How to Create a Brand Story for your Online Store

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How to Create a Brand Story for your Online Store

The battle royal to grab attention has grown indefinitely on the internet. But at the same time most successful brands have noticed the importance to create a brand story first and then market around it.

Why? Well, we are dissecting the same in this article and you are going to learn How you can create a brand story to grow your online store. 

Storytelling has been at the roots of human psychology. A compelling story can literally stay in our heads for decades, and that’s a fact. In the following article, PixelPhant is focused on helping you learn

  • What is a Brand Story?
  • Why Create a Brand Story?
  • How to Create a Brand Story of your own?
  • Key elements of writing a compelling brand story

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With that said, here is this amazing article for you to learn from everything about How to Create a brand story of your own.

What is a Brand Story?

Create a Brand Story

A brand story is a form of communication between a brand and its customer in a more “one-on-one” manner. It is a medium through which a brand may share its origin, the struggles, the solution, and the perception of the brand for the reader to connect with it on a more personal level.

If you manage to pen down a good, compelling story for your brand (which you surely would), then you will be able to most likely gain attention, as well as the empathy of your audience.

But let us see what are the other benefits to create a brand story of your own.

Why Create a Brand Story?

To Stay Memorable

Staying memorable means staying relevant. And relevancy directly results in building trust among the customers. Stories are a great form of communication, especially when one needs to make sure the message is memorable. In this case, the message is your brand. So, to make the brand stay memorable your brand story will play a key role in it.

To Create loyal Customer

happy customers

Empathy and attraction are two strong emotions in the human head. Moreover, a story is a form through which not only can you communicate, but also share the emotions with the readers.

Due to the following reason, when you create a brand story of your own, you might not be selling a product, but you surely share the name of your brand with the customers. Which in our opinion is great to bring in loyal customers to your brand.

To Share Brand Message loud and Clear

Create a Brand Story

Brand Story is about showing what your brand is all about and what actually are you working towards other than the cash. People over the years are now motivated to be a part of a brand that is up to bringing a positive change in the world.

Hence, when you are creating your own brand story, you can make it a point to share your message loud and clear.

To be in the Chats

Live Chat Support benefit

People talk about the things they like or appreciate. If they are engaged with your story and like it, the chances of them talking and sharing are exponential. Not will this start a chain of the word of mouth marketing, but would help you gain from the tribe that supports your brand vision and are loyal to you.

How to Create a Brand Story of your own?

With the above facts, the importance to create a brand story is very clear. But in order to actually get all the attention and benefits mentioned above, you would need to follow up on these 4 major steps.

Start With your Brand Persona

Create a Brand story

When you start to create a brand story, the first thing would be to remember not to present yourself as distinct identities working under a brand. Create a brand personality that resembles your message and brands USP.

To start with this, highlight the core features of your brand and resemble them with humane personalities. This would help you know which tone would be the best fit for you.

Moreover, you can also present your brand as a narrator itself, to showcase all your brand as one singular body.

Include Key-elements (only)

The key-elements, that make a story complete and effective are

  • Struggle
  • Solution
  • Success

Anything less makes your story feel incomplete, and anything more just throws off the attention of the readers. Hence make sure you have these core elements well researched before you start to create a brand story.

One additional tip to remember here is to make sure that your story is simple. You don’t need to dramatize, no you have to showcase the salt in your struggles. All you need is a simple story that is catchy, to the point, and interesting till the end.

Also, make sure the end of the story isn’t like a roadblock. It should showcase a new beginning, and success to make it feel complete and worth remembering.

Conclude in three stages

Just like the key-elements, you have three stages of a successful story.

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End

These three parts go hand in hand with the key-elements. The beginning for the struggle, the middle for the solution and the steps taken, and finally the end for the success.

Here, make sure that you have clear notes that could help understand which of the following parts are worth sharing in the story (and at which stage). In addition, make sure that the story is not extended for too long.

As said before, a simple story is much more impactful than a complex one, when you create a brand story of your own.

Showcase your Brand Value

Create a Brand Story

While we have discussed the tonality and the format of the story, there is one additional feature that can make your story stand out to your potential customers. That is the value that your brand is built on. Ensure that you have clear hints suggesting the values of your brand and the message that you would like to share with your customer.

Key elements of writing compelling Brand Story

We do know that you need more than just the key-elements and format to help you create a brand story. And for the same reason, we have managed to break down the traits of successful brand stories that you must use.

Do not Sell

While you create a brand story of your own, you must remember that the following section is not a sales copy or a landing page where your target is to bring in sales. The aim here is to make the reader know more about the brand. Hence, avoid any conversion tactics within the story and focus on delivering an engaging story to the readers.

Know yourself

Before you start to write a compelling brand story, you may know the brand in and our first. Even if you are the one who started your brand. It would be crucial to go back the memory lane and note down all the elements of the story.

Editing and cutting down shall take place at the end, but for now rather than thinking about how it would impact the readers, focus on authenticity. Know what are the struggles that you dealt with, what are the brand’s core strengths and values and how success treated the brand.

Have a Clear Vision for Editing

Create a Brand Story

In order to create a brand story that connects with people, it is important to have a story tone that is easily understood by your target audience. Most of which includes the no-sarcasm policy, avoiding not so common references, and knowing what your vision is.

Make sure the notes are always their in-front of you. What you need to add, what you need to highlight and what message you would like to share at the end.

At this point, once you have managed to write down the story, it’s time to edit it. Keeping all the following points in mind, edit your story and make it complete and compelling.

Use proper spaces and length of the sentences, in order to improve the readability. Also, eliminate the parts of the story that don’t fit in or feel too extended at a time.

Lastly, have a third eye opinion towards the story. Have a colleague, friend, or professional go through it to refine any flaws and make it look appropriate to share.

Be honest

One simple and additional point that must be added here, is to be authentic. For a reader, it’s a piece of cake to know whether or not the story is true or just another marketing tactic. Hence, even if you are just starting out and have only little to share, do it authentically.

Share the Snippets and learning

Create a Brand Story

At last, remember that only a few individuals would go to your storyboard. But you may also remember that every one of your potential customers is interested in knowing you. Hence, make sure you share the snippets of it on your social media and your marketing campaigns from time to time.

Brands that have managed to build loyalty within the audience are prone to market their brand around the story and the message.

Key takeaway

In the above article, we have successfully broken down the best ways to create a brand story of your own. But in addition, we would also like you to know that your brand story is a representation of your ideas and the message you want to share with the world.

Hence it is very important for you to choose the tone, word as well as message every wisely. In addition, you may also remember not to copy a story. Be real, authentic, and goal-oriented. After reading this article we highly recommended reading this article “Product Branding Is Your Gateway to Stand Out From the Crowd”.

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