social media to get customer reviews? It is where your audience and brand engagement are. Why not effectively use social media for customer reviews?

By the end of this article, I believe you will start doing that.

In this action guide, I am sharing with you ideas, tips, and ways to use get more customer reviews through social media handles. Sounds like fun? Then let’s dive right into it.

7 Tips To Get More Customer Reviews Through Social Media

Enable Reviews On Your Page

Enable Reviews On Your Page

Before we start digging into the details of collecting customer reviews through social media, here is one thing I’ll suggest to you. Enable reviews on your Facebook page.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and accounts for almost 50% of social traffic and 64% of total social revenue.

That indicates that, in most cases, Facebook is like a search engine. People search for your brand, and when they see reviews, it instantly builds trust.

Also, seeing other people give reviews motivates others to share their experiences.

Collect Social Media Handles

Collect Social Media Handles

Social media handles are a way through which you can reach out to your customers. It is where your customers are active and happy to engage with you.

That is why collecting their social media handles will make it much easier for you to contact them on the go.

When creating an account, you can also give customers an option to add their username in return for rewards points.

This way, will not only have a list of highly potential customers but also be able to reach out to them through the most engaging medium for upselling and reviews.

Engage With Your Followers

Engage With Your Followers

Remember. The goal is to get more customer reviews through social media. That is why building a community of conversation is highly motivated.

Your social media need to engage for various purposes. And when you can connect and engage with your customers, even if they are willing to participate in various activities.

The activities could be tagging a friend, sharing your post, taking a poll, and sharing their reviews.

Also, don’t just engage with them on your posts. If they tag your products, show them you care by commenting and sharing their posts.

Getting customer reviews through social media is not just about getting reviews on the product. If they like interacting with your brand, they’d be happy to connect and share their views more often than you might think.

Shoutout Your UGC

Shoutout Your UGC

No written reviews can surpass the effectiveness of the fact that the customer is using your product. So why hold back on sharing that?

Motivate your customer to share a photo using their product if they are doing this organically; much better, but don’t shy away from asking either.

UGC, or user-generated content, is one of the most effective forms of customer reviews through social media.

So when you receive them, give them a shoutout. This will again motivate other people to share their experience in the form of UGC and hence more reviews for you to share on your social media and website.

Cross-Platform Postings

Cross-Platform Postings

This is one of the most important parts of creating an interactive social media strategy today. Because different kinds and audiences use different platforms, posting the same type of content might not drive the same results.

But what about reviews? Well, they result from being excellent, which is why cross-promoting your customer reviews through social media will be highly advisable.

If you get reviews on Twitter, share them on your Facebook and Instagram. Received a photo of customers using your product and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A TikTok user reviewing your product, you guessed it right, sharing it on other platforms as well.

Remember that if you are just starting, you can reach out to your initial customers for the reviews in the form we discussed above.

Use Your Customer Support

Use Your Customer Support

This would be much easier if you are already using customer support software. When you receive a complaint, distress, or question from your customer, they look forward to engaging with you.

They look forward to good service, which directly results in a better, and, most importantly, memorable experience.

Once the problem is resolved, you can ask about their experience with the brand. Using social media for support can be a great medium to build trust and get customer reviews through social media platforms as well.

Point Out Your Brand Advocates

Point Out Your Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are the people that are very happy with your brand and service and are most likely to promote and tag you.

How to spot them? They are generally returning customers, they have higher cart value, and in the case of social media, they regularly engage with you.

These people would be ready to share their experiences much more easily. That is why reaching out to them would be a great idea.

This might be a quarterly process to spot them and reach out to them, but it would create an impact by promoting even other customers to share their reviews.

How to leverage social media reviews?

After learning about various tips to get customer reviews through social media, it’s time to look into simple and effective ways to leverage them.

  • Using them as content pieces to share with followers.
  • Using customer reviews while running ads would also help in establishing trust.
  • Starting giveaways and marketing campaigns while using these social customer reviews will result in more engagement.
  • These reviews can also boost conversion on website and product pages.

Bonus Read

One of the most valuable assets for a brand today is customer satisfaction and its experience. That is what leads to more customer reviews through social media, and that is what brings sales.

Now, when we talk about customer experience, there are many things to care about. And one that stands out is how you present your products on your eCommerce and social media.

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