Guide To Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

December 1, 2020 in eCommerce

Guide To Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

With your customer turning into a passive online consumer, the need for a Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce has been magnified. You are already aware of the fact that today a customer is looking for more than just the best product at a cheaper price.

Shortly speaking they need information about the product, brand as well as the seller before making a purchase. Moreover, as per the situation around the world, there is no way consumers are turning back to their normal search and buyer’s pattern.

Hence, here is an ultimate guide for you to help you create your own Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce by PixelPhant.

What is Customer Communication Strategy?

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

A customer communication strategy is a process through which a brand communicates with the customers to fulfill their objectives. This “objective-fulfillment service” is an attempt to build a relation between the customer and the brand for future sales and conversion.

It is based on various factors among which the most important are

  • Target Audience
  • Communication Platform
  • Tone of Communication
  • The goal of Customer Communication

Target Audience

Target Audience in eCommerce

The very first factor affecting your customer communication strategy for eCommerce would be knowing your audience. The world of online selling has allowed you to reach every potential customer, but the catch here is to ensure you know who your customer is.

The best way to find out would be to create a buyer persona for the types of customers your eCommerce would be providing and acting on the information that you have collected.

[ Buyer Persona Includes: Age group of the target audience, gender, likes, dislikes, Problem and pain points that you can use, and more related to your eCommerce niche]

Communication Platform

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

Another key factor here would be understanding your communication platform. In order to do so, see what form of communication works best for your audience. Is it a blog, video, podcast, short description, infographic, or anything else?

Based on which sort down the platform where the probability of finding your target audience is the most. Is social media or the blogger’s site, are they active on Spotify podcasts or are actively updating their status on Twitter.

Knowing all this is a great start to choosing a communication platform and building your brand on the same. you can also read how Customer Retention Strategies for eCommerce to grow online.

Tone of Communication

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

Let us warn you that, do not take this subtle detail lightly. Customer communication strategy for eCommerce is all about presenting your brand as a trustworthy companion in the buyer’s journey. Hence be very specific as well as consistent with the tone you communicate with your audience.

If you are using multi-channel platforms for reaching out to your audience, then ensure a consistent tone of communication.

The Goal of Customer Communication

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

If you are willing to invest your time and resources to create your customer communication strategy for eCommerce then you must have an end goal through it.

Is it building brand awareness, reaching a new audience, increasing your traffic, or improving your conversion rate? Have a goal and ensure to work towards it through all your customer communication strategy for eCommerce.

Benefits of Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce
  • Having a customer communication strategy builds trust as well as engagement with the audience.
  • It helps you in acquiring new audiences who are also potential customers of your products.
  • The probability of word-of-mouth and social sharing of your content is highest when targeting your audience with a communication strategy
  • The conversion rate of your eCommerce increase and so does your revenue and profit of your eCommerce
  • If you are working with diverse teams, then having a common customer communication strategy for eCommerce, build a common goal and precision within the workspace.

Tips to Create and Improve your Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

Have an Omnichannel Communication across Platforms

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

If you start an eCommerce business, a customer needs to see your brand as one singular authority rather than a team working under a roof. Hence make sure that you are having Omni Channel communication across all your platforms.

Omnichannel communication means having a common way/tone of sharing information across all the platforms. Be it a blog, an email, or a social media post. If you are using all these platforms, ensure that the tone of your brand never changes. If you want to know how to beat your eCommerce Competitions Click Here.

Ensure Etiquette in Customer Communication

Customer Management with Catch Marketplace

Etiquette plays a very important role in any form of communication. Especially while you are up to creating a custom strategy for eCommerce make sure you are thorough with it.

Some key features are:

  • Ensure you are listening more and then reacting to your customer. Understand the query that a customer is facing and then help him overcome it.
  • Make sure that while you take your time to understand the issue properly, you don’t actually consume a lot of time for your customer to resolve it. Everyone wishes for quick service and so does your customer.
  • Use positive language to address your customers. Some of the common words are absolutely, definitely, why not, for sure, etc.
  • Add a personal touch by asking for their name and then the issue, greeting them well, and addressing with the name.

Sell less and help more

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

In most eCommerce, often the term “customer communication strategy for eCommerce” is miss lead by an understanding it as communication to sell. But as you know now, it is completely wrong.

The aim of the strategy is to resolve the issue that your customer is facing. Now, this doesn’t include pushing up your sales. If there’s an opportunity to describe your product instead of sharing the features of the product, share how the product can be helpful to the customer

Be there 24/7

Customer Communication Strategy for eCommerce

As an eCommerce store, you need to ensure that a customer faces no issue while purchasing a product. After all, all these efforts are done to bring in a quality sale. Hence if customers are facing an issue, it is important that you are there to help them at that very moment.

One way to do so is to have a customer support service for your eCommerce. But if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can also add AI Chabot to your site.

The best chatbots can help customers with some of the most common issues. Further, if something new comes up, you can take over and help the customer to resolve the issue.

Have a follow-up & Get yourself a feedback

customer communication strategy for eCommerce

In order to ensure that you are having a successful customer communication strategy for eCommerce, it is important that the issues of your customer are resolved and they are happy with your service.

Hence it would be best if you can follow up on your customer issues directly through them and take customer feedback about their experience. Not only will it help you improve your service by removing the flaws but would also ensure your customer for better service in the future.

Personalize the Reach Out

Another important point to remember while creating your customer communication strategy for eCommerce would adding personalization is your eCommerce reach out to your customer. This may be an email or a message but ensure that you address the customer with their name rather than sir or mam.

Also, make sure that the reach out is relevant to your customer and is not just based on bringing a new sale. Some of the best-personalized reaches out could be abandonment cart emails, wishlist offers, exclusive offers based on previous purchases, etc.

People across the globe are agreeing to share their emails to allow personalized experience from the seller. Your customer communication strategy for eCommerce must reflect the same personalization that they are expecting for maximum return.

Be Honest

It is important to remember that your customer communication strategy for eCommerce is an attempt to build trust first and then bring in sales and conversion. Hence in order to make sure that your customers have trust in the content that you share and also your product ensures that you are always honest with them.

If there is a flaw with your product then addressing it would be the best thing rather than denying it. But most probably try avoiding situations of conflict by delivering the right value and information.

Final take away

Though the above article you are already aware of the benefits and the tips that have a successful customer communication strategy for eCommerce. But in order to make sure all your products are ready to get sold-out, there are two key factors that you must take care of.

Firstly the product description. It is another important factor in customer communication strategy for eCommerce, cause possibly that’s the last thing your customer would read before making a purchase. Hence there should be no obstruction that may confuse your customer.

Another factor would be the product images. The first thing that a customer would see and think of making a purchase. Hence make sure you are using high-quality well-edited product images for your eCommerce store. If you are not, we highly suggest you use the best product image editing service for your eCommerce. Team PixelPhant is here to serve your need for any eCommerce product image editing or fashion model editing services, 24/7.

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