5 Best Comparison Shopping Engines [CSE Sites]

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5 Best Comparison Shopping Engines [CSE Sites]

Are you aware of comparison shopping engines? Don’t worry, lets start from the beginning.

“Overall the web is pretty sloppy. But an online store can’t afford to be”.

A successful retail marketing strategy needs to have the best methods to showcase the products over the journey of consumer-buyer.

Shopping comparison websites are the one which provides you with all the information linked to the pricing of similar products/merchandise and gives you the opinion to get connected with the links for the specific users.

What is comparison shopping?

Comparison shopping is a process in which the user searches for a particular product in detail. The shopping comparison sites assist them to get each detail. So that it becomes easy for the consumers to make the decision of what to buy and what not to?

This is handled by mostly merchants who add their items and upload inventory to every selective search engine. Price comparison sites give a tremendous opportunity to the eCommerce merchants of attracting new consumers. And increasing the sales by going neck-to-neck against the competition.

Therefore, this composition will intimate you about what the comparison search engines are? What are the different platforms available for comparison shopping? And how you can get the products listed?

What are Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE)?

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE’s) are the online channels available for gathering the product information, involving the pricing from the partner retailers, and then presenting them in a single resultant page against the searcher’s query.

Thus, in this way searcher’s can compare pricing, shipping options and services from different retailers on one page and can select the retailer that provides them the best offer value.

This can be illustrated with the help of one example, such as if you want to buy the best Rubik’s Cube, then you can check it on Google Shopping and can begin the search.

For various eCommerce merchants, comparison shopping engines play an important part in putting the products in front of potentially interested buyers. These CSE sites are not the one looking at the virtual storefront like the window kind of shopper at the mall.

Here are 5 best comparison shopping engines:

1. Google Shopping

It is mainly the best comparison shopping engine. Products listed on it will also be displayed standard Google search results. And get the integration of Google pay per click option on Google Adwords.

In brief, you can just sum up that Adwords is one of the leading shopping comparison sites where you can perform the shopping campaigns. And even can just manage your budget, manage bids, gain insights and various optimization based on performance.

You can get linked to Google Shopping by just entering the product details on a manual basis into a spreadsheet. Or you can use the third-party service to change information from your site in the format Google is seeking.

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2. Pricegrabber

Pricegrabber shopping is a paid comparison shopping engine which has features for coupons, weekly specials, and deals.

This CSE site mainly targets Spanish language speaking persons and serves in the region of the US, UK, and Europe. Pricegrabber has various options for the media to grasp attention.

You can list your products on Pricegrabber in the following way:

  • Create an account and make the payment of $50
  • Create a feed of data with essential fields
  • According to the specifications of Pricegrabber, format the data feed
  • Submit it to the Pricegrabber
  • Watch the products in listing within 3-5 days

3. Shopzilla

Shopzilla is different from other comparison shopping engines as it facilitates an extra link and draws traffic to your website.

It includes tools like easy to use which help you to manage your marketing budget more effectively. Shopzilla connects to the Bizrate reviews for boosting up your sales with positive feedback.

You can easily list your products on it with the help of following steps:

  • Create the account
  • Classify your products
  • Accordingly, format the data with the specifications of Shopzilla
  • Upload the feed through the merchant center
  • Add money to your merchant’s account and process the feed
  • To check the correctness of listing products, check it regularly

4. Best Buy

Products, Brands, and Deals are the 3 main categories of Best Buy comparison shopping engines. Featured offers, best-selling, the top trending and top-rated deals available to compare.

The deal of the day is a great feature of this shopping comparison site. Plus free shipping, ready to ship, and same-day delivery would add an advantage to each buying (subject to change).

5. Amazon Product Ads

Amazon can’t be termed as exact comparison shopping engines, but it is a very efficient platform. This shopping comparison site advertises and connects your product to the Amazon marketplace.

It removes the obligation of having your physical presence at the marketplace. When you make the registration for the product ads, you can directly upload your products manually or with the help of FTP.

By the information provided, Amazon creates the ads for your specific products in your product file. Once you complete setting the budget your ads will go live and you have to as per click. You can learn more about how to sell trending products on amazon.


All the comparison shopping engines are meant for price comparison and for understanding the overall trends of the market. The above mentioned CES sites will help you to understand more about the e-commerce market.

The touchpoint of every customer’s with the search functionality effectively acts as a search engine where the customers can compare the products.

Thus there are many online portals which can be instantly be seen as comparison shopping engines.

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