Customer Feedback: 6 Reasons You Should Take It

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Customer Feedback: 6 Reasons You Should Take It

You received a damaged product from an online store and you swore that you are never going to buy anything from that ever again. The online store lost a customer forever, and who knows thousands like you.

What if the store has asked for your feedback? They must have replaced the dress for you and they even might convince you to never repeat the mistake again. The store got a customer back, and probably thousands like you. That is how taking customer feedback can improve your eCommerce business too.

If you own an online business, you might have seen a drop and hike in your sale. But, have you ever wondered about finding a reason why? You may get the answer if you give a chance to your customers to share their feedback.

In a study done by Walker Study, they found that consumer experience will surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020

What is the importance of customer feedback?

Top 6 reasons why you should take customer feedback to improve your eCommerce business:

1. Reveal the Areas of Improvement

Areas of Improvement

You keep on putting in efforts, new products, and modern technology but can’t figure out why customers are turning back or not visiting your site again. The best way to find out why is to ask the customers directly!

The feedback can help you improve your eCommerce Business. They can let you know where you went wrong and why they are not motivated to visit your site again. They might tell you about a late delivery, bad quality product, or high charges. This way, you can simply correct those areas and you will be getting the traffic back again along with a more polished online business.

2. Builds a Healthy Relationship

Understand your Customer Better

It’s not the new customers that build a business, but it’s the loyal ones who do that. In business, your customers are the number one people you need to have a good relationship with.

When you start taking customer feedback for your eCommerce business, your customers feel valued and realize that their opinion matters. People tend to visit a website regularly, and even give recommendations if they know that the business takes good care of them.

You can foster new customers and nurture the existing ones, overall creating an amazing customer experience with your online business by taking customer reviews.

As per Bright Local – 67% of customers said they read up to 6 reviews before putting their trust in a business

3. Improves the Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

As per Listrak – 81% of the customers abandon their carts before making a purchase. That’s huge, isn’t it? If you start taking customer feedback, you can find out the reason for abandonment and can remind your customer to complete the purchase at the same time.

Once you get to learn about the reason, you may improve on it later. The feedback can resolve your issue of cart abandonment and boost the conversion rate instantly.

Not only the abandoned cart customers but taking the feedback from the customers who visited but left your website can also improve the conversion rate.

You can keep a track of your visitors on your website using any analytic tools, such as Google Analytics to keep track of who clicked, who stayed, and who visited back.

Ask your sales team to call, email, or connect with the customers to take customer reviews who seem to be potential for your eCommerce business and take their feedback about the experience.

4. Improves Business Status

Improves Business

Can you name any big business brand that doesn’t take ratings and feedback from their customers? You will find none.

People associate the volume of your reviews and feedback with your authenticity and goodwill. The more the number of feedback and reviews are written on your website, the more the people recognize you as an established brand.

Customers are more likely to purchase from a website that has mixed but true reviews rather than no reviews at all. The same applies to every product too. Customer feedback can improve your online business in various aspects that can enhance your quality and reputation.

As per Bright Local – 88% of customers have read feedback to determine the quality of a business

5. Higher Purchase Rate Through Real-Time Solution

Higher Purchase Rate

While you improve your conversion rate with older customers, taking feedback can help you make a sale as soon as a customer selects a product. You can take real-time feedback from the customers who are searching for a product at that time through close monitoring.

We are not asking you to call someone as soon as they land on your page, but you can contact them when they do not complete the purchase after spending a fair amount of time.

Your customer might be facing some issues with payment details or might be having some queries to ask first. Your feedback call or mail can solve their issue instantly resulting in an instant purchase. When such things are not taken care of, they give a space for abandoned carts to grow.

Super Office says that 88% of customers say that they will pay more to businesses with better customer experience.

6. Helps in Locating Influencers


Customer influencers can become a great part of your eCommerce business development strategies. These are the people who write long feedback, review many products, and of course influence people on what to buy and what not to buy.

Mouth publicity is the best way to increase awareness and sales of any business. Customer influencers do this job every day for many businesses.

You must be thinking by now about how to reach such precious personalities? The answer is simple, by taking feedback. With more and more feedback you take, you will be able to filter out these people and get a hold of them to publicize your online business by giving honest reviews of your products.

Once you get this strategy applied, you will be seeing a drastic improvement in your sales with people pouring in to try what the influencer has recommended.

How to Take Customer Feedback?

Once you understand the importance of taking customer feedback, you jump on how to get started? To ease your process a little bit here, we have created a list of tools and platforms through which you can get your customers to review you.


Google Reviews: It is the most known and used platform for taking feedback for everything. Google being anyways a trusted brand, the customer feedback about your eCommerce business here can help you a lot.

Survey Monkey: You can take feedback for your online business in a form of a survey. Taking surveys is a quick, easy, and effective way to find out what your customers think about you. It is even easier for your customers to rate you category-wise without putting in too much time. Survey Monkey helps you collect the complete data in one place and gives you the flexibility to keep control over the type of questions.

Social Media Platforms

As per Sprout Social – A product or service complaint will be submitted on social media by 47% of the customers 

Facebook: Create your eCommerce business page, make your customers visit your link, and be open to taking feedback. You can even attach your links to any websites or tools that you use for tallying feedback.

Instagram: Basically the same as Facebook, but a great social media platform to collect feedback from your customers.


InMoment: InMoment is a cloud-based tool that merges the feedback data collected from customers from other sources like CRM, social, and financials. Feedback collection, online reporting, real-time alerts, and occurrence management are all the facilities that its VoC (Voice of Customers) platform allows for.

KiyOh: This is an amazing tool that has taken the ratings and reviews of thousands of companies till now. The tool has an alarm that notifies you of any new, incoming reviews – both positive and negative. This tool focuses on ratings and feedback along with allowing you to respond to them in real-time.

Another way to take feedback for your eCommerce business is through your website, sending emails, or making calls.

How to Encourage Customers to Give You the Feedback?

It might happen that your customers are not responding to your customer feedback emails or not receiving your calls. In such cases, we recommend you to send a push message including a link to your feedback platform right after their purchase is complete.

You can install a customer review tab in your mobile application which will ask for feedback after the delivery or will send a feedback pop up at a specific visit to your website. (eg. A  feedback Pop-up at every 5th visit)

You can add a ‘call to an action method on your website asking customers to visit your social media page and write about their experience with your online business.


Taking customer feedback helps your online business to grow in the right direction along with modifying a pleasant customer experience with your business. There are many tools and platforms available online that allow you to collect feedback data for your business to analyze and make corrections as required.

Both, negative and positive feedback is important for the growth of your eCommerce business. It is your responsibility to encourage customers to provide you with their opinions to improve more and develop a better environment.

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