7 Tricks For Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

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7 Tricks For Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

One of the many reasons why Amazon has managed to stand out from the herd is the fact that they are Amazon knows its customers. In this article, we are learning about Customer Relationship Management for your eCommerce and how you can use CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce.

The reason to acknowledge Amazon here is to show you the potential of leveraging the customer’s information. As an eCommerce, everyone’s goal is to make a sale. But in order to reach there, you need more than just a store and products.

You need to know who your customers are, what interests them, what are the ways you can make your customer buy a product and finally how can you grow your eCommerce.

As complex as Customer Relationship Management may sound to you, let us assure you that it isn’t. Moreover, with some of the best CRM software out there, you can turn the complex data of your customer into useful customer information.

But let us start from the beginning and then learn about the CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce.

What is CRM?

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer relationship management. It is a process of collecting, evaluating, and acting on the data about the customer to create a better experience for them. A better experience for customers results in a higher returning customer rate for eCommerce hence improving the brand value and sales.

In simple words, Customer Relationship Management is a process to understand the potential, current, and former customers to improve the eCommerce experience for them in order to generate more sales and build long term relationships with customers.

Sales and long term relationship. Sounds good, but what all are the benefits of customer relationship management?

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Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

CRM tricks for grow your eCommerce

Before we start exploring some of the best CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce, here are all the benefits of using Customer Relationship Management for your eCommerce.

1. Customer Relationship Management helps you improve your returning customer rate which according to Business insider has 82.5% higher chances of conversion than the new customer.

2. It eases the customer data management, as good CRM software does that easily with a need for your regular inputs or interference.

3. It enhances the pipeline selling, that is cross-selling and down-selling on your eCommerce based on the customer’s information. This reduces the bounce rate as well as increases the conversion rate of your eCommerce.

4. Customer Relationship management for eCommerce, improves the customer experience, in addition to this, it also improves the referral and word-of-mouth traffic which also has a higher conversion rate.

5. Customer Relationship Management also helps in better data collection which helps the management and sales team to understand the customer in a much better way. This way they can take a more data-driven decision that favors the customers’ likes and grow a better, and long-lasting relation with the customer.

CRM Tricks to Grow Your eCommerce

CRM Tricks to Grow Your eCommerce

Now that you are aware of the benefits of customer relationship management for eCommerce, here are some CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce ethically.

But before that, we would recommend you to integrate CRM software for your eCommerce. If you are already having one, well done, but if you are not you would be surprised by the assistance this software can bring to your eCommerce journey.

Some of the best eCommerce CRM Software is,

  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • SAP

With that out the box, here are some most beneficial CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce.

1. Create an Omnichannel Marketing

Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

The finest way to leverage the eCommerce CRM software is to indulge the Customer Relationship Management data into an Omnichannel marketing strategy. Be it an email reach out or a social media ad to target your customer, make sure that all the channels of your eCommerce are in sync to create a better experience for the customer.

Have a common goal, a common message within all the channels to bring personalization for all your customers individually.

2. Automation & Personalization

Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

Personalization is a new way of interacting with your customer. But when dealing with thousands or even hundreds of customers, it becomes harder to keep track of all their behavior.

Now, this doesn’t allow you to consider everyone equal in this case. You can’t send a common message to every customer in order to make a sale. If you do, you might get some sales, but the majority would just bounce off your mail causing loss of trust.

Here’s when you can use CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce. Instead of splitting your customer into 2 or 3 groups, you can let Customer Relationship Management split them into a number of small groups based on common preferences, search history, buying history, or more.

This allows you to let your customer have a more personalized interaction with your eCommerce, whereas, on the other hand, it is complete automation on your side.

3. Fixing the Sales Pipeline

Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

A customer buying decision majorly depends on three things. First is the product itself, second being the pricing and the offer they are getting, and third the ease of purchasing from your store.

If there’s any loose end within these factors the chances of the customer slipping out is very high. Customer Relationship Management helps you to find out exactly the point of entrance, exit as well as the weak points of your sales pipeline.

For example, if a group of customers places an order and exits at the order-processing page then the chances of them making a purchase might increase if shipment cost is lifted off.

Similarly, if a group high conversion customer is landing on a page but isn’t making a purchase then the chances are they are not satisfied with the product, which includes product images/product description and reviews. In this case, cross-selling would be a great way, while you ensure that the previous page becomes better.

4. Prioritize the Customers

Understand your Customer Better

Firstly, dump the coupons on your eCommerce, targeting everyone on your site. Rather with the help of CRM software, find out groups of high conversion customers, who are more likely to make a purchase on your eCommerce.

Moreover, based on their past search history and purchasing history you can avail of special offers just for them. This would be more cost-efficient as the chances of conversion would be very high. In addition, the following personalized touch for your eCommerce would turn out to be among the best CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce.

5. Running your Loyalty Program

Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

Loyalty needs to be acknowledged, especially when it can bring in more profit to your eCommerce. But in saying that, running a loyalty program without data about the customer, can really turn out to be a lost deal.

It is important that you know whether or not your customer is interested in making a purchase from you again and again or is it just a flick. Here, Customer Relationship Management can help you sort down the list of customers who have brought your enough conversion to be eligible for your loyalty points.

Moreover, you can even turn this into a more personal loyalty program by sending in gift cards for your eCommerce, or exclusive offers, or anything that is targeted to your loyal customers.

Looking at the bigger picture, this would provoke your customers to make more sales and if not, you would also end up having a clear idea about how a customer interacted and what can be learned for future growth.

6. Better Email Retentions

Customer Relationship Management For eCommerce

Be it email or the push notification that you are sending to your customers. They are only relevant when you know what your customer is looking for and also when he is looking for.

Relevancy depends on the timing and the preferences of the customer. If anything between these two is lost, then your efforts would be no more than spammers.

With the help of your Customer Relationship Management, you can ensure that your content, be it an email or a push notification, is based on the customers’ preference and is sent at the time when a customer is most likely to make a purchase.

7. Understanding the Pain-point

Customer complaining

Be assured that a good CRM software for your eCommerce can let you know more about your customer than you ever think.

Ethically ensuring the privacy of your customer, you would be able to know exactly what your customers are interested in, what are their pain-points when it comes to making a purchase, and what are the trigger words you can use to improve the copy of your ads for higher conversion on your site.

Overall speaking, you would know enough about your customer’s behavior and psychology to make your eCommerce a renowned “peoples-brand”


With this, you have learned a set of CRM tricks to grow your eCommerce. But in saying that, Customer Relationship Management is a way to understand your customer, not just to make sales but to reform your eCommerce.

Surely competing with Amazon in terms of sales could turn out to be an Everest at the start, but building better relationships with the customer aren’t. It all depends on the way your customer perceives your brand. Hence rather than focusing on getting a one-time sale, focus on building long-term relationships with the help of the Customer Relationship Management system. After reading this amazing article we highly recommended to read this article that Customer Intelligence is important to grow your eCommerce business.

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